Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What is the dealio with the absence of drier #13???

Superstitious much?

Also? Andy said he ENJOYED going to The Mat!

The un-airconditioned Mat!!

People call me the crazy one in the relationship but I think they need to reevaluate some shit here!


  1. It's just like the apartment buildings in my city and I assume most large cities in North America. No 13th floor. As Mitch Hedberg said "the people on the 14th know what floor you're really on". (paraphrased)

  2. There's definitely an opportunity here - you need to get stickers just like the ones on the driers, and turn #14 into #13, #15 into #14, etc. without anyone noticing. Then watch the fun when they all go to the wrong driers to get their clothes out...

  3. Perhaps Andy found going to the laundrette a Cathartic experience ;-)

  4. I'd take it as an opportunity to covertly renumber each drier as #13. Think how easily you could send someone off the deep end.

  5. Has Andy been watching the spinning motion of those dryers so much he's been hypnotized into digging the 'Mat?

    I think dryer 13 is like that fabled missing sock. It's lost behind dryer 15.

  6. You'll find dryer 13 if you open the door of 14 and climb on in there......bwahahahaha

  7. How is it that you're still hitting the laundromat?!

  8. Has Andy discovered the spin cycle perhaps?

  9. Hmmm! I think it is a vast right wing conspiracy, myself.

    Ya know, to keep gas prices high and polar bear numbers low! :p

  10. Unfortunately, I too will be frequenting the laundry mat again soon. It's shitty, I know, because now I have this nice new washer and this newish dryer but alas, the contractor says that he's going to start demoing that room so the washer and dryer will be out of commission for a while. Oh, it pains me to even think of going to the laundry mat again. The old ladies there are SCARY!

  11. Oh, and 11th!
    Are we still fighting for 11th anymore? Or am I just behind the times again?

  12. I have heard about these mysterious people who enjoy laundromats. Something about a sense of community, peace, watching children at play... But I think it's a ploy to get someone else to go instead of them the next time. Or they're smokin' crack.

    Either one.

  13. Dryer Number 13 is only there when its not shuttling laundromat patrons off to an alternate dimension through a laundry tube portal.

    I'm so thankful you survived!!!

  14. Sully:
    Yeah, I don’t know who they’re trying to fool.

    Ha ha! Yeah but then they might go into my drier and see all my raggedy clothes.
    Andy is just plain old crazy.

    Yup. Then I could have all the driers to myself, That is my dream.

    Andy’s mind is a spin cycle. ;op

    Queen Goob:
    Wow! I thought I had a maniacal laugh… ;op

    We had funds to buy a new one then a certain someone backed into my car on the way to the Mat.

    I have no idea. That would explain why he keeps bugging me and doesn’t let me read my Laundromat book. Yup. I have one specifically for the Mat.

    Chelle B:
    Ya’ know what? I hadn’t thought about it that way. Well, at least I’ll contribute to a polar bear getting its wings.

    My sister in pain. (:’o{
    I wish we could go together and make fun of those old ladies… I have millions of tricks we could play on them!

    Hmmm… I did find a crack pipe in Andy’s pockets but he said he was holding it for a friend. I am just too trusting!

    Holy moley! I hope it’s an alternate universe where we are walking hand in hand with polar bears and Dodo birds!

  15. Andy is just enjoying the experience since he was never as "Lucky" as we where to have to drag 6 big @ss bags of clothes to the mat at 6 am before anyone got there so that we could get all the machines.

    He was unfortunate enough to always have them at home... Poor Andy, he is only trying to get that experience...

  16. Oh Yeah!

    I Agree with Sornie, make them all #13 and step back to see the panic

  17. Haha, this is funny! My lawyer thought I was nuts last week. He told me to meet him on the 13th floor and I questioned it. Turned out there was one though. Anyways, great blog, I like your style.

  18. No way.

    Drier 13th is eeevil. It mixes your towels with yours hoodies.

    That'd be bad, right?


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