Saturday, November 3, 2007

Flirting With Disaster?

As all of y'all know (or not), Fridays are my meetings with OZ.
In these meetings, we discuss issues with accounts and it's always Glynda, OZ and I.

My meeting with him yesterday got me thinking, I know, dangerous thing to do on an empty stomach and on a Friday.

You see, my name is Bee and I'm a flirting addict.

Don't worry, Andy knows all about it and I told him about my post for today and he seemed as supportive as he always is [as in "uh-huh, okay, yeah... FRAG OUT!" frag out is from his shooting game, he was taking a break from the Orcs]

I noticed something yesterday, when OZ and I were going back and forth joking around, I looked at Glynda and she was looking at her notebook flippin' pages but I could see her eyebrows were raised. Yup! I raised her eyebrows! Not unusual for me of course since I am blessed with that power.

I realized what her beef was, she was upset cuz we were flirting.
Don't get me wrong, I don't do it maliciously or to try to gain anything. It's just a part of who I am.

But I tried to tone it down a notch anyway, cuz I really don't want rumours to start. (I would go on a beating spree the likes you've never even heard of. My rage would be such that I would just need to think about them and they'd be hospitalized...!!!! Okay I digress.)

Here is a sample of our convo: [this one is pretty mild]

Do you know what's going on with this account? It's about 7 years old.

Oh you mean it's BBC? (Before Bee C)

[OZ laughed]

What did we do before you?

I really don't know!

What was the world like before you?

It was a very sad place!

They're was no sunshine only clouds!

I believe it!

[We were laughing the whole time]

That's when I turned to look at Glynda.
Hey! I stand by what I said! The place was a tangled mess of dog crap and grass when I first started there so I was only speaking the truth.
Well, not to toot my own horn but I am pretty sunshiney in a "wear some dark shades so that the UV rays don't give your eyeballs cancer" kinda way! ;op

Again I've rambled!!
Look, if it's taking too long to read this, save your place, go do what you gotta do then come back and finish it cuz I'm thinking it'll be a while before I'm done with my little rantings.
Just sayin'.

This situation concerned me enough that I decided to ask the people who would know best, Andy, Nancy and one person which whom I've innocently flirted with.

First Andy.

Babe, does it bother you that I flirt with people? I mean you know it doesn't mean anything right?

[I recognize that if it were the other way around, I would be blind with jealousy you do not need to point that out, thanks!]

As long as you don't do it in front of me... no, it doesn't bother me but there is a line not to cross.

Yeah, I know but sometimes I think people misinterpret my actions and take me too seriously.

Like who?

The people around listening or watching me.

Whatever, you know what you're doin'.

Well you might get pissed once I tell you this but, remember the cat sticker I had on my face Halloween? [I continue after he nods] well OZ asked me today where it was since he almost didn't recognize me without it. I laughed and said it turned into a pumpkin. He then asked me what the name of my cat was and before I could answer he leaned in and asked 'is his name cheeky?'.

What the fuck is that shit? If I would've been there it would have been within my rights to punch that asshole!

Yeah, that did give me the heebie jeebies but I didn't take it seriously and plus Glynda was there, it would have worried me if it was just us two.

[I changed the subject slightly cuz I could tell he was a little pissed]


Do you remember me flirting with you?

Not really. [leers] I just remember you being all over me!

Then he said something that I cannot share cuz his momma would blush. He actually asked me if I would post it and I told him he was nuts, he laughed manically!

::sigh:: that was the end of that seriousness!

Now Nancy.
Do you think it's horrible of me to be so flirty all the time? It's not like I really mean to, it just happens.


No, we're all like that.

[true, every single one of us took after the Father Dude in that respect]


I just don't want people thinking I'm doing it intentionally...


You wouldn't be you otherwise. Besides, why do you care?

[Good question! Why do I care? I'll have to ponder...]

Now Person who I've innocently flirted with.

[Andy was a little angry at this but he can't control me, he can only hope to contain me! J/K!] We will call this person "Secret Person" But I'm going to be copying and pasting answers exactly as given to me so I think you'll figure it out! ;op


How would you rate my flirting 1-being not so much, 10-being excessive.


0-not enough you should do more of it! No really about an 8 but not saying excessive just you do it so well.


When I do flirt, you know I'm not serious right?


Yeah I know! You just have an answer for everything so its not a bad thing to have a come back when somebody flirts with you.


Has it made you uncomfortable at times?


No I can't say it has. I think it's cuz you're funny when you do it. Like when I asked you what it would take to run off with me and you said you'd do it in a heart beat but what would happen to your shoes? Every time I remember that it makes me laugh.



Anything you'd like to add?


