Friday, November 16, 2007

Conversation with attorney labeled:

“Don’t talk to me like you talk to your wife!”

ATTY: [disgruntled attorney]
Why wasn’t this claim sent to health insurance?

BEE: ["polite" Bee]
Is this an accident claim?

ATTY: [annoyed]

BEE: [controlled rage]
Did you just answer “so”? “So” what? I asked if it was an accident claim.

ATTY: [polite]
Oh, sorry. Yes.

BEE: [as if to a 2 year old child]
Then that’s why it wasn’t sent to health, we send it to liable.

ATTY: [seething]
All the other medical bills went to health and were paid! Why wouldn't your doctor do the same?!

BEE: ["polite" again]
Are you having issues with your phone?

ATTY: [curious]
… No… why?

BEE: [can you detect the fury?]
I want to believe you are, otherwise why would you be yelling at me?!

[in the meantime Purple Dino-SOUR and Milton are laughing so loud I start having issues with hearing the ninny muggins on the line]

ATTY: [semi polite]
I apologize, I didn’t mean to raise my voice. I was just surprised and trying to understand why…?

BEE: [quiet sarcasm]

Right, let me guess you’ve never had any doctor do this before? You're upset on behalf of your client. You think the doctor charged too much money. And so on.

ATTY: [I'm assuming he was thinking "let's cut the bullshit!"]

... ... Okay, how much will he accept to consider the bill paid in full.

BEE: [I'm thinking "glad we cut the bullshit!"]
We seem to be hearing each other perfectly now!

****No attorneys were hurt in the making of this post. Yet.


Also, somebody threw out a stale coffee cake and the bats are going bananas.
I wonder who threw it out?


  1. Lawyers:

    They're going to start wanting danger money from their clients...

    Fruit Bats:

    I'm not surprised they're going bananas. "An army marches on its stomach", as they say - any crack team owes its ruthless and clockwork-like efficiency to the quality of its food.

    I think you need to start baking - maybe you should try some Martha Stewart recipes. Otherwise the bats might stop resembling that well-oiled machine.

  2. I was expecting to see Andy wearing fakey bling bling teeth.

    I know just how the bats feel

  3. I have a good recipe for exlax cookies that will keep them on their toes, shall I send it along??

  4. brian:
    My name will be feared throught the world of slimy reptilian ambulance chasers. ;op

    Yeah... well oiled is not how I wish to picture them... :o{

    jean knee:
    Sorry but my little sister was supposed to leave her camera so that I could upload the pics. She didn't. Then she was supposed to e-mail them to me. She didn't.
    She keeps saying about how she's tired and nauseous blah blah blah... :o)
    Tomorrow I promise.


  5. Bats:
    Yeah... well oiled is not how I wish to picture them... :o{

    eww, that is just ewwww

  6. Thank you Thank you! [~bowing~] I'll be here all week!

  7. I watched the office and thought of you and your beloved bats.

    is it me or is it not as funny as it used to be?

  8. Oh no no no nooooo Have I lost my sense of humour?

  9. jean knee, we must take drastic action into restoring your sense of humor! I have enlisted the help of NCS, hopefully she'll come thru for you.

  10. Bananas? What kind of bats are these? Fake "bats" I'm assuming, the only bats I know are those that feed on the blood of innocent humans...or was that lawyers? Oh who knows.

  11. Jean Knee, Jean Knee.
    One does not question The Office. All you do is live, breath it and enjoy it.

    Do not question it.

  12. NCS:
    Bats are the older ladies I work with. 5 of 'em.

  13. Their only goal in life is to torture my existance.

  14. AHA!!!
    I guess I have to read through the archives to undersrtand the inner jokes of bee's musings.

  15. NCS:
    Don't worry, you're not missing much! ;op

  16. I wish I coul dbe there when you talk to those jerks!

  17. hey! do you remember the attorney i talked to and said he wanted stop by and talk to you in person? remember??? you told him not bother unless he had the check with him! was that paid?

  18. nancy:
    You're always in my heart when I talk to 'em! ;op

    Yeah, it was paid in full with no reductions. He tried telling OZ I was being unreasonable so he said "No discount for you!"

  19. hey, I emailed my swap partner that quote, she laughed so I'm cool. whew

  20. Glad to hear it but you better not get too friendly with her. You know how possesive I am... just kidding! [MAYBE]

  21. Ooooh, Sade was singing bout choo in Smooth Operator, Bee!

    I'll be here silently mourning the loss of the stale coffee cake.

  22. Coffee cake....we hardly knew you and yet you left such a lasting impression.

    Frick. Will this cinnamon stain ever come out of my cashmere cardigan?!!!?


    I could be saying CLICK. Or I could be saying C Lick. You'll never know.

  24. I'm proud of you for staying so calm and sarcastic through the whole thing! Well done!

  25. she lyin, she ain't got no cashmere sweater

  26. haha that's great!

    Im back now, after a very long time away.

    Love the new layout!

  27. You're right, jean knee. My sweater was made by Led Zeppelin. It's actually real Kashmir.

  28. I'm going to press your button right where you like it, Bee!


  29. I WISH I could speak what I feel when I am totally annoyed!

    I can't!

    Living vicariously through you!

  30. I'm another one that wishes I could be there listening to the attorney conversations...SO, did he get a discount??


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