Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturdays with Bee.


I want to hire a maid but Andy's been giving me grief.
Yeah, he keeps talking about how we wouldn't have money to pay him (of course it would be a man! You don't think I'm stupid enough to hire a woman do you?) (remind me to tell you about our new "disagreement" regarding a woman vs. man/other cutting his hair. I say man/other only, he says a woman would be okay by him, silly silly rabbit!)... anyway, this little detail is now forcing me to dust all the Christmas decorations I keep stored on top of my china cabinet.

Cleaning on a Saturday. ::sigh:: Don't you wish we could trade places?

Guess what I got in the mail for my Birthday?? I received so many well wishes and condolences!

Any-whoo, I get a call from my mom while I was at work telling me I got a box with a head--then her phone cut off so I wasn't sure if she said "in it" or "on it". So I left work early to find out. This is what I saw:
I LOVE IT!!! Look at all the cool comic stamps!
Then I saw:

Look at all the goodies that were in the box! LOOK!

For all her tough exterior, she is such a sweenister person! And so crafty! I hope you can make out the slice of birthday cake on the left.

I even got a pair of shoseys! They were a little tight but they will look cool with my Holiday out fits!

Since she's always thinking about my future, she sent a pair of falsies for when mine start falling due to my old age.

I'm talking about my teeth!

I washed them so that my lovely assistant could model them for you.

I loved everything in there (especially the sour candy mmmmm) but I have to admit to being disgusted out of my ever-lovin'-mind!
Look at what that says, it's a picture of Criss Angel and it says "Lick me"...
Doesn't that give you the heebie jeebies? Although, I wonder what it tastes like...
Thank you Jean Knee! :o)


  1. Maid:

    You really do make things difficult for yourself, don't you? If you suggested hiring a woman, then Andy might decide you can afford it after all. If she cuts hair as well, then that would be even better.


    Jean Knee is so thoughful. She has some scary thoughts, though...

  2. Would you like to try what I did to get your maid? I just quit cleaning for like a month. I mean, I did the usual things like the dishwasher and whatnot (Im not a pig afterall) and my husband finally had enough and agreed. Although, I wasn't smart enough to get a guy one. And mine isn't even a hot woman. I really should have rethought this. Good luck!
    Also, that was a cool gift box but if I may ask, what is with the Al Gore pictures and why doesn't he have any eyes?

  3. the first thing I thought was oh my , I hope she washed those bling teeth first. That's just me always thinking about the children.

  4. The next thing I thought was, did you lick chriss angel and how did he taste?

  5. yes, I am also attempting to clean. Someone (not me) decided it would be a good idea to have Thanksgiving dinner for our friends who are moving to buffalo.

    Isn't that what they invented take out for? or reastaurants

  6. brian:
    Uh-uh... no chick maid no chick cutting his hair while her boobs rub up on his shoulders. Nope!

    You have 3 kids (and a half from what you say about your son), you deserve a maid. I, on the other hand, don't have anybody but the husband and dogs to look after. I'm just plain lazy. ;o)

    Regarding Al Gore, he is a hero in these parts for having fathered the Internet and won a noble prize. He Is eyeless cuz it was a lovely Halloween mask.

    jean knee:
    Criss Angel tasted like chicken. Or frog legs not sure which.

    Do you want me to help you clean?

  7. I packed most of the hoard away into the bedroom. Of course now we can barely get in there but we had guests in the living room. woo hoo!

    funny I thought chriss would taste more like those sour war heads, you want to spit them out but you just can't.

  8. I have a special closet just for those occasions. Unfortunately it's now full...

    Criss Angel:
    Not even in jest jean knee, not even in jest...

  9. I tried the 'persuade for a maid' discussion before, but it seems I'm the only one who notices when it's disgusting here. Nice. If you can find a guy who realizes a place is messy and needs cleaned, I'll hire him. I don't think they exist.


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