Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I’m not gonna say Andy has driving issues. Nope. Those words will not come out of my mouth or er, fingers. I just want to point out that years of me pulling my car into the garage have never resulted in this.
My car is at the bottom of that pile of massacred bins.

Somebody, who shall remain nameless, put my car in the garage so as not to back into it AGAIN.
Instead, THAT SOMEBODY, knocked into the tower of bins we have lined up against the wall, rigging them to fall after the garage door closed therefore leaving them for me to find this morning when I was in my usual hurry to get to work.

You say it’s my fault for putting them in the garage in the first place?
Ha! I put them exactly where the husband told me to so neener neener to you!

I had to remove bin guts from my car which caused me to, not only be late for work (well, LATER THAN USUAL), once I got to work I couldn’t remember if I had closed the gawt dang garage door!

I had to get my happy ass back in my car and drive ALL* the way home, just to check on the door that I must’ve closed in the middle of all my mumbling and grumbling without realising because it was closed!

When I called Andy to inform him of the daily obstacles he litters my life's path with, just for shits and giggles, he said I get flustered too easily and I need to get ahold of myself.

Isn't he a sweetie pie? He's just lucky I didn't know where his happy ass was stationed at the moment because I would have driven over there and given him a fluster of fists to the face. Just kidding. maybe.

*Okay, so it was only 10 minutes round trip but those are 10 minutes I will never get back! What if I needed those 10 minutes to do something useful? Like maybe click on Humor-Blogs? Sure, I can find the time somewhere else but then I'd have to put off doing something else. Who will tell the children I can no longer teach them how to read and write? THINK OF THE CHILDREN! (I have no idea what that’s about so don’t ask)
Also, if you're thinking I had time to do a post WHILE AT WORK... who asked you?


  1. Maybe you need to set up a little driving obstacle course in your driveway and down your street for the sake of Andy's ability to hold onto his license in the long run.

    And for a second, I thought you were in my garage, because SOMEONE WHO I AM MARRIED TO WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS but I call him JUNK HOUND, won't throw a damn thing away and that's what my supposedly two car garage looks like, and I'm always picking crap off my van to get the hell away. Seriously, there are THREE old school Atari consoles out there. Sure, they're small, but that's not the half of it.


    (unless I click post now and find I was thwarted because I'm wordy...)

  2. Heh heh heh...

    Wordy AND First.

    Well done, me. Well done.

  3. It looks like you could have just reversed out and the bin contents would have simply fallen off the bonnet, and you wouldn't have been late for work.

    I read a few years ago about a retired couple. One of them got out of the car whilst the other (I think it was the husband) parked the car. Unfortunately he got forward and reverse mixed up and ran over and killed his wife.

    Be warned!

  4. Now see, if you had been married to my husband he would have found a way to make the whole thing, including the driving part, my fault.
    He's good at that. It makes me want to kill him. just kidding.. maybe.

  5. Well aren't you a sneaky little bee-hotch, linking up your image to humor blogs. :P

  6. My my my aren't we all posting comments at the same time?

    And Marie, she's known for that. That Bee is very tricky.

  7. FADKOG:
    I shamefully have to admit that the clutter in the garage is all mine. Except for the naked lady, that was there when we bought the house. ;op
    Mince is a 2 car garage too, maybe one day I'll be able to depackrat myself. :o)

    Very valuble stuff was in them there bins. Stuff I bought on Ebay and may one day use again.

    Why does it always have to be the wives that die in YOUR jokes????

    He did blame it on me. I must have opened the garage door too loudly.

    I learned this trick from the master himself LOBO. ;o)

  8. well, obviously Andy must be dealt with harshly. Don't let your mom cook for him for a whole month. that'll teach him.

    oh wait, that one's taken

  9. jean knee:
    You know where to hurt a guy (and gal)! She's gonna be gone until 7/6/08 (:'o{

  10. And Big Tex "Thinks" I'm a bad driver... I'm gonna have to make him read this one...

  11. Meh the bins were upright when I left em thats all need to sleep soundly.

  12. Gee, Greg Brady can drive better then Andy.

  13. Dang girl..make that boy park in the street. At the current rate you'll be dead by next month.

  14. Alice is right Bee.
    This seems to be yet another way Andy is trying to kill you: Buried by your own treasures!

    AH so cunning he is.

  15. "Meh the bins were upright when I left em thats all need to sleep soundly."


  16. I don't even know what he meant by that, but whatever. yeah he is good

  17. Nancy:
    Between you and Big Tex, I'd say you're the better driver. YUP!

    I have to be to survive. ;o)

    Whatever babe. You owe my Mini Tank a nice wash. (MY CAR!)

    Dude, Greg Brady?? I'm revoking your man card.

    Jokes on him cuz I have no life insurance!

    Yeah! He's also trying to kill me with butter pecan ice cream! With chocolate sauce... mmmmmm

    He has an excuse for everything!

    jean knee:
    He's so good he's bad.

  18. lol...lol Greg Brady!

    Take his Man card away and never give it back!

  19. None of my vehicles have seen the inside of a garage for many years. I don't want them to lead a "sheltered" life.


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