Friday, February 20, 2009


So I'm sitting at the front desk while the receptioist has her lunch and I'm bored bored BORED. I almost kicked a guy in the berries because he took a handful of candy from our own personal stash.


That was it for excitement though because I said "I'm assuming you are going to give a candy to everyone in the waitingroom??" and then I stared him down until he did.

Hey man! I bought those lifesavers with my own allowance!

Oh well. On to watch Deal or No Deal. ONE OF THE LAMEST GAME SHOWS EVER!

I'm sending this via Scarlett so I'm sure I have a ton of errors spelling wise.


  1. Ahh the candy dish. I like to use it as the litmus test for people's personalities in my office. Mine is a plastic shoe bin attached to the side of my cubicle wall. It is usually full of all kinds of goodies that either I bring in or other kind souls do. But when people start requesting candy or complain when it gets low I ban them from it until they bring in 2 bags of the good stuff (no Russel Stover).

  2. OMGosh now i wish i worked in an office where I had the option of kickin some guy in the berries!!!!

    I had lunch with my MIL on Wed where I asked for a refund

  3. Who does that?! It's OBVIOUSLY not on the public side! WHY would you think it's ok to reach over and take???? There should be an invisible electric shield there.

    Some people's children, I swear!

  4. Yeah. Just pull those cohones up thru his A**hole and see how he likes that.

    Phew! That felt better.


  5. I worked as a receptionist for a short time and the only thing that made it bearable (I've got phonephobia) was the candy dish!

  6. Maybe he was leaning over to get a better look down your top. The candy dish was a cover.

  7. Think of it as an (unintentional) act of charity on your part.

    Your good deed done for the day - it's always nice to get it out of the way early on.

  8. I didnt see no spelling errors.

    How rude of that dude. How dare he? He needs to bring his own candy next time.

    Deal or no deal is indeed one of the lamest shows out there. I watched it once like for 3 minutes, just thinking aboutit makes me mad because I wasted those 3 precious minutes.
    I find that guy Howie very very creepy.

  9. The trick is to slip some estrogen pills in the candy dish.

    That'll teach those candy stealers a lesson. Well, the male ones, anyway.

  10. We're all bored and I can't figure out why. LIFE IS GOING SO WELL FINANCIALLY.


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