Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bee and the Giant Average Sized Roma Tomato

On Sunday afternoon, I made Andy and myself some nice grilled cheese sandwiches. Because I love my hubba-bubba SO much, I also added a couple of slices of tomatoes on our delectable sandwiches and sprinkled them lovingly with a little bit of garlic salt. Oh my were they dee-lish!

Later that afternoon, Andy was supposed to make a beef roast on the grill. He had already seasoned it and left it marinating for a couple of hours but he claimed he was feeling ill and unable to cook our dinner.
Being the dutiful little wife, I complained yelled rolled my eyes let him know I would cook dinner AGAIN and he could continue playing his Wacky Wizard Troll game.
My poor husband complained about violent stomach pains and explosive diarrhea number two and even though I believed him, I couldn’t help but wonder how he could feel better just in time for dinner. I mean, a reasonable mind would assume that a person who had been ill just ONE HOUR AGO wouldn’t even want to think about food, right?
Since I’m such a FORGIVING person by nature, I let bygones be bygones and didn’t harass him (much).
Then this morning, I woke up to my radio news guy telling me to BEWARE OF TOMATOES!!!
oh oh.
I think I let my man down… :o{

Maybe we should keep this little secret between us, yes?
You know what's not a secret? Me asking you to click on Humor-Blogs for me. I whore it up on every post.
Don't worry, Andy's fine. I'm fine. We're all fine.
I'm still debating if I should slice the rest of the tomatoes up and add them to the pizza I'm going to make for dinner. Along with slices of fresh mozzarella and more garlic salt.
mmmmmmm salmonella!


  1. Did the roast have mad cow disease too? I'd come over for dinner too but I'm err...busy...until 2010.

  2. I read about this too. I love tomatoes so this is a heart breaker. Going to have to stay away from those little guys for a while.

  3. Personally, I'd risk the salmonella. The thought of a double whopper with no tomato is just too terrible to contemplate...

    In any case, it's mainly old and infirm people who get ill from it, and I'm not quite either yet.

  4. Your food descriptions are making me hungry. I'm just curious here...I'm an average, healthy person. If I got salmonella wouldn't I just get a little sick and loose some weight? Maybe that'll be my Secret Summer Diet. Hmmm.

  5. Was that a picture of a hairy tomatoe? I stared at it and couldn't tell but I'm hoping it's a hairy tomatoe.
    So, tomatoes have the salmonella now? I wonder if the tomatoes I bought at the farmers market on Sunday count?
    Chris ate some yesterday and he seems fine so I'm gonna call them safe.
    Hope Andy feels better!

  6. I now realize that I spelled tomato wrong. Many apologies!

  7. You really wanna take a crap shoot like that, Bee?

    (Hahahaha...Oh, Me! So hilarious! Tainted tomoatoes. Crap Shoots! Hahahaha...)

    This is why I hate tomatoes. I knew one day they'd rise up against us.

  8. We were pretty hard hit by the tomato thing here NM. And dude, this is New Mexico. We practically get by on Flaming Hot Cheetos and tomato salsa. Not together, but still. Things are tough.

  9. Oh man I totally thought he was taking you for a ride, until you got to the tomato part.
    Good thing he only got a little bit sick.
    If you still want to put the tomatos on the pizza. I have a couple of people in mind you could serve it too.....What?......lol

  10. Hmmm...maybe that's what GirlChild ate that caused her to just BARELY make if from the kiddie pool to the toilet. Salmonella - y...

  11. I was sick yesterday too and had no tomatoes, I wonder what it could be.

  12. Lol...

    Bee- thats a prize winning tamato...


  13. so did you???
    add tomatoes??

    I once got sick from sour cream (brand new! never trust sour cream bought at Asda I suppose) but I still buy it! and I still smother my enchiladas verdes with it!

    I was a lot more violently sick than just an exploding bum, though. When I first woke up sick, I thought for sure I was preggers and I thought...OH CRAP! I was much happier to find that it was food poisoning but I still wished for a gun. My poor best friend and I took turns destroying the bathroom...

    ...good times, good times...

    was it really the tomatoes, though?

  14. Hey, my hubby plays the Wacky Wizard Troll game too! But sometimes I call it the Unnecessarily Half Naked Fairy game, or the reasons You Should Still Be Living With Your Mother game:)

  15. wtf?! is no natural, unprocessed food safe anymore?!! first spinach and now tomatoes. if i didn't know better i'd swear it was a plot by my kids to get out of eating their vegetables.

  16. Here is how screwed up I am: I actually pondered whether catching a little salmonella might make me drop a few pounds.

  17. VE:
    Come on! I promise to make your food extra spicy!

    Yeah, you can never be too careful but here at the Beehive? Our motto is “Well, if it’s gonna come out of the pooper anyway…” ;op

    I don’t think they’ll give you an option. There just gonna remove them from your Whopper before you even order it.

    Hey, if you’d like something that will keep you on the pot, there is this product called Nopalina… blech!

    Yup. It was a hairy tomato. Fuzzy with hair. :o)
    They said and I semi quote “if you know your dealer, you should be okay.” that has been my thought forever!

    Andy felt better as soon as he let go of his unwanted package.

    HA HA! That was funny!

    I love tomatoes. MMMMM. Raw with a little salt and pepper and some ranch dressing…

    Damn! I forgot about SALSA!!!

    I still think he may have. I mean, he got over it pretty quickly…

    Maybe there was something going around?

    Maybe there was something going around?

    Yeah. Andy won the prize alright!! ;op

    Yes I sure did add the tomatoes to the pizza and it came out to DIE for!

    That is the only thing I could think of that might have given him the runs. He’s not lactose intolerant so it wasn’t the cheese.

    Congrats on you not being preggers!! :o)

  18. Brittany:
    I love it!
    Although, if I make him move back in with his mom, who will mow the lawn? Decisions decisions! ;op

    I know! They are taking all the enjoyment out of eating veggies in my old age!

    Hey, it’s swim suit time, who can blame us for going a little nutty?

  19. Fuzzy Tomatoes would make a great name for a rock band........or for a pair of dead man testicles.

  20. I thought it was only the walmar tomato's that where bad??

    WE have some here and we have been eating them for the past few days and we are ok. Maybe he was just blowing things out of proportion.. Did he have a lot of junk food before he ate?

  21. If you put eyes on that tomato it'd look kinda cute!


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