Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wicked! Plus a WTF story.

♪♫ I think I’ll try defying gravity!
And nobody in all of Oz
No Wizard that there is or was
Is ever gonna bring me down! ♪♫


Last night we went to see Wicked… oh, you didn’t know? ;o)

It was awesome!! Well it always is. I recommend you go see it if you’re lucky enough to have a showing near you. If you’re not, come to Chicago and be my guest. Not literally my guest cuz if I’m buying tickets they’ll be for me and my sis. Also don’t think you can stay with me either, my dogs don’t like strangers (or strange people).
Anyway, this was my fourth time and it never gets old. Usually I have giants sitting in front of me but this time it was a little old lady with a small Q-Tip head so all was well. She was with, who I referred to in my head as, The Squirmy Family. It was Poppa S. Momma S. Grandma S. and Daughter S. They were sharing a pair of binoculars so they squirmed to the left, squirmed to the right, squirmed forward… but I didn’t care cuz our seats were fantabulous so I was able to see perfectly!
Unfortunately, you’re not supposed to take pictures and since I’m such a rule follower, I only took 3.

As we were leaving, I started singing and my sister gave me the ultimate compliment of all time by saying I should try out to be a munchkin. See-ee-ee my sis can hear my singing potential! Granted I was using my high-pitched-can-be-heard-by-dogs-20-miles-away voice but still!

I’ve also come to the realization that even though I no longer live in the “city” (that’s what Chicago suburbanites call Chicago) I still consider myself to be a Chicagoan. The other peeps that traveled from far to see the show were looking around nervously holding their purses close to their bodies as our friends the panhandlers walked among them asking for change.
They knew better than to ask my sis and I cuz we had the “you ain’t foolin’ me turkey!” look [patent pending]. We walked down the block to the nearest Mickey Dee’s, had some soggy salty French fries and waited for the Big Texan to come pick us up.

There was something in this Mickey Dee’s that singled it out from any ones you’ve been to in your town. This one had a security guard! Yeah, how weird is that!? I guess it’s due to the panhandlers loitering in and outside of the place, (one was at the register trying to get enough money together to buy himself a sweet double cheese so I gave him the quarter he needed. I know, very kind of me but I don’t like to brag).
Don’t let that stop you from coming to visit Chicago cuz it’s relatively safe, I mean who’s gonna do something to you when you have a crew of construction workers and their jackhammers opening up holes on the streets at all hours of the night. You’ll be fine!
All in all, even though I was dreading this birthday, it turned out to be one of the best I've ever had!
Thank you to all and to all a good ni--day!

As I was getting ready for work (late as usual), my trusty radio informed me that in Australia they’re training the Santas to say “Ha Ha Ha” instead of “Ho Ho Ho”…!!!
It seems they don’t want women thinking he’s calling them a ‘Ho…!
Listen, if you’re a woman walking in the mall and you hear “Ho Ho Ho!” and get all pissed off… maybe you should change your profession! Just sayin’.


  1. Glad your B-day was a good one. I've enjoyed going to Wicked twice myself. My next musical is the Phantom of the Opera. I saw it for the first time about 7 years ago. It was my first musical and I've been in love with musicals ever since, I'd highly recommend it.

    SIL Marie

  2. I heard that on the radio too, was it the bob and tom show, they rock

    political correctness sucks check out NCS' newest post

    glad you had fun even though I didn't, I'm not bitter

  3. SIL Marie:
    Phantom is on my list too, hopefully one day! You liked the movie too right?

    jean knee:
    Being PC doesn't mean you have to be stupid right? I mean there are things it benefits but when taken to the extreme it's just ridiculas!

  4. No, not ridiculas, RIDONKULAS!

  5. are you saying something politically incorrect about my donkey friends? that's just cold


  6. are you sayiing that it is politically incorrect to say politically correct sucks??

    cause that's what I was going for

  7. Oh jean knee, you are so full of exclamation points...

  8. Isn't Ho-ing legal in Australia?

    Anyway, there are far worse things - "White Christmas", "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" (might upset people with gout, for example).

    Also Santa is glamorising obesity, setting the wrong example to children.

  9. brian:
    I'm not really up on the sexual limitations/freedoms of other countries so I don't know but maybe that's why they're so testy about it. You know, cuz there acutal 'Hos doing there shopping. ;op

    Yeah, it won't be long before they ban those classic. They better not mess with my tunes cuz I will rebel like you have never seen a rebellion before!

  10. so many errors.
    "You know, cuz they're"

    "those classics"

  11. HO HO HO!
    hey even hos get their feelings hurt! go out there today and give one a hug! and then call me so i could watch.

  12. "q-tip head" hil-freakin-arious!

  13. BD:
    No, no, no! I do not condone the hugging of 'Hos!



  15. BD:
    "BEESY" is busy!
    No, not really I'm stting here trying to ignore the bat revolution going on. "this one did this, this one did that" Who gives a flying shit? Not this girl! :o)


  16. I have wanted to see Wicked forever. It came to Portland and I missed it ('cuause I forgot, duh to me). I can't tell you how sad that made me.

    I wonder what they're going to do about all those movie where Santa says "ho ho ho". Hmmm.

  17. “you ain’t foolin’ me turkey!”

    This was my favorite line. I kept waiting for you to say something about high-fives, and the hand-jive next since you were kickin it so old skool.

  18. Chicago is my kind of town. My favorite group is even Chicago and I like CHicago style hot dogs the best.

  19. There's a prize for beign #1 commenter on my blog: The person who is #1 the most times in a certain number of months (that number to be determined) gets that fabulous one of a kind graphic to impress friends and foes alike.
    Imagine Bee, that could be YOU.

  20. When I say Chicago I always go "Shhheeecago" and do jazz hands.


  21. Aroogoogoola:
    Yu's know how we's roll here in Chi-town!

    Well I'm gonna do my best to be first more times than Millie, if she's still the title holder that is. Can you do mine in red?


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