I flirt all the time, at restaurants, school, ball games, everywhere I can. I don't see why that would bother you to do the same. I know why you're asking but if they know the commitment you have to Andy it shouldn't matter. If they have something bad to say that's on their perverted mind not yours. I have spoken!

[Ha! Very well said SP!]


I think I'm blaming the whole me caring what people think on this subject to my old age... I never used to care!

I was and that's it! I tried not to deliberately hurt someones feelings but if I did, I never really cared and just chalked it up to them being weak (nice, right?).

I never succumbed to peer pressure since I really didn't care if they taunted me for not drinking or smokin' up. They never did taunt me but I'm saying if they would have it wouldn't have mattered. So what's changed now?

And over something as stupid!

I'm trying not to get too serious here but I guess you're on for the ride in my growing pains.

As I'm typing this however, I've got to tell you I don't see how I can change! SP and Nancy are right, I would have to completely change who I am.

So, I'm asking now. What things would bother you witnessing? Or do you flirt and think it's harmless?

Haters, I love the new look of my blog.
I am not roses and rainbows. I am moody and broody!
You know who you are but shall remain nameless! Especially you, starts with Es and ends with meralda! Yeah uh-huh I'm talking to you! Did you like your tree picture on the side bar?


  1. Flirting is like any other humour, you have to be a little careful about the reactions of others, particularly in a work situation, but since Oz clearly doesn't mind, I don't think you should worry about it (unless you think he's taking it the wrong way of course).

    I suspect that the bats are in the minority and that most people like you for the fun that you bring into their lives.

  2. I'm not sure what you are asking exactly, but as long as you continue to flirt with me ( in a non militant lesbian type way, I think yesterday I offered to eat bacon pants, can't remember now) all is well.
    If people know you are a flirt and take in stride why change?

  3. brian:
    AWWWW! :o)
    Truer words have never been said! J/K

    You know what? I've been thinking about this all night. I figured out OZ's motivation, to him it's just a game. I think he tries to catch me without a come back.
    When I go in to translate he will explain things in such an elaborate way and then watch me to see if I stumble. I never do but he keeps trying.
    He does the same thing with his flirting, he wants to leave me speechless.

    Well, we all have our dreams so I guess he's entitled to his! ;o)

  4. jean knee:
    I will never stop flirting with you.

    I don'tknow what I asking either. I'm having an odd feeling like I don't want people to think I'm a slut, I can't figure out why...

  5. I do not think you are a slut,
    don't sluts hang out in dive bars trying to make strange dudes buy them drinks while making them think some oral action with restraints will follow?

    and they have cheap shoes

  6. Oh-oh! :o{
    (...except for the cheap shoes)

  7. Bee Speechless:

    People don't get as far in life as him without a gigantic amount of ambition and self-belief...

  8. brian:
    It'll be a cold day, a cold day indeed.

  9. Here is some of my views in a "rapid fire" type of response....

    Yea I guess being flirtatious is a touchy subject, reactions to it will vary greatly, it all depends what mood said person is in.

    I guess it depends who is doing it as well, someone might not know what is real & just having a laugh unless they know each other.

    People have been beaten for less so I see no reason flirting should be any treated any different than say if someone had said something about my momma.

    The background style of the main page is awesome.

    :p @ Esmeralda :)

    And Glynda is just being smug 'cause now she has to compete against someone for the flirt time with Oz.

  10. Babe, umm... so you're sayin' I should be beatin'???

    Hmmmm? I think I'd win! ;o)

    Thanks for the tempalte support but I never said Esmeralda name...

  11. andy, how you doin???

    yo mama so big, when she lay around the house she lay all the way round it

    hmmm, i see what ya mean

  12. I think I "kinda" understand what the chick whose name begins with es and ends in meralda is saying. Maybe you should have one of those polls to see what all of your loyal readers think...just sayin'

    As far as flirting, it sounds like fun-i think i am going to consider it...unless my "DH" has an objection...what do you think? Like BOV says, if someone takes it the wrong way, then don't do it.

    I would love to hear you flirt with Oz--wait, i think i would love to hear you flirt period!! Don't you blush easily when certain subjects that are spoken are a little r-rated?

  13. Thanks for "my" tree...

    It's the sunshine of the blog.


  14. In "The Mikado", flirting is punishable by decapitation, though they find a loophole in the law...

  15. "anonymous":
    I think you do fine in the flirting department. ;o)

    Regarding my blushing, yeah bane of my existence but it's not a deterrent.
    R-Rated subjects, I can talk about no problem just not when they're about my sex life, kind of old fashioned that way.
    I seem to remember someone pleading for me not take a joke to far once they told me about a certain medical condition they had and where it normally came from. Need I say more? ;op

    You're welcome!

