Friday, November 9, 2007

Why is my poop green?

Naw!!! Just kidding!
This post isn't about green poop!
I just thought it was a nice attention grabbing title. ;op (but if anybody has any ideas let me know) (shhhhh...)

So... I have a special treat for you guys.

I have a linky for the radio website I listen to that's playin' Christmas Music.

What? Are you sayin' you have satellite radio and can tune in to Christmas music on another station?

Well... you won't be listening to what I'm listening to. If you wantta be KEWL like me and be bopping your head to what I'm listening to, clicky clicky!

On to the serious mushy post.

Since it's closer to D-Day, I’ve decided to list a few of my treasured memories as I'm remembering them in no particular order.

1) New Year’s Eve. Big bear hug from my Grandpa swinging me around wishing me a Happy New Year.
2) Nancy telling me she was pregnant part 1.
3) Seeing Natalia move around in Nancy and finding out she was having a girl.
4) Going to the movies with Dan and Sergio when we were about 17, 14 and 13. We went to see Batman Believe it or not Dan paid… :o)
5) Sitting in the park where Andy and I decided we should get married.
6) Ricky leaning in anxiously waiting his turn to open his Christmas present.
7) Andy nervously asking me to be his exclusive girlfriend, he was so nervous-- so cute!
8) My mom buying me my Beach Cruiser when I was 12, not the fact that she bought me the bike but the joy on her face when she saw the joy on mine.
9) Holding Natalia for the first time.
10) Sitting by the lake with Andy knowing he was it for me.
11) Nancy telling me she was pregnant part 2.
12) First day waking up in our new house. (Although I had to get up to go to work so that kinda sucked!)

13) Christmas 1992, first one we were all together as a united family.
14) When I gave 4 days notice on a job I had and the e-mail I sent them said I was quitting because "an opportunity to work as a fry cook at McDonald's opened up and I could not pass it up." they believed me and immediately called me into their office to ask if it was the McDonald's down the block.
15) The day Natalia said she wanted to be just like Tia Bee. It gave me great pleasure to see the look of horror on everybody's face...

I'm sure there's tons more I'll remember after I've posted this but those were ones that came to mind right now.


Good times!
Do you hear that?

It's a bell and it sounds like it's singing

♫♪"Bee-Bee" "Bee-Bee" "Bee-Bee"♫♪

Or am I just being egotistical?

Ha! Ha! Ha! Don't you wonder what I'm gonna talk about once my Birthday has passed? :o)


  1. HA first again!!


  2. Beautiful memories! I love remembering all kinds of random things. Some things no matter how miniscule they seem are burned into our lives as the best memories ever! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Egositical? You? Surely not!

    What you'll talk about after Armisitice Day:

    Yourself? Just a wild guess ;-)

    I love that bell picture!

  4. You forgot the memory where you clicked on Jean Knee's blog for the first time

  5. M:
    Your right about the "miniscule" memories being so special. When I told Dan about my memory of him taking us to the movies he didn't remember it. That turkey! ;o)

    So whatta tryin' to say? That I shouldn't talk about Bee on Bee's Musings? Interesting...

    Armistice Day:
    Time to School You or re-educate you. Along with celebrating the end of WW 1 and Veteran’s, it also is celebrated world wide as the birth of the most Bee-uti-ful child ever seen. From now on, I want you to recite the following to yourself every year around this time.

    'Remember remember
    the eleventh of November
    my eyes flashed with brightness
    at her beauty and frightness…'

    That’s all I’ve got for now. I’m supposed to be preparing for my meeting with OZ. ;o)

    The Bell:
    Yeah, I hit the jackpot!

    jean knee:
    How can I foregt when it was just 2 weeks ago…?

  6. stop eating so much broccoli maybe your poop will be back to normal. YUCK!

