Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Greeks strike again!

Only instead of using a wooden horse they came at us with such delicacies as Gyro makings, Spanakopita (spinach pie), garlic spread, Greek bread and salad. This was brought to us by a Greek Surgeon who has some partnership with OZ. Unfortunately, he brought the food after everyone but me had eaten. You can imagine the fight to divide the yummy food!
This one doesn't like spinach so wants more gyro meat.-Denied!
This one wants to take a bag of salad.-Denied!
This one doesn't want garlic spread but wants extra bread.-Denied!
Finally, as acting Kitchen Marm for this week, I made the decision to keep the food in the fridge and not have people take any home. Right now, you're wondering if I have that power. I guess I do but I won't let it go to my head. [much!]
They are to eat it in the office only! Take that you beastly bats! Ha Ha Ha!
The look on their faces was priceless!
We now interrupt your regularly schedule nonsense blogus to bring you the following sports word:
Now, I'm not a sports fan.
I listen to my brothers and Andy go on and on while I'm rearranging my shoe collection in my head. I'm happy when our home teams win but normally I can't be bothered. But... this time I have an opinion.
Andy was going to watch the Chicago Bears game on Monday night when this dude by the name of Tony Kornheiser (Oh the things we could do to that cornball name!) came on and berated the Bears by saying they thought their opponents would cower in fear just by looking at their uniforms and all they had to do was show up.
He then claimed what the Bears had was hubris (according to my research it's: exaggerated self pride or self-confidence; overbearing pride, often resulting in fatal retribution) as I said, I am not a sports fan but I said to Andy: "What a pompous asshole!" I immediately looked up his name along with the word hubris and was surprised (no, not really.) to find he had written the same thing about Bode Miller on 2/27/06.
So, not only is he a pompous asshole, he's a pompous asshole that recycles his own garbage! Big hand of applause to Tony Kornhieser [<-click if you'd like to read his 2006 article] for not having enough creativity to write something original therefore resorting to recycling his horse shit! Nuff said.
Now back to your regularly scheduled program.
!!--- I can't!---!!
I'm so ticked off by that guy I can't see straight!
Instead, I'm gonna congratulate the Chicago Cubs for signing a new player from Japan. He has a difficult name to pronounce so I'd like to help you in case you ever have to say it while using the word "hubris". You can consider this a sports PSA.

That there name should be in the Hall of Fame along with Dick Butkus!
Famous Bear linebacker according to wiki. I was just informed Dick Butkus is in the hall of fame... oops! ;o)
Okey dokey, I'm done for the night. We have now talked about Greek food, Greek Words, Pompous A-holes and Sports. I'm off to watch Superman Doomsday (cartoon) with Andy.
I read the comic (forced by Andy) and cried because... LOOK AWAY IF YOU DON'T KNOW THE ENDING! Superman... DIES! ::sniff sniff::
Raise your hand if you hate Lois Lane!
Wow, just me huh...


  1. So, how do you really pronounce that name? I have to watch TV to hear how people are pronouncing it OR just to hear them FUKITUP...I mean FUKUDOME :o)

  2. Andy says it's fook-ah-doe-me but I like mine better...

  3. Check out his biography, there is a pronunciation key for his name (sorry to say, but Andy is incorrect):


    (Try pronouncing his name really fast to make it sound authentically Japanese...the dog is looking at me like I'm crazy)
    Check out his height!!! I was shocked.

  4. Ha! "KOH-skay foo-koo-DOUGH-may"
    Still like mine better! ;op

  5. Got me clicking, clicking Day and Night!!

  6. ύβρη : I hadn't come across this, but it can still mean the same in Modern Greek, apparently. Why am I bothering with Greek websites, when I can just read your blog?

    γέυμα : If you get into the habit of solving their food issues, then they'll have nothing to do, and might actually try and do some work. You should have taken it home when they weren't looking.

    αθλητική επικαιρότητα : Bad Bee! Making fun of names isn't big, or clever. I wonder if he's been to Phuket...

  7. oh my, that name is just priceless. He better hurry and start his Fuk u do me website before some porn site (two girls comes to mind for some reason) snatches it up

    ( in case you were wondering yes I used the word snatches to get a cheap laugh...ha ha ha )

  8. Jean Knee: You made me laugh, before I read the bit about being cheap. Thanks a lot ;-)

  9. You talked about Dick Butkus and Greek food and didn't tie things into 'doing it' the Greek way? I may just have to snatch the opportunity from you.

    Yeah, jean knee. Two can play the snatch game. I just snatched it away from you!!!!

  10. it's just that when I make jokes no one ever gets them around here, even after I have said "I was just joking"
    then they say, what do you mean and it just fish tails from there.

    I forget you're all a buncha perverts too

  11. Bee- as you can guess I'm not out shopping

    by the way, I love Greek food, especialyy that spank me stuff

  12. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! you should think about writing a sports page cus for someone who doesnt care about sports you sounded pissed!

    jean knee said "spank me"

  13. fook-ah-doe-me?

    nah. you're right. yours is so much better.

  14. I laughed and then I cried. Can't find decent Gyros south of the Mason Dixon line!!!


  15. ummm hello where is ya today? hows the food? did they get tired of burping?

  16. What if that guy comes out with his own line of fast food:

    Fuk-u-do-me Fast

  17. Fuk-u-do-me Fast.

    Oh you people are crazy ;)

  18. Everybody:
    I’ve had some pretty crappy times here at the Asylum and your comments had me in stitches so thanks bunches- you lunatics!

    I’m thinking pillow over their faces while they sleep.

    I heard it’s still goes on… ::creepy!::

    They’re still eating the food. And still burping! Make sure you get me a jersey too! Although Andy was saying he was gonna have his first name on the back… :o(

    Thanks for the vote on my pronunciation!

    Make sure you have some when you come visit!

    jean knee:
    ….bwa….hahaha…hahaha! :o)

    Yes, he dies but his robotic friend figures out that our sun has regenerative effects on the big S he just needed time to recuperate. The problem I have is that he then came out with his Black Suit and long mullet hair… yuck!


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