Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Bee n' Andy: Married and sometimes, still in love..."- Andy's Creative Process.

comic creative process 

Andy said my thought bubble was all funky and I said "You know what? At least I don't fantasize about Salma Hayek the crazy breast feeding random babies with her humongo knockers ho-bag!" and so then he left me alone. We will be back next Sunday with a full comic strip since we have been a little busy this week trying to save the world (without having to breast feed them)(what? THAT WAS SO WEIRD OF HER TO DO!)(the baby's family doesn't have food, give them money or buy them a fuckin cow! She was all 'oh, the baby latched on because it was so hungry!' while she posed for the camera. Next thing you know she's going to say she's a Scientologist)(okay, I'm done).


  1. FIRST!!!!!!!

    I missed the story about Salma Hayek's breasts - I'll have to see if I can find anything on google...

  2. What? Not a full strip?

    I'm disappointed. Really. I look for your comic every Sunday now.

  3. Enjoy your breakfast, remember to take your on fork.

  4. It was a PR stunt? You mean, people don't normally start breast feeding random children?


  5. Maybe she went over there on a vacation she saw some locals doing it, and thought....

    "What the hell, when in Rome....."

  6. LMAO...I am still going WTF about that whole breast feeding thing!

  7. oh my gawwwwd what a freak

    missed that story

  8. There is probably something wrong with me, no surprise there, but I thought what she did was really kind. We're not mothers but are motherfuckers, so there's that.

  9. Oh man. I am so sad now :(
    I was so looking forward to Sunday's comic.

    Oh well, I hope Andy had time for The Guild. That's really the most important thing.

  10. Uh, breastfeeding other people's babies is gross.

    Sorry, it's yucky (I know La Leche people would kill me if the knew where I lived, but they don't so I am safe)
    Ew ew ew. Random boobs.

  11. While I personally would not do that, it was quite common before the invention of formula for women to be wet nurses for mothers who couldn't breastfeed. But still, part of me thinks she did it for a PR stunt.

  12. You know, I said the same thing to The Hubs about Salma and he said that it only proves that not only is she beautiful on the outside but on the inside too!

    Bee, is that really how you want Dan to draw you to look? I don't know, for some reason I just can't convince myself that Doodle Bee IS supposed to be The Bee...

  13. Thought bubbles...

    are the tarot cards to a man's train of thought...

    shit, what just happened here?

  14. HAHAHAHAH really!? really really?! his happened and it wasn't just a Weekly World News article?

    Wow... Have I been hiding under a rock for that long?

    Boy when I get sick... I get SICK! Next you're going to tell me that the world is ending and we've all been assigned to spaceships to go and continue the human race elsewhere.


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