    "Her eyes hazel gemstones
    Dual laser slashing bones
    Her smile red carnation
    Like blood’s first creation"

    people should add to it ‡o)

  7. BD:
    I'd terrified as to what peeps would add! :o{

    But at the same time I would love it! ;o)

  8. uh that's "I'd be terrified"

  9. I know you really have the date saved with a big heart around it in your diary

  10. Good for you. It's great to focus on the wonderful and positive things in our lives from time to time, lest we turn into cynical old witches who believe thatlife consists of little other than dodgy mechanics and radioactive faeces.

  11. I love #14. Made me happy for some reason.

    Bee, you meant goop not poop.
    You are welcome :)

  12. more scribblings

    "skin pale like paper
    likes crazy capers
    grins at misfortune
    her face shows all emotion

    enjoys singing songs randomly
    laughs when they peer at her dumbly
    high shelves elude her grasp
    swears so she makes people gasp"

    not very good! ‡o)

  13. just wanted to clarify "grins at misfortune" i didn't mean other peoples. im on 2 hours of sleep.

  14. jean knee:
    Right right big heart uh-huh yeah cuz that day marked the day I stumbled across my 17th personality.

    Yup! At least I've lots of good memories to keep me warm in my twilight years. :o)

    Thanks for correcting me, I did mean goop, oops! So the title should read "Why is my goop green?" and the answer would be: "Because we were all out of yellow."

    Thanks for clarifying! ;o)
    Also, I really like it! May I use it?
    And! It's good thing it's Friday! That means you'll be stayin' in right? To get some sleep...? :o)

  15. Green Poop!!??! I immediately thought of "green bean casserole"!!

    Christmas music? TOO SOON!!!!!!!

    Memories...we should all start a list to remember all those "little" things, here and there, that keep us going...(it's too bad I have a horrible memory-maybe a list would be a good idea for me).

  16. use away! im pissed that i didnt come up with better shit im seriously out of it think im getting sick! if i think of anything better ill send you an e.

  17. I liked your list thing, but there was one thing that made me utterly forget even what I was going to say about it:

    It's NEVER too soon for Christmas music. Never, do you hear? NEVER!!!!!

  18. Esmeralda:

    :o( I think something is going around. Hope you feel better!

    BWAHAHAHAHA! YUP! I feel the same way. March, July never too early!

  19. I think you need to scrapbook all these memories, Bee.

    I wonder if they carry an 'Evil Mexican Enchantress' product line down at the Creative memories scrapping store?

  20. I'm in my Rosarita red, lacy, off-the-shoulder ball gown. I got my hair slicked back and my fish nets ons....this can only mean one thing....

    Flamenco CLICKING!

    I'm a mighty flamenco clicker for a cracker.

  21. Did you know that my Arugula King is stuck in Michigan? He is. He was supposed to come home tonight but his first plane to CHEEcago was delayed so he's there another night. :( I got no Mexican to make fun of, Bee.....will you stand in for me?

    Arugula King got his fill hassling me over the phone today and kept saying how much I would love it up there because it's such a whitey place to live. Racial ridicule--I freakin miss my man!!!

  22. Aroogoogoola:
    If they carry BAD ASS BIKER Scrapbooks, I think they'll make some for me too.
    Although they might be in two opposites end of the store, just in case there's trouble! ;op

    Do you realise how close you would be to the rest of the Cs if you move to Michigan??? Jean knee would be so jealous!! :o)

  23. Isn't Michigan like super duper cold?
    Can Aroogooloogulas even stand that kind of cold?

    You guy better be nice to jean Knee. She's not herself lately: She/He might/might not be a pod person disguised as a mime.

  24. NCS:
    Michigan is only cold for about 8 months. That's it. I'm sure we can find a nice greenhouse for the Aroogoogoolas. Maybe you can help us since you have a friend in high places...?
    I'm wondering if jean knee isn't actually her "pretend fish" cupcake.

  25. Arugula King made a triumphant return! I told him he should have stuck around until tomorrow to snag a piece of your birthday cake at the big feestivities manana, Bee. You'd like him....he's a whole year older than you. I, on the other hand, will officially be TWO years ------>younger<------ than you tomorrow.


  26. Nice! Thanks Aroogoogoola! Kick me when my pants are around my ankles why dontcha! :o)


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