Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bonding Moment With Mom AND A Sicky Story!

I’ve told you about Saturday morning coffee with mom right? We usually talk about boneless rats, skunks and watch Gory Mexican Cinema (not to be confused with Al Gore speaking Spanish).

Well, this past Saturday I was about to leave when
The Fast and The Furious started.
I told her she needed to watch that movie.

It starts with cars hijacking a truck so she looked at me doubtfully as she stood up.

Momma Bear:
Is it a good movie?

Well, the acting isn’t great and the plot is a rip off of
Point Break but just hold on for a couple of minutes.

Next scene is hotty Paul Walker in a car and all Momma Bear says is “Oh…” and sits back down.

Yup she got it!

A weird little side note, when I searched for pictures of Paul Walker, these two dudes came up... they ain't no Paul Walker!

This is Paul Walker! What? You think I'm being shallow? You can enter your complaints on the side bar!

Disgustingly sick thing I heard on my way home yesterday:

"He is 60 years old so why is he drinking breast milk?"
This was an Ad I heard on the radio and they were asking me to tune into Fox to find out more.

I said to my radio, "If you ever say something that gross to me again, I'm gonna rip you out with my bare hands!!!"
I think it understood!
No, I will not be tuning in! [GRUHOSSSS!]


  1. Breast Milk:

    I wonder where he gets it - that's another thing they don't seem to stock in my local supermarket...

    I'm not your radio so:

    I heard about a woman who when she was breastfeeding her baby used to "express" loads for the rest of her family to use, for example, on their cornflakes. Or is this common practice?

  2. gross, gross, gross

    that is deviant behavior and better never happen around me.

    gross, gross, gross

  3. Bee- you're starting to be a Father Al fan aren't you?
    NCS will be so thrilled

    of course now you'll have to go green and reduse, reuse, recycle

  4. brian:


    Sorry, I had to go throw up before I could finish saying "BLECH!"

  5. jean knee:
    Deviant behavior? You mean you didn't want me to tell my mom of the hottiness that is Paul Walker?

    I like to share all candy even when it's eye candy.
    [except for Brad]

    jean knee:
    I am only a Father Al fan by association.
    If not for yours and NCS obsession with him, I would have watched the Inconvenience Truth then melted it to create more pollution but now that you 2 have made me aware of the Earth's upcoming destruction due to my pollutey ways, I am beginning to believe!

    I said I believe!! :o)

    Thank you, come again!

  6. sorry, I meant family breast milk consumption was deviant

    that paul Walker is a hawwtie, way to go mom

  7. also I meant reduce


  8. whats with the love for paul walker? did you see ‘running scared’? the breast milk thing is nasty! you should have posted a picture of a boob. dont get mad im just sayin cuz your walker story has a pic of him only natural to post a boob pic.

    tamed lion. ‡o)

  9. jean knee:
    I knew what ya meant. ;o)

  10. BD:
    Let me translate this into man language, Paul Walker is to me what Jessica Alba is to you.

    If you want to see an exposed boob go to Brian's blog, not that he's a boob... :op

    Lion Tamer.

  11. Oh, and yes I did see "Running Scared". Creepy movie but I liked it.

  12. you mean yummy jessie? i saw that movie and it freaked the shit outta me but yeah it was pretty good. arent they both in a movie together? just looked its 'into the blue'.

  13. Well, I of course want to see it but I don't know if I want Andy watching it if JA is gonna be walking around in less than a bikini... what to do, what to do?

  14. Paul Walker:

    I know there was a kid at a local school once, and she had to do a project on John Smith. So she googled for an image of him, and came up with all these people because John Smith is a common name, and she picked the first one she saw!! So there's this random guy in a suit in the middle of her report. I think the teacher handed it back to her with an arrow to the picture and "Who IS this guy???"

    Breast Milk:
    eeeeewwww!!! yuck! blech!

  15. This week I read about this woman who placed an ad selling breast milk! Supposedly, her infant child wasn't drinking as much as she was producing so she placed an ad to sell her breast milk!!!! I'm serious, google it.

  16. chris:
    John Smith:
    That is freakin' hilarious!

    Breast Milk:
    Yup! Although I hear it takes lake cantaloupe... YUCK!

    I remember the story, I think it was some nutso lady in Ohio!

  17. Paul Walker is a fallen-away Mormon. So is Ryan Gosling. You should go to church with me sometime, Bee, we get all the hotties.

  18. I stopped nursing my youngest 2 years ago when she was 2 1/2 years old. I still have breast milk. Weird, I know.

    I hope I won't have any 60 year old men show up at my doorstep now.


  19. ewww....ewwww...why did I ever read (and then re-read) that?
    (The breast milked man NOT J walker or Al Gore or Jessica Alba or Ohio or boobs or arugula queen)

  20. Aroogoogoola:
    Maybe you can go into bidness selling it... just sayin'.

    Yeah that was pretty josie grossy!


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