Friday, November 30, 2007

Clean up in the kitchen aisle

So... there I am.

Enjoying my Lean Cuisine (these are not effective by the way, cuz I’ve been having those suckers for a while and there’s nothing lean about me! Unless they’re supposed to be Mean Cuisine… I’m Mean but not Lean! Anyway... whatever! let’s move on!) (let me gather my thought. okay got it!) enjoying my Lean Cuisine while having lunch with Glynda when all of a sudden she breaks the silence with: “You know, you could be the mother of a 17 year old.”

My first thoughts were: “Does she know something I don’t know? Did my body eject a little person when I was 18-ish without me knowing???”

Then: "How dare she imply I was sexually active at the young age of 18...!"

Followed by: "I wonder how so and so is doing."

Lastly: "I need a freakin manicure!"

After I cleaned up my chin from having dribbled my lunch all over it and the front of my sweater… I asked her to share (okay, in the middle of typing this, I got a nostril cramp! I just took a decongestion and in it’s effort to cure me, it burned the inside of my nose and made my eyes water! No, I didn’t snort it…) why she would say such an abominable thing to me!

She shrugged and continued eating…

Not to be outdone by this Random Spouting Rookie, I said: "Have you ever had any weird dreams about OZ? You know those kind of weird dreams?" I said the last part in a whisper, she gagged asked me why I would ask her that and I shrugged and continued eating.

I don’t know if you remember or were around for this but she once told me it SOUNDED like I was limping! This ladies and gents (I had originally typed ladies IN gents but luckily my sharp eye caught this mistake! I would have been abso-freakin-lutely horrified at myself! Plus I didn't want to answer any personal questions. Do what you want with that.) is the Office Manager/Nurse, she is the one that runs the freak show...

At least she had me having a kid at 18 and not 16! Anyway, thought I’d share.

Also, if you're wondering if I keep getting sidetracked because I'm still sick, the answer is nope, just a rambler.

Look at the pretty flowers I got! Jealous? ;o)


  1. Back! Back you heathens! Back-- I say!!!!

    I'm first on Bee's blogs and like Starship said, "Ain't Nothing Gonna Stop Us Now!"

  2. I have to eat TWO Lean Cuisines to feel satisfied. :( The irony. I wish they had a Hungry Man flavored Lean Cusine because that's what I need.

  3. Is she old enough to be the grandmother of that son? Which would mean that the 17-year old was half yours and quarter hers.

    Since your Lean thing isn't working, I'm trying to put you off your lunch ;-)

  4. nice flowers, uhmm, what did Andy do wrong?

  5. you better not be drinking any of that frickin evil coffee

  6. EWBL:
    Yeah the portions are teeny on those suckers! Good but teeny. Oh well, since I'm too lazy to make my lunch I'm stuck with 'em!

    She's 53 so yup old enough to be a grandma!

    jean knee:
    Not from Andy. Shhhh! ;o) A nice patient brought them in.
    I've had so much regular coffee today, I'll be wired till next Tuesday.

  7. i once told glinda my mom was younger than her and her face got all red! youre welcome!

    party @ sluggers tonite!

  8. whats with the nickname thing? thats new right?

  9. does it do anything?


  11. I like the nickname thing. It makes it easier for me to use my various aliases (Muhahahahaaa!).

    Pretty flowers, but what are they for?

  12. My Arugula King thinks I'm dissin you by calling you Bee. I had to explain that you enjoy being called a Bee and that you rise up to the challenge nicely. :)

  13. BD:
    Awesome! I once told her she was my mom's age and that bugged her too.

    The flowers were a thank you from a patient who had an open balance in the thousands and OZ wrote it off.

    Tell the King my nickname fits me perfectly cuz I'm little but my stinger causes lots of pain. ;o)


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