  16. brian:
    Well don't just stand there! what's the loop hole?

  17. I also seem to remember something said between you & Oz about rolling R's, tigers & babies ?!!?!?!!?

    Curious how that hasn't made it in here......

  18. Andy:
    Yeah yeah, happened this Friday at meeting too. He asked me how to say good afternoon in spanish when I told him he said he couldn't say it cuz of the 'Rs' so he asked me to demonstrate how to roll the 'Rs'.
    Ha! I could have just dropped it but nooo I had to make the "rrrr" sound. He made a growling sound and said "ooh baby!"
    I'm so ashamed! [hanging my head]
    This is what I mean about being an addict!
    I'd forgotten all about it!
    [Now I'm smacking my head on the counter]

  19. Loophole:

    They made the first guy that got caught the executioner - so he couldn't execute anyone else for flirting till he'd cut his own head off...

  20. RRRRRR!
    ha ha ha! that is the funniest shit ive heard all day!!
    youre being too hard on yourself and the undercover special person sounds like hes got it goin on!

  21. brian:
    Too bad, that wouldn't work for me...

    The undercover SECRET PERSON has a big head!

    I just went to talk to Andy but he just thinks it's funny. He's such a good guy, he doesn't deserve a looney wife!
    I guess it's a good thing he's got me! You know, totally sane...

  22. I personally think that flirting is an ART or a special talent. You are either born with it or our not. Those who are not born with it will give it a shot but it's just odd. I think I would be uncomfortable if a bad flirter was flirting cause then it come out creepy.

    That's just my thought.

    As far as your flirting goes I think it's like watching a play or a really good game. You don't have to get "R" rated or "nasty" to make it fun and by staying PG it adds some mystery to you. As someone that has been witness to it SEVERAL times I know to simply step back and watch the master at work. Who knows maybe I can add some stuff to my daily I mean monthly, uuummmm yearly flirting... Who am I kidding it's daily (Sorry Big Tex)...

    There is nothing wrong with smiling at a waiter and next thing you know you are the first table to get your drinks or napkins. It's a way of acknowledging people or showing appreciation for that person even if you don't ever see them again.

    Besides, think about it.. Maybe the person you are flirting with today woke up this morning feeling really down in the dumps? We all have those days, when we feel icky or what ever. Some inocent flirting could go a loooong way for that person. You will put a smile on their face and when they look in the mirror they will think "Hey, I look hot today".

    I think we should ALL do it! Let's all flirt for the good of humanity! Except you Big Tex (and Andy, cause Bee will kill me if I give him permission to flirt!), don't flirt for your own well being! Yes! In case you are asking yourself "YES! EXTREME JEALOUSY DOES RUN IN OUR FAMILY ALONG WITH EXTREME FLIRTING!


    Well I'm sure you all know it me and not him... :)

  24. nancy!:
    I love it! we'll flirt for the good of humanity!!

  25. In Grease 2 there's a song called "Do IT for your country!"
    HAHAHA! :o)

  26. I thought camweron was another sister...snickers

    bee- it's not your fault your employer growls at you. blame it on the florescent lighting

  27. LMAO!!!

    I forgot to bust on Bee for that one!!

    You guys where growling at each other???? Now that is something that would not making me uncomfortable but it would have made me bust out laughing!!!

    Bee's was roaring and Oz was growling!

  28. I'm glad you cleared that up Nancy!! As I was reading about "Cameron" knowing Bee's style of flirting and witnessing the flirting I was starting to scratch my head.....whew!!

    So, it's: NANCY SAID...

  29. Ha! Yup I make a fool of myself on a daily basis... it's good to be me! ;o)

  30. Jean Knee wanted a taste of my tempting bacon pants yesterday! I made her a SPAM loincloth to deflect attention away from my bacon pants.

  31. I used to flirt with a guy at work....but he was fruity flamboyant, lifetime-supply-of-Vaseline, gay. Good practice, though.

    Only my Papi is lucky enough to experience the flirty Arugula passion within.

  32. That's the night that the lights went out in Georgia...


    Oh, it was just somebody clicking the light switch.

  33. Aroogoogoola:
    I don't know why jean knee's obsessed with bacon!

    Flamboyant Flirting will be the name of my next rock band. Hmm... the name is more for Techno though so I'll say where that goes!

  34. Millie is the one obssessed with bacon, that's why arugula taunts her with her bacon pants. they don't play nice

  35. i just stopped by for a quick
    are you gonna growl back? ‡o)

  36. jean knee:
    You can tell me the truth, I know you have bacon scented candles...

    I don't growl at anybody under 30...


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