Saturday, December 1, 2007

My job doesn't seem so bad now...

In my blog stalking, I came across that picture on Just Plain Jane's blog.
Now, it looks like the picture was taken in a restroom and the camera phone looks like it's being operated by a woman's hand, for some reason this is more disturbing to me than if it would have been a man's hand...
Any suggestions as to what kind of place would require the nether regions be washed.
I guess I'm happy about the thorough-ness but ummm I'd rather not imagine what they're doin' with their hoo-hahs!
Also, I came across tons of blogs that have a sign off message. For example "End of Chat" by HWHCTD and there have been others but I can't remember. Being the copy catter (I've never had to spell copy-catter so I'm not sure that's how you spell it but I'm sure you get what I'm saying) I am, I want a sign off message too!
I'd like suggestions on that too.
Later chivatos!


  1. Washing:

    It doesn't say they have to wash their own...

    The other thought is that it might be bad English, but I can't think what word they might have intended.

    Sign Off:

    The "End of Chat" thing seems really weird, and annoying. It's not difficult to see where blog posts end, is it??

    How about:

    "You can start reading now"

  2. EEEEWW! Really, what kind of job might require you to wash your genitals after each bathroom visit?!!?!? It could be a religious thing OR maybe their job requires them to be naked....strippers, pole dancers (they might want to have a clean pole at all times, wouldn't you if that was your job?)?

    "Signing out"
    "smell you later"
    " Just sayin' "
    " word "

    Some suggetstions for "clicking out" (there's another one)....

  3. Bee, Brian sent you a smiley face thingy. now that is thoughtful

    must be the pole dance thing, I'm sure those things can get pretty, well, soiled ewwwww

    . would be a good way to sign off but people might miss it and keep going
    it's a dilemma all right

  4. "BFN"
    "But Enough About Me..."
    "To Be Continued..."
    "Watch This Space"
    "THE END"
    "That's Your Lot"
    "Back to Work"

  5. You get these restaurants where people eat desserts off naked or semi-naked women. They tend to get banned here because of hygene issues, but all they really need is a sign in the staff toilet...

  6. Confucius Say:
    A Quickie Clickie Is Better Than No Clickie At All.

  7. i have nothing to say my mind is blown! im swiping the pic btw!

  8. brian this uh eating off of naked women where?? id stay on the upper half.

  9. Maybe these people work in an underwear testing facility? No?
    Or maybe they work in a restaraunt that's famous for the chef cooking with his dingly bits instead of his hands? No?

    As for the end of chat..I'm not sure I completely understand what that is now that I think about it. Is it like a sign off thing?
    How about..
    And that is the word according to Bee!

  10. cooking with dingly bits

    snorting hysterically

  11. If it is a strip club I want to be the guy checking to make sure the girls follow the rules.

  12. it would make sense to put a camera in that butt trap bathroom at your work. sometimes you can't hear old ladies scream

  13. I don't think you need a signature. The "End of Chat" thing annoys me, really.

    And the sign... Yeah, for some reason it creeps me out a little bit more that it seems to be in a woman's bathroom... I don't know what to say. It's crazy.

  14. Brian: x3
    Not their own:

    Sign Off:
    I like "but enough about me"

    Edible women:
    I don't care how clean someone tells me they are... not gonna happen! ::blech!::

    Ha! You have a point on the stripper thing! It's good to know they try not to be such skanks... oops! Don't mean to insult the strippers out there! [much]

    jean knee:
    Pole dancer sounds funny too me. regarding "." maybe if I forget the "." people might think I might have more to say which in itself is saying something [what?]

    Swipe away. And Gru-hoss!

    Well I hope they get hazard pay if they are cooking with their dangly bits out and about!
    I like your suggestion regarding sign off cuz then people won't take me too seriously, hopefully!

    Yeah, I'm sure your wife would be on board with that career choice.

    jean knee:
    Butt trap!!! BWAHAHAHA!
    Do you volunteer to be watching that camera in case of mishaps?

    Yeah, it might get to be corny after a while. Maybe I can just insult everyone after each post. Do you think peeps would stop tuning in? ;op

  15. :( Newsgator can't see your blog :(
    booo hooooo.
    I guess I'll just have to check it "manually". Sigh.


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