Thursday, November 1, 2007

Knowledge is power…?

Sometimes a little bit of knowledge can go a long way.

It can help you find a man/woman/other.
It can help you find a career/job/pimp
It can help you have children/pets/farm animals
It can help you buy/rent a house/condo/motel
It can help you exist/survive/get drunk

Do you know what that little bit of knowledge is?

Hi, my name is [insert name here]

Yup! That's all you need to know.
As long as you know that you can fake the rest!

I am both a witness and a survivor to this phenomena! ;o)

Hi, my name is Bianca.

If you can't remember your name, write it down on a piece of paper and carry it with you always. You never know when it might come in handy!


  1. Hi, my name is Slim Shady.

    Because I know my name I have been able to play sports.

    If I forget my name I take off my shirt and read what’s on the back.
    I got confused one time I was wearing a Michael Jordan jersey but then someone told me I was too pasty to be MJ.

    My name is...
    My name is...

    wicky wicky wicky!

  2. Hi, my name is Al Gore, it's nice to make your aquaintance.

    Yes, it's true names do go in one ear and out your arse, butt I really hope dip wads did not think I was the reall Father Al.

    no one listens to me

    bee, bee, are you listenong?

  3. i went out with a girl who couldn’t decide if her name was jenny jen or jennifer. then would get mad at me if i called her the “wrong” name! before you ask, she was hot.

  4. you have a celebrity on your blog!

    Mr. Gore, howyou doin'?

  5. AL GORE said....
    finally, the reconition I deserve


    you seem like a fine upstanding young man, I am doing quite well, and you?

  6. BD:
    Now I'm gonna have that song in my head all day!
    What the heck were you doing up so early anyway.

    Regarding Jen, Jennifer, Jenny umm sounds like she had multiple personalities, hope you learned your lesson--looks are not what's important!---

    Ha! Although that's what ugly girls say! [pointing at myself]

    jean knee:
    I'm always amazed at how you can channel Father Al it's almost like he's really here...
    Hide the cookies!

  7. To be able to survive, I need to remember:

    My blogging password
    My email password
    My IMDB password
    My "To Vima" password
    My login names for all of the above
    My Bank Card Pin number
    My Credit Card Pin number
    My mobile phone pin number
    The password I made up as an identity check when I opened my bank account
    My name
    My address
    My phone number
    My postcode

  8. brian:
    Yes but you wouldn't have all of those without your name...

    Do you want to share all this information with us?

    I promise not to use it to take your money from your account!
    [crossing my heart, crossing my fingers behind my back]

  9. We have to HAVE TO give our name the recognition it deserves peoples!

  10. You're right. That guy who lives in the airport in Paris can't get out because he refuses to sign papers with his "real" name on them...

  11. okay my really name is stanislaw schmarzusky. nah dont like it!
    you missed a good party i was up early cuz i had to get home know what im sayin? ‡o)

  12. Hi, my name is.....oh no. My name WAS or IS? WHich one is it?

    My name is....confused?? huh?.

  13. brian:
    Do you mean Tom Hanks? ;o)

    Your "really" name?
    Are you sure your name isn't Joey Tribiani?

    Your name is Esmeralda C. just ask your students when you forget and then write it down. They'll know your name even if they don't know theirs...

  14. Terminal Man:

    Not Tom Hanks, but the guy that the film was based on, who has been living in this airport since the 70's or 80's. He can't get out because he has no passport, and no permission to enter France. He's Iranian, but can't go home since they got rid of the Shah. I read his autobiography. He's completely mad. Some Noddy country like Belgium offered him citizenship, but he won't sign the papers because they're using his official name, rather than the one he has now adopted.

  15. Is he (viktor Navorski) still there at the airport? What's the status? I love that movie, I love Tom Hanks (he's one of my favorite actors)...

  16. Have a look at:

    Apparently he's now ill, and so left teh airport last year (after 18 years). 3 hours waiting for a flight is bad enough - think I'd have lost the will to live a long time ago, if I was him!

  17. I have so many names over the Internet I'm getting confused.

    Hi, my name is Chris.
    Hi, my name is CCat.
    Hi, my name is The Randomess (what this profile was once up under).
    Hi, my name is Talespin.
    Hi, my name is C- waaaaaaaah!!

    Dude who lived in the airport:
    He must have REALLY been mad. I can't stand having to wait 5 hour delays in airports, let alone live in one for 18 years!!

  18. joey t. master pimp is my real name!
    coming over...

  19. I am.....WOMAN!
    Hear Me Roar!
    Cuz I'm Too Big To Ignore.

    Every time I hear that song, I'm like 'Amen, Sister Reddy. Sing it like it is, baby!'

    And a CLICK to grow an inch!


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