Saturday, February 28, 2009

You know what we haven't had in a while? F*ck off Friday on a Saturday!

It's long over due but I need to set OZ straight. I haven't been watching The Godfathers I and II for nothing (three sucks donkey balls)! I've also seen my fair of The Sopranos so I know exactly what to do with dickheads.

Preparing for my Friday meetings is always stressful. It is one of my busiest days since it's the day I relieve the receptionist for lunch and for some reason, every Spanish speaking patient we have is always scheduled for that day. Add to that the fact that we meet at 3, makes a recipe for one very frazzled Bee.

Last year, I told him he could not SHOULD NOT add accounts right before our meeting because this would not give me enough time to prepare them. The rule is no less than 24 hours notice. Three guesses as to what he did.

I had to get them ready anyway because, as we have established, I have a cheese addiction so I really need my job.


He pushed my button one to many times during our meeting and I really had no choice but to blow up. It's amusing to see a man a foot taller than you back pedal. He looked at Glynda, held up his hands and said "It's okay. We're all okay here. We're just conversating." at which point he stopped being a jerk and sat there like a meek Philip Seymour Hoffman afraid of the wrath of the beehive.

So, OZ? You can fuck off!

In other news, I am now the proud owner of a gorgeous water fountain (which we were out buying while a torrent of water was pouring into my house because of course the rain can't wait until we finish with the repairs that will prevent us from having ugly mermaids* splashing away in my mom's living room) :


How can I afford such a magnificent water fountain in these times of cat food for dinner you ask. Well I had to save my allowance for a few weeks (at the time I thought I was saving it to buy Andy a new dresser but then he pissed me off 1,456,741 times so I thought "you know what? he can just stack his clothes in that hollowed out drawerless old dresser he has until it regenerates") and then we took advantage of a very lucky sale. Now, if only I knew of an electrician who could hook a power thingie outside. Otherwise it'll be a beautiful non running water fountain. If anybody has any suggestions or knows of ANYBODY please let me know.

Don't forget! Tomorrow is "Bee n' Andy: Married and sometimes, still in love...". Be there or be square.

And since I'm announcing posts. Here are a couple of upcoming ones you might find interesting.


From the same people that loved reading Interview with a Vampire, Bee’s Musings presents: Interview with a Vegetarian.


Brian's music review (with my reHEADbuttal).

Now wish us luck. Andy and I are taking Tazz to the veterinarian. One of us (probably Andy) might not come back.

*Of course the mermaids would be ugly! Do you think I would have beautiful big busted half-women in my home??)


  1. FIRST!

    I wish you could have taken some pictures of this meeting.

    Ugly mermaids are tolerable, as long as they're still big-busted.

  2. Major suckage that the work meeting did not go well. :(

    But I can't wait to read your Interview with a Vegetarian! Sounds like fun!



  3. When do you do the interview with the meatatarian? Equal opportunity and all...

  4. vegetarians scare me, Bee.

    vegans scare me even more

  5. Sometimes bosses aren't good for a whole lot are they?

    When I read "I'm taking Tazz to the veterinarian" the first time, I thought it said 'vegetarian'. I was getting very afraid as to what was going to happen at the vegetarian!

    Looking forward to the interview. I'm with Jean, though. Vegans are a bit scary.

  6. You could try putting the water fountain under the leaking rainwater.

    Chris, where do you get the inspiration?

    BTW, I loved the video you posted. Excellent!

  7. I say you put gnomes in the fountain. Nekked ones.

  8. Just keep the hobos and winos away from doing their business in the fountain. And I mean the utmost respect when I refer to Andy as a hobo or wino.

  9. "conversating" that even a word???? I thought the correct word was/is: "conversing."

    blowing up feels really good every now and again, doesn't it?????

  10. Good thing you were able to stand up to your boss without getting the ax.

    Your interview sounds like it will be hialrious

  11. All the mermaids I know have no legs to spread so temptation is very limited. Sure they are known to have amazonian big boobs but why would that threaten our Bee?

  12. I know an electrician, his name is Andy and lives with you.

  13. It's a good thing you didn't watch the Lucy Liu meeting scene from Kill Bill for inspiration. Your boss might have been walking around without a head now.

  14. Cool fountain. Oz sounds like a major doofus, and there are far too many of those in the world already. Congratulations on backing him down Bee.

  15. I can't wait until tomorrow's comic.

    How's Brian always first?

    I can still see your feed (yay)

    Godfathers I and II 4-ever.
    III should be burned.

    I agree with Jean Knee: Vegans are the ewww (I hope no vegans read your blog...if they do then not you vegan! The other vegans)
    [Shh Bee, all vegans are still the ewww.]

    Dan says Andy is an electrician and I believe him.

    I have many opinions about a lot of stuff.

    Even the great OZ knows not to mess with Bee, much less Frazzled Bee.

    The End.

  16. Are you sure you don't work with my sister? They had a meeting on Friday, too.

    And when we move to our house, Peter is making me a fountain. :-)


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