Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Bee n' Andy: Married and sometimes, still in love..."- Revenge of the plumber.

comic strip drain 1

comic strip drain 2

comic strip drain 3

comic strip drain 4


  1. First! And I don't get it.....

  2. When mine starts clogging, I get some magic stuff that you pour down the plughole and leave overnight. When you get back there's no clogging. It probably melts the pipes, though...

  3. Lmao!!!!

    That was funny!

    Dan: when a joke had to be explained it's no longer funny. Read it acouple more times maybe you'll get it.

    I thought today was saturday until I went to your blog and saw the comic strip up :( where did Saturday go?

  4. Oops... It should read HAS not HAD

  5. Man, if I ran a newspaper, I'd buy your comics in a heartbeat. They're great. I love them.


  6. confucius say...
    man in shower playing with tool not necessarily plumber.

  7. MEN! I just don't get them. I hope you shoved that hanger somewhere painful for him

    Nooter... that comment was hilarious

  8. It's probably his hair (or Nooter's) that is clogging the drain.


  9. Boy can I relate! The video game must always take precedence.

  10. Yup. Been there, done that.

    I hear pouring boiling water and vinegar into the drain at night and letting it sit is supposed to work ,and doesn't eat your pipes.

  11. There is a popular stereotype that says people in the North of England keep coal in their bath. I keep gas in mine, so that shows what they know!

  12. did you miss me while I was on my break?

  13. LOL!!! Men...can't live with um...can't live without them!!! lol :)

  14. I love the fact that by drawing the comic strip Andy is in fact acknowledging that you do everything in the house. Perhaps only cold showers should be in his future. ;)

    btw, Nooter's comment--HILARIOUS!

  15. you can tell you work around the house quite often... just look at how broad your shoulders are...

    drain snakes suck... in fact, i just broke mine last week trying to clear out the bathroom sink.

  16. Maybe try pube shaving over the toilet? That way you could flush em all away instead of em getting stuck in the drain.

    Or someones teeth.

    Just sayin.

  17. Have you been working out? You look pretty buff!

    Two things I am always willing to spend money on ... plumbers and lawn mowing service.

  18. Hey! I commented on this one! Where did my comment go????

    What's wrong with your tub?
    And it serves him right for making you do the plumbing!
    Bravo Bee, Bravo!

  19. These stories just keep getting better nad better.

  20. What's with the froofy hat on Andy's head in that last panel???

    And agreed! THE GUILD! You should see it, Bee. You might start to understand Andy better heheheheheh


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