Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Intestinal Fortitude

Savage Chickens

This weekend, while we were all gathered, our topics of conversations ranged from 70s style porn hair, weddings, babies and blogging.

My SIL Marie said she could never do the blog thing since she needs the actual person to person interaction and I have to agree, it’s not for everybody. Plus she does great in any type of social situations. Unlike me who smiles and nods but my face betrays my real feelings when I think someone is a moron. I would rather stick my hand in a meat grinder! Well, as long as it's a little one. (I think we've established I'm not a people person)

My other SIL Esmeralda pointed out that this was perfect for me cuz I’m not one to meet friends for lunch or make phone calls. She said “If she's not in the mood to blog, she just shuts off her computer and is done.” I gotta tell you that it surprised me a little how well she knows me! She is, after all, the new addition to the Córd Clan.

As I was thinking about the type of people we need to be to be bloggers, I realized something.

-------Blogging is hard.-------

Do you want me to tell you why?
If you don’t, you can just clicky away. You won’t hurt my feelings. [much]

Okay, here is what I think.

First you need to be okay with exposing yourself. [perverts!]
There are some bloggers that don’t post anything about their personal life and just pick things from the news, Movies/TV shows or books. I have to admit to admiring that because it shows they have a healthier imagination than I could ever dream of having. Even if we don't know much about them, we still have an idea as to their likes and dislikes because of what they write.

Other bloggers show their creativity by showing us unique pictures, drawings etc. They share things that are beautiful to them and hope to find somebody else out in cyberland who agrees with them.

Then you have some loony ones like me. We talk about our personal lives, giving out too much information and won’t shut up! ;o)

It’s hard to edit your thoughts in a manner that will not be offensive to the people you write about but still be able to express yourself freely. I hope I’m making sense here.

While I would not consciously wish to offend anybody, I still want to be able to say whatever I please without having to completely change who I am. I try to be honest about myself and think that, if any of you out there I don’t know personally, would meet me, you wouldn’t say “Wow, she seems so much taller on her blog!”

Whatever type of blogger you are, it’s still a challenge to come up with new ideas to post about. You try to make them interesting and humorous while at the same time thinking “well, it’s funny to me but not everybody has the same sense of ‘humor’”

Not everybody will care about the subject you choose but that's fine too, as long as they don’t know where you live and send you hate mail. (or worse, they can love you and want to wear your skin.)

As for me, I'm glad I made the decision back in May to start a blog. It all started cuz I wanted to post a comment on Lost Easter Eggs, then I wanted to say how upset I was that my season for TV shows was over. Ironically, now I barely watch TV because I've had a shift in priorities. You know: Husband, Family, Blogging, Food, Shoes, blah blah blah (not in that order)

Added bonus, I’ve met kooky people that I would love NOT to meet in person.

No offense but I like keeping the mystery in our relationship. If we were to meet in person and you disappointed me in anyway… if say for example you were actually nice to me, then I don’t know what I would do!

Anyway, I'm happy I blog. I'm happy you blog. Plus as a wise old old old old friend (old) of mine tells me "This is your corner of cyberspace" and yes it keeps me insane in cyber space which means somewhat sane in real life.

On an interesting (to me) side note. We were also discussing the fact that I completely forgot to tell the hubba bubba that Nancy and I were going to see Wicked on Wednesday. He was pretty upset but Esmeralda then turned to him and said, "What do you mean you didn't know!? It's on her blog! Maybe you should read it!"

BWAHAHAHAHA! [me laughing hysterically]

Also, if you're wondering about the 70s porn hair reference at the beginning of this post, I was referring to Andy's hair. The tattle tell siblings had to tell my mom that I watch 70s porn! I prefer to call it "admiring The Classics" thank you very much!


Has anybody heard Fergie’s song "Clumsy"? I dislike her intensely but find myself obsessed with her songs! As I’m typing this I’m over here singing:

“ You got me trippin, stumbling, flippin, fumbling
Clumsy cuz I'm fallin in love
You got me slippin, tumbling, sinking, fumbling
Clumsy cuz I'm fallin in love
So in love with you”

What's up with that??!!
I am so not proud of myself!


  1. It figures, God makes them then they find each other and get married 3 times!

  2. Inspiraton:

    I suspect that you could write about almost anything and make it interesting.

    It's strange, but I find that the posts of mine I like best are the ones I didn't spend much time on.

    As far as upsetting people and getting hate mail is concerned, there'll be loads of that if you ever stop blogging...

  3. Things we have in common:

    We're both Scorpios
    Inadvertently blogging 'cuz of LOST (I tried to leave a comment on Dark UFO site)
    Imperial Valley (parents lived there for ‘bout 8 years)
    Upbringing (really, we do)
    Goddess like qualities
    Word Imperfect
    NOT people person
    Short (Seriously, I blame my mother)

    We ROCK.
    Just thought I'd point it out to everyone :)

  4. Bee! I never said I wanted to wear your skin,,,exactly

    Does this mean you will not be coming to my totally rad Mary Kay party where we will all wear pink, give each other makeovers and giggle all night long? Cuz, I was counting on you being there

  5. I is so glad you blog too ;-)

    Blogging is hard and it's funny how many people don't get that!

