Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Fromunda Cheese Experiment

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So... as I said yesterday, I was going to bring in Queso Fresco and pass it off as the infamous Fromunda cheese. I was having second thoughts but you know what? Once I started, it was hilarious because only I knew how dirty their comments were. To me anyway.

My experiment began first thing in the morning. I announced at meeting that I had brought a new kind of cheese for them to taste. Since I didn't want to get in trouble by tricking Glynda, I ain't no fool, I said I wanted them to try it before I told them what kind of cheese it was. As we were walking to the kitchen, because we all walk there together while holding hands, I whispered to Scarecrow that I'm sure she was the only one that knew it was Fromunda cheese. She didn't disappoint because she answered "I recognized it immediately when I was getting my tea."

Of course you did Scarecrow.

Remember, this is the definition for Fromunda cheese as per Urban Dictionary:

fromunda :Slimy residue commonly found under a nut sac.

Me:You want some fromunda cheese?
Bob: Whats that?
Me: Cheese fromunda my nuts
Bob: Why yes, yes I do - from Urban Dictionary.

Here are my test results:

Scarecrow took a piece and then had to tell me that the Fromunda cheese she buys has a tarter flavor. She couldn't detect a scent on this one and the other one has a more pungent smell. She then declared to Toto and Purple Dino-Sour that this cheese must be of lesser quality since I bought it at my local food market and not in a store that specializes in imported cheeses.

I responded that yeah, I got this specific fromunda cheese from the deli guy at Shop and Save so he was the one to blame for it's lack of pungency and quality. Bastard must have showered.

Toto said she didn't like it. According to her, the consistency is too creamy and it leaves a weird film on her teeth.

Good to know.

Purple Dino-Sour did like it. She said it had a nice nutty flavor and she liked that it was a little salty.

Salty nuts = yum I guess?

Glynda came up to me later in the day and said she liked the white cheese I brought in and where could she buy it. I told her the truth because I need this job to pay for my cheese addiction.

Milton said it was light and had a mild taste to it. She said she could sit there and eat it all day and not feel too stuffed or guilty for gorging herself on cheese.

I then overheard Scarecrow telling CL that her son absolutely loves Fromunda cheese and she will sometimes buy a ¼ of a pound just for him since the High Quality Fromunda cheese is very expensive. CL was in on the joke since we told her about our prank ages ago so she just tried her hardest not to laugh. I butted in and asked where she got her cheese and she said she had a gourmet cheese shop in her area. Then, the kicker:


I don't mean to sound like a snob but there are some things where money is no object and Gourmet Fromunda cheese is one of them.

Well! That sure told me!

And so ends the fromunda cheese experiment. I hope you enjoyed the ride as much as I did.


  1. FIRST!!!!!!

    You've now got a big problem - how to top this "experiment"...

  2. That "Fromunda Cheese" is a run-of-the-mill term to you and your Hub?

    LOVE you that much more.

    While my Hub taught me that, I've taught him so many other colloquialisms - you know, like the Rusty Trombone, the Aaron Burr, bukkake, and the list goes on.

    You've inspired me on trying to incorporate one of these horrid terms into every-day talk amongst friends.

    You. Are. Evil.

    In a totally funny way!

  3. I'm stuck in this circle of laughing hysterically and being grossed out by what "Frumunda Cheese" means.

  4. Ooo,Ooo, I just had an idea for your next experiment!
    On this one episode of My Big Redneck Wedding (which if you haven't watched this show, you NEED to do it immediately!) and for the guys bechelor party, they were having a cookout and one toothless guy thought it would be funny to bread and fry up some deer testicles and serve them to the groom and his friends as "Breaded Meatballs". After everyone had eaten atleast two, the guy told them what they really were.
    It turns out that a bunch of rednecks don't like to be fed balls.

  5. Those cheese experts know nothing. You tell 'em!

  6. hahaha... that's awesome. Sometimes it takes so little to feel so.. superior. haha

  7. Too effin good. You know, there are some things I won't skimp on Macaroni and Cheese, can't buy the cheap stuff, no way....And Fromunda :)

  8. LOL -that experiment was HILARIOUS!
    The responses were priceless, nutty flavor and a little salty!
    I'm still chuckling.

  9. OMG, I think I just fell in love with you. What a hilarious experiment...the comments are classic!

    Salty and nutty...bwahahahahaha!

  10. I think you. are. wonderful. That is just the best way to have started my Friday!

  11. As a fan of office pranks this has to be one of the best ones I have ever heard of. There is nothing like making a co-worker talk out of their ass and finding the ultimate humor in it.

    We who work in cubicles salute you.

  12. That Scarecrow is something else.
    Imported Fromunda Cheese.

    COngrats Bee, you evil genius you!

  13. Scarecrow is supa classy! Ah, the finer things in life...I bet she doesn't go for those generic processed cheese slices, either.

  14. Brian:
    Now I'm hoping one of the bats doesn't google "fromunda" because my blog come sup 5th or something. I'm counting on the fact they won't know how to spell it.

    Ha ha! I hope you have as much fun as I did but you have to prepare yourself because at one point I thought I was going to lose it!

    Ewwww :o) I haven't seen that show now I really want to.

    I prefer not to be a Fromunda cheese expert. :o)

    I'm hoping you mean Scarecrow. ;o)

    Ummm if you ask nicely, you might get the Fromunda for free.

    As they were giving me their opinions and I was memorizing their answers I thought to myself "holy crap! this couldn't have been better!" :o)

    Stiletto Mom:
    I have to admit I snorted when she said that.

    Glad to start your day with a laugh! :o)

    Thanks! I raise my coffee cup to you!

    To tell you the truth, I'm dying for her to find out its true meaning so I can laugh in her face. She was sooo smug.

    I wouldn't be surprised if she claims to make her own butter.

    jean knee:
    Amen sister jean knee.

  15. How about if one can make gravy from their stomach wrinkles and sweat, does that go with this slimy cheese and its spores fromunda my nuts?

  16. What an ingenious prank! I don't know how you kept your cool at Scarecrow's comments! I would have been rolling on the ground laughing!

  17. that was so funny that I not only snorted, but then I read it aloud to the boyo who ALSO thought it was funny.

    Thank you for your experiments, they made my day!

  18. I would have gladly cut the cheese for this little experiment...

  19. Fromunda for socialismFebruary 14, 2009 at 7:14 PM

    equal pay for all cheeses, bodily excretions and dairy

  20. Gross! Is that what I was trying to open the other day?

  21. That is fantastic. I have no idea how you kept a straight face. Nicely done!

  22. You're my IDOL for pulling this off!! I LOVE IT! tooooo freakin' funny!

  23. BEE!!!! THAT WAS THE FUNNIEST SHIT I'VE READ EVER! I wish I could have been there Bee! I don't think you could have held your shit together if I would have been there cuz we'd be laughing our asses off!!

  24. are people really this stupid and bigoted? Holy crap.


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