Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fromunda is the new Colby Jack.

So... I was watching Road House tonight and I came to the conclusion that I could have easily played the Patrick Swayze roll with no problems. I mean, the bad guys obviously wait for the punches and miss on purpose. I'm sure I'd be fine.

Have I ever told you guys about the infamous Fromunda cheese prank? I'm sure Brian knows all about it but I'd like to give you a quick recap.

Some time ago, my assistant at the time (BD) and I played a prank on Scarecrow. Since she claims to know everything and has done everything twice we asked her if she had ever tried fromunda cheese making it seem like it was regular cheese you buy at a store and might eat with crackers. She hesitated and then said "oh yeah... I have" little did she know fromunda is slang for:

Slimy residue commonly found under a nut sac.

Me:You want some fromunda cheese?
Bob: Whats that?
Me: Cheese fromunda my nuts
Bob: Why yes, yes I do - from Urban Dictionary.

(I just gagged a little)

Tomorrow is Treat Day Thursday and I'm the lucky chump who gets to bring them in. I went to the store and bought some Queso Fresco which is the stuff you see sprinkled on top of your average sope, enchilada etc. It's super yum!

cell 2.11.09 025

I decided to cut it up into nice little slices and pass it off as... FROMUNDA CHEESE.

You know, I went through all that trouble and now I feel kind of "meh" about this whole social experiment. Oh well. I'll still catalog the whole thing.

By the way, I wanted to clear up a couple of things for DAN'S sake who did not "get" the Sunday Comic strip and said nobody did and you guys were just being nice. The joke was that I did not unclog the drain even though I told Andy I had just so he could stand in his own filth while he showered as a punishment for rushing me. Happy now Dan?? Also, to those that remarked on my football player physique, what can I say? I am no fragile flower. Wantta arm wrestle?


I'm digging the new blogger tool that lets you have thumbprintsNAILS on the blog roll. I see a picture and I immediately want to click to see what the fuck you wacky loons are posting about. Except Dan cuz he's on time out!


  1. First!

    LOL, can't wait to hear what Scarecrow says.

  2. Thumbprints on the blogroll? Damn, that's technical. Please don't most much on some issues, my little brain overheats and I start drooling.

  3. Uh oh. I forgot to cover cleaning THAT area in my post about showering today. I kept it G-rated as I didn't want to confused anybody.

    I would just been brutally honest and said that I've never heard of it and smiled sweetly hoping you weren't going to do something really, really gross to me. ;-)

  4. howcum i dont have a thumbprint picture next to my name? its because i dont have thumbs isnt it..

    stupid humans i hate you all

    can i get some of that cheese? is it good?

  5. i've been giving a little more thought to the cheese.

    i've officially decided, you can can still keep your damn cheese.

  6. any post that starts out with "so i watching road house..." is gonna capture my undivided attention. just a note for the future, if ya ever need me. that's how you should do it.

  7. Nancy:
    I was having second thoughts but after her know it allness, it's gonna be fun.

    It is just one little box you have to check on your blogroll. Really easy.

    Scarecrow is not the type that admits she doens't know something. She once claimed she and Al Capone were related somehow, she took flying lessons to get her pilot's license, sang in a choir that sang for Cardinal Bernadine etc.

    More for me.

    I don't know why yours doesn't have a thumbprint. Maybe it's cuz you're not on blogspot? I dunno.

    Sure you can have Orion's cheese!

    Did somebody traumatize you with the fromunda cheese?

    Poor Patrick Sawyze. :o(

  8. Some of the cheeses I saw travelling around on a cheese cart and trying to pass as dessert in france couldn't be much better than fromunda cheese. I will pass on both.

  9. Be careful to stress that it's homemade.

  10. Eleventh.

    I'm glad to hear that Dan hasn't been swallowed up by a black hole or anything - he did promise us a post yesterday - but I resent his suggestion that I was being nice when I posted a comment here.

  11. Last night, I was flipping channels and trying not to die from this zombie virus, and I saw that Road House was on and had been for an hour and I was livid that no one had alerted me!!

    So I did some karate kicks and some tai chi, and that wore me out, so I watched Top Chef that I'd recorded earlier. Really saved me some time without all the commercial breaks Road House was experiencing.

  12. Who are you calling a wacky loon??

  13. Road House story of my life... except for the rich bastard living across the pond, the decoy car and Sam Elliott.

    Um, gives new meaning to "cut the cheese" *shudders*

  14. Hey Bee you forgot to mention that you said I was a dumbass for not getting the joke.

  15. Otter:
    Yeah I'd be all over that cheese. In France I mean.

    Dan is being a big poopy head.

    I remember loving Road House but it was a little disappointing this time around. I had nothing recorded :o(

    Grant Miller:
    If the clown shoe fits... ;op

    Yeah ewwww.

    Well that goes without saying, brother.

    but just in case... dumbass! bwahahahaha! >:op

  16. I think you could have played Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing too. You seem agile. Or in Ghost during the pottery scene.

  17. Fromunda....that is flippin awesome!!! And DAN, is he slow or sumpin?

  18. Did I tell you I LOVE seeing your feed?

    Queso fresco is the bestest queso (and a close tie to queso Oaxaca) I am a little worries about the whole social experimento.
    Oh well, off to read the next installment!

  19. I love me some fromunda cheese with just a dallop of smegma. Delish...just keep your nose plugged. Dan knows why!


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