Monday, December 3, 2007

The Rambler #444

So... winter in Chicago!
Saturday was our first winter storm which was horrible if you were out in it. You gotta love this town otherwise why risk your life every winter? :o)

I had a nice semi-relaxing weekend.
Husband Andy had a Saturday from hell due to plumbing issues so I feel kinda bad that the first part of my post is about his sandwich, let's not tell him... deal?

Andy went grocery shopping Saturday afternoon and came home with a deli sandwich for himself.
This was not an ordinary deli sandwich ladies and gents, this one came in a box with instructions on how to build it!
Is it that difficult to make a sandwich?
Is this the type of world we want our kids to live in??
A world that reduces their brain function??
See, and you thought there were no serious topics on this blog.

How to build it.

The assembly.

The finished product.

Side note: Just so you know, he followed those instructions as if he was building a rocket ship!

In the midst of Andy working on the plumbing problems, I watched about 4 movies and went thru all our old sales catalogs.

I did ask him if I could help but he insisted I relax (he pretty much just wanted me out of his way cuz he was uber cranky).

One of the movies I watched was Troy. It was bittersweet for me because I had been recently informed by Andy that Brad has decided not to do anymore nude scenes.
I am now calling for a moment of silence.
Aaaaaand we're back!
Going thru all the sales catalogs, I came across the gift I want you guys to get me. (don't fight over who will buy it for me okay?)

It is an Electric Back-Hair Shaver!!! Finally! It's like they read my mind! I was just thinking the other day that I was beginning to resemble a gorilla...

Don't you wonder what people did 100 years ago?? Maybe they used a straight razor ::shiver::!
I want to thank my sister, mom and husband for forcing me to eat yummy cookies, chocolate cake and buñuelos.

When January rolls around and I feel like a big hippo I guess you guys will help motivate me right? You'll go for winter walks with me and Mocha...?

This is a picture of cookies Nancy made, she said she'd leave a couple then left me about 50 of her delicious-delectable-delightful cookies! The things I do for you guys!

I'm thinking about bringing them into the office so that bats can help eat 'em.
They've got potato chips in them.
What are the chances of me eating nothing but rabbit food from now until Christmas Eve?


  1. no chance, zero , nadda ,ziltch, noo

  2. there was some dummie on arugulas' blog who wanted a recipe for salad.
    poor idiot.

    that would be a great product for her

  3. those cookies look good

    chips? they still look good. any caffeine in those things?

  4. Oh and Bee, Andy was planning on getting you the back hair shaver 4000 to put in your stocking ( he consulted me since I sound hairy in cyber space)

    don't ruin the surprise

  5. I'm gonna try really hard to eat rabbit food jean knee. Really hard.

    The cookies have chocolate chips so yes to caffeine but they're super yummy!

    Yeah you do sound kinda hairy... I didn't wantta say anything.

  6. If you dye your hair blond, Bee, you and sandwich-making Andy can be the modern day Dagwood and Blondie.

  7. Ramble:

    If I ever had that much blogging material it would keep me going a week ;-)

    The Next Bergman:

    Have you ever considered a career in film? I started watching an Ingmar Bergman film the other day, and the whole thing was just like your video (except longer and more angst ridden) ;-)

    Deli Sandwich:

    Living in a deprived country, I'm constantly amazed by how advanced you guys are - sandwiches with instructions!

    Careful Assembly:

    The reason that men are good at getting things to work and women aren't is that women never read instructions.

  8. I bet I can make a better sandwich than you Brian, and I don't need instructions

  9. HI:

    Thanks to the use of a blog randomizer, you have been chosen to be tagged!
    Please check out my blog for the meme.


  10. EWBL:
    A blond? Hmmm, I don't know if my puffy cheeks could pull it off! ;o)

    I can't figure out if you’re insulting me or not regarding the Bergman reference but as you know, when in doubt-I choose to be believe people have nothing but good things to say. So… thank you.

    Well I’m glad you follow instructions, I never thought you needed them to build something as silly as a sandwich so maybe I should enter a few more for you guys.
    Lift lid. Lift seat. Pee. Put seat down. Putting Lid down is optional.

    Finding things in Fridge:
    Open Fridge. Look. Look Again. Look More Carefully. If items still not found, smack your forehead. With Your hand. Hard. Look Again.

    Chunky Milk:
    Open Fridge. Locate Milk. If it is a solid. Walk to sink. Open gallon. Pour contents in sink. Rinse gallon. Walk to recycle bin. Put container in bin.

    jean knee:
    What can’t your waffle maker 4000 make??

    Thanks! If you only knew how much I love talking about myself! ;o)

  11. you forgot in instructions on how to put a new roll of TP on the holder

  12. where can i get that back shaver? i was wondering what to get you it was a toss up between a whip so you can reach the bats without moving much and a lifetime supply of booze.

  13. jean knee:
    Do you want to know how I solved that problem? I bought one of those little cages that fit about 5 rolls.

    BD! Forget the back shaver! I like your ideas better!!!

  14. buñuelos!!!!!


  15. Ok, I'm alive again.

    I need me those sdanwich making instructions. Looks like I've been making them wrong all my life.

    You know what I didn't like about Troy? What a wuss Orlando Bloom's character was :P I wanted him to stop whinning and die already.

    The only reason it was worth all that was Brad Pitt. Hmmmmmmm.

  16. Three things:

    1. When I make sandwiches, it's for the ease of it. Not to expand my mind. Only a man could come up with a sandwich that has directions to it. I'm just surprised that they actually read said directions.

    2. The back shaver will come in handy when you become the whale from all of the cookies and can't reach your ankles.

    3. Potatoe chips in cookies. That sounds PERFECT!

  17. NCS:
    They were de-lish!! And speaking of so is Brad! (don't tell Andy i said that)

    Of course! My ankles! I wonder if they make a chair for the tub, I'll have to look into it.
    I'll see if my sis will give me her recipe cuz these were some kick ass cookies!

  18. I ate a sandwich this afternoon. I thought of you.

    I like Crabby Andy's ghetto cap. I bet that bought him like at least a dollar worth of street cred. Sadly, he blew that dollar street cred with the Super Trooper mustache.......

    He's still a cutie though. Even with his mad hatta face.

  19. EWBL:
    He has been warned about removing any facial hair since he looks 25 when he does.
    Can you imagine an old woman of 35 with a young man of 25... yes let's imagine...

    ***FYI he is 4 years younger than my old stiff bones.

  20. A sandwich is exactly like a rocket ship imo. There are rules to follow in putting all the proper pieces together or it just may happen to blow up......

    Although in different places :)


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