Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Bee n' Andy: Married and sometimes, still in love..."- The dangers of the marital bed.

comic strip sleeping 1

comic strip sleeping 2

comic strip sleeping 3

comic strip sleeping 4


  1. this is exactly why I LOVE being single and having the whole bed to myself! :-) maybe you should remind Andy that women have sharp elbows and one to the eye or nose or groin can be VERY painful! ;-)

  2. Maybe you should get a larger bed.

    You can also get those oriental style beds that are really low...

  3. So true. Great drawings!

    I make it a point to move my husbands pillows all the way to his edge of the bed each night before we get the hopes that he will stay over there...never seems to work!

    He's also a sheet stealer, not the blanket mind you, just the sheet. I get short-sheeted every night! That could sound kinda dirty if it wasn't a Sunday morning :)

  4. How did you get a cam in my bedroom? Only you forgot to include the large dog at your feet and the cat laying next to your face so that you are left sleeping in a 1FT X 1FT fetal position with only a corner of the covers on your ass

    This cracked me up

  5. Some sort of grappling hooks perhaps?

  6. total opposite for me, I always move to the edge of the bed while I sleep.
    Stand your ground next time, you can't just let people push you around in life.

    Andy is really, really good. He should do this for a living.

  7. Those are great drawings! It's no wonder that some couples eventually move to separate beds ;-)

  8. What size is your bed???
    We have a king size and it's almost enough for me to have my own side.
    When we go to visit my mom, we have to sleep in a full size. Ugh. I usually end up sleeping on the couch or with the kids.
    And is that your phone on your nighstand?
    And do you really sleep with a teddy bear?
    And are your socks really that teeny tiny?
    If so, what size are your feet??

    This one leaves me with so many questions!!!

  9. Okay, after going back and reading and observing the comic again, I've got an idea for you.
    When she shoves you off your bed, get up and go around and sleep on his side. It's completely empty over there!

    And now I know why Mr and Mrs Cleaver and Fred and Wilma Flintstone had seperate beds.
    The funny thing is, before I got married, I always envisioned sleeping in the bed with my husband and cuddling and waking up in his arms.
    Yeah, I can honestly say that that has NEVER happened.
    The only touching allowed while we're sleeping is me kicking him when the snores get too loud.
    It doesn't help but it does make me feel better.

    Maybe we need like bed cubicles like a work?

  10. At least he doesn't snore, right?

  11. i've been there before!!!

    well... not in your bed, but in that situation. That's why i always keep the bed against the wall... no falling off if you're in between a rock and a hard... never mind.

  12. Bee he comes by it naturally, his father has been dioing this for 33 years!

    Mom R.

  13. THis is why we have a nice king-sized bed and separate blankets. :o)

  14. If you are going to sleep with my husband like tht, Bee, you at least have to also take the farting and snoring dogs! No fair!

  15. those pictures were photoshopped!

  16. Kakakaka...
    That thing happened in your real life?
    Mybe that bed of yours is to small?
    See you around.

  17. Chat:
    I am so jealous of you right now! ;o)

    It won't matter if we get a lager bed. We've slept on king size beds and I still wind up kissing the floor. We will one day get a platform bed which is what you mean, at least the fall won't be so bad. ;o)

    OMG!! I do that too with his pillow but fail. We have a comforter and a blanket because out windows suck and it's like freakin Siberia in our bedroom. He takes the blanket and spins it around him and leaves me with just the comforter. He's lucky I like him a little otherwise... ;o)

    I hear ya'! Men!

    Would I need to pierce my back... again? ;o)

    Ha ha ha! Good for you!

    Me stand my ground? Very funny brother.

    I've been begging for own bed BEGGING! But he says no.

    jean knee:
    Isn't he the cutest?? :o)

    I will answer all your questions on another post. :o)

    I don't mind snoring I just prefer not to go to bed with knee pads. ;o)

    Ha ha! I can't sleep next to the wall. I get claustrophobic.

    Mom R.
    Oh lord!! He should have come with a warning label. :o) kidding.

    Maybe one day we'll do a king but it'll be the same thing. He also won't approve of separate blankets. I guess I'm just too cuddleable! :o)

    They sure were! I switched out my head with my butt.

    Isn't it sad? It was a little ouchie! :o)

  18. ok I've never wound up on the floor, but I very frequently wind up without sheets/ duvet or with an elbow or knee RIGHT in my side. Sometimes he steals one of my monkeys, even! That takes the cake!

  19. I recommend buying a round bed. I'm guessing you'll get 5 laps a night!

  20. Oh the dangers!
    Maybe he wanted some AndyLove. Where is the love Bee?

    PS: At least he didn't ry to "spoon".

  21. uMMMM .... In danger of the cover sweepers technique???

    What's that you say ?

    " You tear all the bedding off, run out of the room and turn the lights on "

    Block door closed. :-)

  22. yup, my hubby does this too. I just elbow him really hard in the ribs and he moves over. Over the years, the elbowing has become much more violent though, so I am thinking by our fiftieth wedding anniversary I should be cold-cocking him and knocking his old man body off the bed.

  23. Haha so true! I grind my teeth and snore up a storm, drives my hub crazy. We solved the blanket issue though, we have our own. :)

  24. I had the same thing happen to me on Friday night... except it was my granddaughter. I ended up going downstairs to sleep on the hard, lumpy futon so she could take up most of the full size bed. And she is only 2.5 years old.

  25. You should steamroll him good one night.

  26. That was funny, I am lucky I dont have that problem, its the other way around! lol Its so good to be in touch with u guys again! When I come I hope I also get to see u!!! I was asking Nancy if u still had those scary dolls...the witch & clown! I remember one nite when I slept over, Danny put the witch one by my feet, so I would be scared LOL! Hope all is well!! Take care!!!

  27. Bee:

    Tell you what.

    I'll trade you for my wife.

    That way, Andy and her can fight for bed dominance, and you and I can get a decent night's sleep!

    Well, that, and I'd LOVE to have a king-sized bed, too...

  28. Very true... But I'm the one that gets pushed to the edge.

    This may be why Ricky and Lucy slept in separate beds.

    Stumbled, because I love your cartoons.


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