Monday, November 12, 2007

The day after...

This was my cake...

Do you see how the little one is hypnotized by the flame? Is it even safe to have so many candles on a cake? Well, we survived [just barely].

I had an awesome weekend! But I won't bore you with 1 million pictures... I did want you to see a couple of before and afters.

Same-ish spots, different seasons.

I took the first set in July of this year and the second on Saturday.

Our day was about 50 degrees windy, cloudy and beautiful! I LOVE FALL!
Here is the family after having eaten the yummy French Toast Casserole Andy made. I was lucky enough to have all the important people in my life come and give me my yearly hug.

I took these in the conservatory.


  1. Aww, you brithday cake looks just like the cupcake I made for you. Only yours didn't burn. It must be "it's my birthday" luck.

    Everyone looks happy after the toast casserole :)

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed your day. As far as the candles go, though, you're going to become a greater fire hazard every year...

  3. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happpyyy birthdayyyyyyyyy dear BEEEEEEE! Haaaaaapy birthday to yooouuuuuuuu!!!!!

    Okay. So yeah.

    Happy birthday ;-)

  4. I'm surprised they didn't make the smoke alarm go off. snicker

    I want that french toast casserole recipe! do you think I could make it in my waffle iron?

  5. For my husbands 40th birthday, I thought I'd be all funny and put forty black relighting candles on his cake. I didn't know that they smoked. Our house was filled with this thick black smoke. It was horrible!
    Your pictures from the conservatory were beautiful! I've never been to one but you really made me want to go!
    Happy to hear that your birthday was a happy one!

  6. You forgot to mention Nancy's "shortcut" for the candles...

    Maybe there should be a rule stating that after 30, you must only use 2 number candles. It's not even after 30, I think it's 24---the reason for only 24 candles in a box. I think I'm on to something...

  7. I made you Dirty Birdie Cake, Bee. You are what you eat and I want you to have the strongest finger to shoot the bird in the entire state of Illinois.

  8. NCS:
    Well, it could be cuz my lil’ sister had 2 number ones to signify ELEVEN and then just added the remaining candles. Otherwise we would have had cake flambé! ;o)

    BUT! You will always be ahead 3 years on the fire hazard list. I hope they don’t get you and ice cream cake when you turn the big FOUR “O”.
    You’ll end up with a puddle.

    Thanks! :o)

    jean knee:
    The smoke alarm was deactivated until we blew out the candles.

    I recommend making a special trip to Chicago and “do the sights” here. It is absolutely beautiful!

    Thanks joker! I did now so that people aren’t confused as to how so many candles fit on the cake.

    MMMMM thanks! I can’t wait for Andy to make it for me! (he’s the baker in the relationship since I can’t seem to follow the rules of measuring)

  9. and we all know bee can't follow rules! :)

    I loved the befor and after pictures!

  10. I follow some rules.
    Like driving on the right side of the road, not drininking Draino, that type of stuff...


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