Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oh, this is all about ME baby! (You know, again.)

Okay, so you guys know how obsessed I am with techonratiing myself right?

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I mean, that’s how I found out that one chick stole my misspelled title? Remember? It was around Valentine’s Day? No? Was it only important to me? Yeah, that could be it.

Anyway, I came across this blog that gave me an award!! Now, I don’t know if she was going to tell me or not but since I have the ego fragility of a 1,000 year old Faberge egg… with the distinction that it’s bigger than an egg.

Sorry, I have egg on the head after VE’s post about eggs. I wonder if he’ll ever write one about bacon? I love bacon but I don’t get to eat it as often as I’d like.
No, it’s not the fear that eating too much would clog my arteries.
Arteries shmarteries! It’s just that it cost $6 for one freakin’ package!
SIX DOLLARS?? Come on now! Is bacon going the way of those little fish egg thingies that I can’t remember the name of (I’m sure as SOON as I hit publish, I’ll remember the name of those stupid little fishy egg things)? Did I say EGGS again? VE, you and I, we’re gonna have ourselves a yolk off! Four dollars is my limit on bacon (just thought I should finish at least ONE thought.)

Where the hell was I?

Oh right!

This is what Marie @ Memarie Lane said about me while blogsitting at Ordinary Days:
"If I were an alien and had to choose a blogger to abduct, I'd pick Bee of Bee's Musings. Not only would she be an interesting subject for study, she'd blog about it later and people would have no idea if she was kidding or not. She'd probably take the whole anal probe thing to another level too."

When I first read that, my reaction went something like this:

Mee. Mee hee hee.


[face red, eyes cross eyed, eyeliner everywhere- it was soo hot! my face not the temp. and by hot I mean gorgeous hot]


Can you hear me still laughing?? Because I totally AM! And those aliens?? They would be asking me for my banana pudding recipe and curly locks of my hair. I don’t know if I’d give them both… maybe just the curls cuz the banana pudding recipe dies with me and Andy!
I will never tell anybody it comes from Paula Dean!

No way!!!

I have been lucky to be described by many in very colorful, imaginative ways and so off the wall that it brings one solitary tear of joy to my eye. Oh wait, I think that’s just sweat.

And I will not let you down! If I ever get probed in a very uncomfortable place, no, not the back of a Volkswagen, I will hopefully report it back to you in the manner it deserves!!


I hate all the chicks on "So You Think You Can Dance"! I don't think their legs are real! They are mannequins imitating humans. OR ALIENS!! FULL CIRCLE PEOPLE!


Where are you off to? Did you think that was the end of the post? No, no. I need ya' to click on Humor-Blogs for me. You know you want to... ;o)


  1. FIRST!

    I wonder how long the aliens would put up with you for?

    I suppose it wouldn't matter if they never gave you back as long as they laid on blogging facilities...

  2. Woahwoahwoah. Hold on there just a minute. The girls on SYTYCD have worked really hard to attain the bodies that they do. Of course they're real.

    Mm, and lol... congrats on the award.

  3. It's almost 4 in the morning and once I saw the word 'bacon' that's all I could think about. Lukcy for me, I still have some cheapish bacon in the freezer!

  4. I think there may be aliens at the 'Mat. I know there was at the one I used to go to, anyway. And there was always an old lady who drooled, too.

    I drool for bacon. I caved and bought some of that precooked bacon last week. I should know better.

  5. You're welcome Bee, but you know I didn't totally pull that award out of my ass. I do live in NM, the aliens' favorite landing zone. So I have the inside scoop here. You may want to watch the sky carefully, make yourself a tin foil hat, and take note of any unexplained gaps in your memory. ;)

  6. Congrats on your reward. I have to say, I don't envy it though because I definately do not want to be abducted by aliens. Of course, you're much more interesting than I am so they would pick you over me anyways.

  7. Oh, and congratulations for being voted 3rd in Forbes' list of famous people.
    Or was that your double Angelina Jolie? There's a serious risk that the aliens will abduct her by mistake...

  8. Brian:
    They would love me. You know everything I've done to the bats and they STILL go out of their way to bring me snacks I like.

    Oh! That's their secret? Well damn, I'm never going to be able to have nice legs then. Oh well, maybe in another life...
    And thanks! :o)

    Have some for me and then describe how much you enjoyed the salty goodness. I'll try very hard not to drool.

    I am drooling as we speak. I'm going to have to buy some this week. It's 2 for one at the Jewel.

    Oh oh, I guess it doesn't help that I live in a wooded area... right?? ;o)

    Well, the *interesting* thing is just a matter of opinion since I think you lead a more interesting life. What with monkeys, goats and chickens?

    I was trying to keep that under wraps. Shhhh. Nobody needs to know how cool and popular I am. Unless... is that the purpose of this blog? ;op

  9. Hey! No fair! As you know, I have been wanting to be abducted, probed, and impregnated n' stuff by aliens.

    Oh well, if one of us has to be, it might as well be you. So congrats. :p

    PS. I can't believe I am the first one to Stumble your blog! Expect 12 extra visitors now. :D

  10. LMAO!!!

    I feel sorry for the crazy alien that decided to abduct you!

  11. Chelle B:
    I'll ask them to bring you along for the ride, I'm sure there someone out there you haven't offended. ;op
    And um.. no way will the impregnate this lady. I'll punch them in their baby-maker, then run.

    Thanks for the stumble! :o)

    Ha! Come on now, I'd behave. ;o)
    Congrats on eleventh!

  12. Wait. How do you Memarie isn't making a thinly veiled jab at your heritage with this whole "alien" thing?

    I know plenty of illegal aliens on the corner who would give someone a nice butt probing for gratis!

    (I'm just kidding. I LOVE Memarie's blog and how she parded you into the spotlight which you so richly deserve)

  13. Someone nominated me at a blog contest thingie. I just found out yesterday. My category is Class Clown. I'm up against big time people like Pioneer Woman and I Am Bossy. Yeah. I have biiiigggg hopes of winning.

  14. Whoa Bee! Put down the bacon and step away from the anal probes.

    Caviar? Is that what you meant? Caviar is gross. Bacon is manna from heaven.

  15. Nothing else caught my attention after I read that about the anal probe thing.

    What else were you saying?? ;)

  16. Bee- Please don't tell the aliens that as I don't want to be abducted too. Although, maybe together we could totally kick some alien ass. It could be fun.


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