Monday, July 13, 2009

Out of context


“I think I just parked over a chicken bone”

“ Bee: I can smell through my mouth.

Andy: YOU should donate your body to science! ”

“Two-ply don’t bother me. Two-ply don’t bother me”

“The sun is blinding me so right now I'm just driving by memory of the road.”

Nutter butter sounds like another name for Fromunda cheese

“I wonder how big her hole is”

“I seriously doubt all the letters make an appearance in alphabet soup”

“My head isn’t a toy, Andy!”

“That lady looks like an orange”

“My need for crushing heads is equal to your need for correcting me.”

“Well then I guess I’ll have to type while dripping mango juice!”

“Bah! One potato won’t kill me! It would take at least 10 to take me down!”

“Yes. Yes. She is tall and skinny but wearing only a tank top and stripper shoes benefits nobody, right Andy? Andy? ANDY!!

“When a wife beats up her husband because of *errant eyes* nobody wins. Except maybe the wife because she gets that nice afterglow.”

Okay, those last two were not so much out of context as they were telling a true tale of jealousy and mayhem.

be back tomorrow with a *real* post.


  1. Friggin' AWESOME post. Transcripts of my days often look this way, peppered with the occasional "FIRE IS THE CLEANSER!" yelled at Metro ticket buyers.

  2. I love stuff taken out of context. The mind goes all over the place.

    Thanks for the Fromunda cheese reference. That is some very special cheese!

  3. be back tomorrow with a *real* comment

    hee hee hee!

  4. Is that one of those oranges with tough skin, or is she just spherical?

    Or does she have a stalk protuding from the top of her head?

  5. I loved that post! You are hilarious! I will never look at nutter butters the same again.

  6. How big of a can of alphabet soup are we talkin' here?

  7. You have no idea what you just did! Now I'm going to wonder all day how these conversations came to be! You are one cruel woman!

    I also have to go get a can of alphabet soup now just to see if the letters are all there.

  8. You're right to doubt. Not all letters make an appearance. I checked.

  9. hey! that was funny! poor poor andy.

  10. that Nutter Butter thing is sooo true

  11. Hey great site!

    I was wondering if you wanted to exchange links with us. Let me know if this is possible.


  12. Nice. Sometimes driving by the memory of the road is the only way I make it home. Thankfully they put those bumpy things along the interstate to wake you up before you go off in the grass.

  13. Bee. Bee-Bee-Bee! You are so funny. But Sweetie, no wonder you're talking out of're spending too much time proof reading your alphabet soup. Srsly now. Stop that.

  14. "“When a wife beats up her husband because of *errant eyes* nobody wins. Except maybe the wife because she gets that nice afterglow.”



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