    Let me know how Wicked is..I want to see it so bad!

  6. im happy you had a great birthday weekend! i agree with BOV you could write about business contracts and id want to know more. you bring smiles to my adonis face. mushy 'nough for ya'?? sorry still covered in boogers. ‡o)

  7. brian:
    Thank you. That is oh so nice of you to say. Have you been abducted and replaced by aliens? ;op

    WHAT YEARS??!!
    And yes we cool like that.

    jean knee:
    Of course I didn’t mean you! I want to meet you! Remember I wanted to go camping with you??
    Mary Kay ain’t my thing cuz of the pink but if it's black leather I’ll come.

    Yup! It’s hard hard hard!
    Wicked: I’ve been 3 times prior to this.
    IT IS AWESOME!! This is my sister 6th or 7th time.

    ::sigh:: Boogers are the cockroaches of illnesses. One wrong sneeze and your rep is forever yuckified.

    Just for you:
    The annoying system is based on the formalism for the gorey representation of contrary-to-duty comedic obligations. These are the comedic obligations that take place when other comedic obligations are violated as typically applied to penalties in clown contracts.

  8. hahahahaha! thats what im talkin about freakin hilarious!

  9. btw 70s porn??? wasnt that when ron jeremy was around?? why would you want to watch that. you need to update your collection!

  10. BD:
    I was just kidding about the porn. [maybe]

  11. if you ever run out of ideas ill let you post "the adventures of big dad" itd be a page turner and keep people coming back for more.

  12. Yeah, uh-huh an example would be, you telling me ealier your nose looks like somebody's skinned knee? REAL page turner!!

  13. but i have a cute little nose! ill let you post a picture of me and let the people decide.

  14. HA HA HA!! This isn't BD's personal online forum to pick up chicks. That's what you have your page for!

    "OH, BD you are soooo hot! That picture with your shirt off is on my wall!" <-GAG!

    Seriously, IQ 10.

  15. dont be a hater theyre just being honest. besides if her iq was 10 she wouldnt know how to turn on a computer.

  16. This is how you get in trouble...
    The bats can turn on computers, nuff said.

    Stop jumping around all over the place!

  18. My blogging efforts started on a dare. I was all "ha ha, I'll do this a couple days and be done." Apparently, I'm wordy. Or I just like the sound of my own voice. Or words. It's confusing sometimes. Especially after doing it for more than a year and being surprised I can stil come up with junk to write about.

    Happy belated birthday! I'm tackling one of those this week, too!

  19. Ooh, those chickens are tough!And so is this guy.

    Somegirl made a list, so I'm copying her (because I've ran out of commenting ideas!):
    Have a blog
    Word Imperfect
    NOT people person
    Can't stand Fergie

    So yeah, let's never meet :D

  20. PS; I love the savage chicken!
    They are my knew fav chickens.

    Right after Mr. Doodle Doo of course.

  21. Bee:
    I never lived in IV, but my parents baught a home in El Centro back in 1997 and sold it a year ago (too bloody hot) I stayed here on the coast where it was nice and cool!

    But, we went (still go, my brother lives in Imperial) every Christmas and Spring Break. Quads in Glamis, Concerts in Coachella, Tacos in San Luis, etc., etc., Small freak'n world...When did you live there?!

  22. This was a great post....and then you had to go and ruin it with a Fergie reference. BOO!

    I read some of those top contenders at humour blogs and I shake my head in bewilderment. truly, its a subjective thing.

  23. Oh and I want to call a moratorium on reading mommmeee blogs. Such nice women. Such boring blogs detailing their daily minutae. Such a boring read.

    Such things should be reserved for the grandparents eyes only.

  24. I'm running out of CLICK ideas. I clicked yesterday with absolutely no fanfare. You know I'm good for it, right? Like a special CLICK I.O.U just for Bee.

  25. FDKG:
    Birthdays: There seems to be allot of 'em going around... almost like it's a disease! ;o)

    The chickens rock! We have so much in common, do you like puppies too?

    Brawley, Cali. About 15-20 minutes from El Centro. That's where we would go to the movies! 1972-1990

    I said I wasn't proud of myself regarding the Fergie self disgust. I had Shakira's "Hips don't lie" and "Tortura" in my head for months. (although she is way better than Fergie)
    Maybe there's a pill I can take...

    You know I click for you, I know you click for me. We don't need to express the love everyday! :o)

  26. Blogging is not for everyone. Not everyone is interesting. Some people need to be in front of others in order to appear interesting. Personally I think it’s harder to come up with a post, it’s just you thinking about it and writing it down. When you are in front of someone you have another person to play off of. Not everyone is creative.

    I of course don’t have a blog, I know that I would be very boring!

  27. Great post Bee. Go bloggers!
    And Happy (very) belated Birthday. Whoops, sorry.


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