Monday, February 9, 2009

Scent of a Bee

I can't believe I forgot to blog about this!!

The other night, Andy and I were about to fall asleep and we were in the torturous tablespoon-teaspoon position, when he says "Oh, earlier today I was in a mini-mart at a gas station and I walked by a lady who smelled like you. She was Mexican too I think"

You can imagine my shock so I responded with stunned silence and he, thinking I had fallen asleep, wanted to make sure I'dperfumespray heard him:




I'm awake, Andy but I'm still trying to process what you said.


Process it? Why? Don't tell me you're mad!?


I don't know what I am yet. I guess I'm wondering what the hell that means. Was she wearing one of my perfumes?


No, I didn't know you were going to be wearing this perfume today.


Well help me out here babe, you had to throw in that she was Mexican too so did she smell like tortillas? Salsa? You can't make a statement like that and just expect me to not have any questions. How close were you to this person?


I don't know, Bee! I just walked by and I remember thinking "she smells like Bee". I don't know why you're getting so upset since it was a nice smell. Okay. Just tell me what will make this all go away.


I need you to stop going around sniffing women because I will kick your ass!


At which point he just stopped talking and fell asleep. Now, this isn't the weirdest conversation Andy and I have had but it's up there!

What do you guys think? I know he didn't mean it in a bad way because I know I smell hella good but how would you have taken it? I checked my purse for beans just in case but all I have in there are 50s.


In other news, I was finally able to move my blog's feed on feedburner to, um well, feedburner. The few times I tried earlier this month it kept telling me I was a foolish girl who didn't own Bee's Musings and each time I would hit the top of my computer screen and swear until the monitor's ears bled but I'd have no luck. This time it said I was successful and gorgeous. I'm not sure what the purpose was but I'm guessing it was to keep the world safe from evil pigeons.


  1. I say you hunt that woman down.
    She needs to explain herself.

  2. Also, Andy should go out with nose-plugs.
    You know, to avoid further incidents.

  3. LOL...@ no cool story's comment...i am sure it was innocent will you pretty please install feedburner on my blog for me?

  4. You could try using a less common brand of perfume.

  5. I think I would have been pretty ofended too! My question would have been.. "like a Mexican crossing the border?" "Psh see if you get any ever again"

  6. We finally saw Grand Torino [sp?]

    AWESOME!!!!!! :)

  7. Noone should EVER smell like you, now go hunt her down and spray her with some fart spray! :)

  8. I think have screwed-up noses. Maybe it's part of the hunter-gatherer non-evolution.

    Seriously, why do men say things like that? I know I shouldn't ask after 22 years of marriage but it still amazes me at the that they can be so clueless!

  9. In Andy's defence, he said it was a good smell.

    I agree, unusual way of putting things, but there you go.

  10. so Mexicans smelling like tortillas and salsa is just an urban legend?!
    Dammit, i've been lying all these years!

    In other news... some woman in chicago-land has been breaking into people's homes and stealing perfume.

  11. I'd take it as a good thing, because it means sweet sci-fi loving Andy thinks about you during the day, even when you're not together. He maybe should have edited out the Mexican thing, but maybe he just tossed that in because everything just seemed to fall into place between the two things to then think of you.

    However, there's always Jean Knee's theory to fall back on, too!

  12. mmmm.. tortillas and salsa..

    oh, and the human says men arent stupid but girls are so there

    (i dont agree, girls are nice especially the ones that smell like snaks)

  13. She obviously smells like hotness. There is no way to describe the smell, it just exists. He forgot to mention that she was a hot Latina lady that looked like a cross between Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek.

  14. NCS:
    I agree with you NCS! You got my back, right?

    I swear I stumble around and just find my way by accident.

    I don't think I do. Maybe I should just a new scent to throw him off.

    There's this restaurant I love going to called "On the border" I wouldn't mind smelling like that. They have the best flour tortillas ever made.

    It was awesome!

    Hahahaha!! Yeah, I'll tear gas her! :o)

    I have no idea but they never understand why we're shocked when they something odd.

    yeah, I wasn't (still not) mad at him I was just taken by surprise and I thought it a little weird.

    You know, all this talk of tortillas and salsa has my mouth watering so maybe it would be a good thing to smell like that.

    That bitch better be careful cuz I'll cut her.

    jean knee:
    ha ha ha! I'm gonna tell Drew you said that!

    Yeah, it is sweet that he thinks of me. Or maybe he's just hungry. ;o)

    I once had a doggy treat in my pocket and I couldn't understand why my dogs kept pawing at me so yeah, I sometimes do smell like snaks.

    ding ding ding! We have a winner! Well as long as it's not hotness as in hot sauce. :o)

  15. I was going to leave a comment, but everyone already said all the funny stuff... so I will keep my comment about you smelling like Jennifer Lopez to myself.

    Crap. I hate being the last commenter on a blog.

  16. Apparently, you are unaware. Guys say stupid shit!! You're welcome.

  17. Was he in the store? Like, the supermarket? Was it a supermercado ?? 'Cuase maybe he mistook the panaderia's smell of fresh pan dulce with your sweetness.

    I'd like to think that us Mesicans smell like a panaderia.


  18. How sweet. You have him so trained that when he is around another woman, he smells you. (Or maybe he just smells his own fear.)

    Good job training the poor schmuck. Please do give us some pointers.

  19. I will never understand women, or men for that matter. And I'm the last comment.

  20. I say sniff all you want but no touching. Or have andy wear your perfume. he can smell himself all he wants.

  21. LOL...I am so glad to hear that Peter isn't the only one that sometimes tries to compliment me by comparing me to something totally random and inappropriate. I am like, WTF?

  22. LOL... I would love to hang out with you two.


  23. Guys just don't think, do they? I know, since I am one and have said similarly stupid things. :)


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