Friday, June 27, 2008

Well now. Who knew work would get in the way of blogging? Evil Money Controlling Bastards.

I'm going deep underground for a couple of days so I might not be able to stalk your blogs like I like.

I'll try but I'm not making any promises, okay?

I cannot tell you where I'm going or what I'll be doing because this might put you in danger. Your safety is my main concern. (That and trying to figure out WHERE THE FUCK I PUT THE PEANUT BUTTER I JUST BOUGHT!)

Don't get mad at me.
Don't threaten to kill me (you'd have to get in line as per my previous post).


Since I'm a needy chick, I need you all to pitch in because you love me (love/hate, fine line) and buy me the following:

I don't feel like it's too much to ask. Do you?

I'd have to put him by a corner though, I don't particularly like the image of anyone standing behind him.

Maybe I'd paint a bra on him too, he seems to be cold.


  1. That coffee table is SOOO unrealistic. Just look at the skin tone on that dude!

    I pledge $1 to your fund.

  2. Definitely an interior design classic. I'll send you some money. You do take photocopied notes, don't you?

  3. I don't know how I feel about that table.
    The tacky side of me says "Not only must Bee own one but I must own one too!"

    Then there's the superstitious side that says "What if at night he gets up and walks around and rubs everyones faces between his tatas that happen to be bigger than mine?"

    So, after much thought, I have decided to give to your cause. I have a whole cup of tokens that were left over from Chuck E. Cheese. There's atleast ten bucks worth of them in there. You're welcome.

    And don't stay gone long Bee!

  4. oh, hell no.

    also, i think his boobs are bigger than mine.

  5. Personally, I prefer this one, though the hand table is a little spooky...

  6. See, if that were in my house, every night when I'd go to bed, I'd fall asleep, forget I have that in the house, then get up and spy a little weird dude crouching in the corner, and I would do a combination of any of the following: scream/die of fright/attack it/scream.

    Also, I gotta assume the dude has a butt not visible in this photo. I don't need to look at any more a-holes in a day, thank you.

    Alas, is this available at the JC Penney's?

  7. Put a bra on him?? Please, he got better boobs than most of the girls in my magazines and you can at least touch his.

    Sorry Bee, if I buy it...I'm keeping it.

  8. Cool! I see it even has a place to hold the remote control...

  9. NO!!!!!!!!! Don't just stick him in the corner, the air filtration systems works by drawing air in through the back and blowing it back out the front. (That's why he LOOKS chilly, he IS chilly)

    Don't worry - you're gone and I'm just getting back so look for about 47 comments from me....LOL


  11. is there only one for sale? i need a birthday present for leigh, she wants new boobs

  12. What?
    Fine! Looks like I didn't quit my blog so you could just leave me out in the "no Bee" cold and darl wordl :(

  13. See? Now I can't even spell dark or world or anything

  14. Man! That's one fugly table!!

  15. have you ever eaten almond butter? delicious and fewer calories tha peanut butter.mmmmm

    I clicked on that word 'following' thinking it was a link to humor blogs, I'm such a sucker


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