Thursday, June 5, 2008

That hamster did NOT just come out of there! Did it?


I know I promised you guys a hilarious post about do it yourself home security but you'll just have to be disappointed. Let this be your lesson on how you don't always get what you want! ;o)

Anyway, instead I'd like you to be witness to another conversation between two people who have been married way too long (7 LONG YEARS!!)

The other night, Andy and I were getting ready for bed when he shocked the hell outta me with the following question:

Bee, do you want to read my comic book about a hero who comes back to life to look for his rectal hamster?

Now, I don't know about you, dear readers, but I'm not really used to hearing sentences like that right before I go to sleep. Over lunch, maybe, but not right before going to sleep.
Being the lady that I am:
What the hell are you talking about now???
He then told me about a comic book called "
The boys".
A comic book that spoofs superheros and there is this one story line where one of them kills another hero.
After the hero dies, a hamster comes out of his butt and the one that's alive takes him and keeps him as his ::gag:: pet ::blech!::.

This left me pondering 2 things.

1) What the hell happened to Little Lulu and Archie??? Now they have comics that show pantless hero zombies looking for their rectal hamsters???? Is this how comic books evolved?? Will I ever be able to remove the nail polish I spilt on the vanity sink?
The Boys

2) Have Andy and I exhausted all other topics of conversations that we are now doomed to live in the comic book world???

Noooo! Please no! Somebody throw me a civilized topic over here!

That's all for today folks!

Well, one more thing. Can you please click on Humor-Blogs for me so that I can stay between 15 and 20. I'm easy to please, middle is just fine by me (that's what she said!)! :o)


  1. First!

    Given the subject matter, that's probably a dubious honour.

    How did the hamster get there in the first place?

    There's an urban myth about a similar hamster or some such that got blown up in, erm, that place. Fortunately I can't remember the details, and hopefully it wasn't true anyway.

    You could always paint the rest of the sink with nail-polish.

  2. Of course I'm directly heading to eBay to check out this comic.


  3. AH!! i can't handle the hamster in a helmet!!

  4. Thank God my husband doesn't read comics because I don't think I could stand it.

    Although, that's not to say that our conversations are any better. Our dinner conversations often consist of the surgeries he's done that day, which a lot of the time include amputations and the taking out of things. Blech.

    I thought the hamster picture was kind of cute though.

  5. Does the comic really show the super hero without pants? Alice with you I'm going to ebay.

  6. it wasn't Richard Gere was it? remember that rumour?

    My hub used to read Heavy Metal until it became too expensive. I never looked at it though.

  7. This kind of think could really spice up those boring Marmaduke and Bumstead comic strips. Or wait! Those Family Circus strips where the kids are always leaving their trail of where they've run all over the place. Insert looking for a rectal hamster! Hi-LARIOUS!

    As for your second query - Insert "Battlestar Galactica" for comic books and the answer is yes. This is all there is to look forward to.

  8. i see things are still status quos here since my last visit! tell andy he should be reading things with more substance like hustler. ‡oÐ

  9. Whe does he shop for his comics?
    By Wrigley Field ?

  10. Brian:
    I have no idea, I decided not to read it.

    Brilliant idea to paint my sink!! The color is between black and burgundy... nice!

    I was going to post a picture but thought better of since it didn't come out that well.

    The helmet is strictly as a precaution...

    I sometimes have to go translate while OZ is doing something insane to someone. Like sticking a 12 inch needle and jiggling it to find the right spot to inject blech!

  11. Marie:
    Yes, it sure does. I'll show it to you next time you come over.

    jean knee:
    Yeah, it was RG. I'll ask Andy about Heavy Metal, sounds familiar.

    OMG!! HA HA HA!! That was wicked funny!

    I refuse to grow up ya know?

    Them there are fighting words!

  12. Disgusting Rectal Hamsters are off the Elastic Ick-O-Meter. Ick.

    I keep waiting for a nice African piece of folklore that explains all of the Earth's creation to come up with one about the real reason hamsters are brown. :)

  13. My Papi actually looked at me seriously the other day as I rolled around on the bed laughing at the huge rumbly gas fart bomb I just dropped and he said, "Is nasty things all you find funny any more."

    Yes, really, what else is there?

    My Papi is more lady than I am , I guess. But hey, he knew what he was getting before we got married so he has no one to blame but himself.

  14. Them Boys are nas-ty.

    Imagine the dolls...I mean Action Figures.



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