Thursday, July 16, 2009

Passive aggressiveness is the new assh*le.

I don’t know what it is about people lately but they are acting like insulted housewives! Oops. Was that not PC?

You know how some wives, I know not all of them so save the hate mail, will be mad at their husbands but they don’t tell them why so they resort to the “if you don’t know why I’m upset, I’m not telling you!”? I’ve never understood this behavior since I pretty much always tell Andy exactly why I’m pissed off. I let him know in great detail which of his actions have infuriated me. I even make a little graph so that there are absolutely no misunderstandings. I don’t walk around the house sulking and waiting for him to get a clue.

Anyway, this isn’t about Andy THIS TIME.

I’m getting my fill this week with people making it known they’re mad at me but not having the balls to tell me why. Did I not ask you if you needed to go to the bathroom enough times? Did I say good morning too sharply? Did I insult you when I asked you to double check something because you’ve been known to fuck up on more than one occasion? Was it the fact that I did not want to answer anymore questions on the bracelet you found that must have been sitting in the storage area since 1978 making it impossible to be mine because at that time I was 6 and my mom wouldn’t let me cross the street by myself much less come to a different state, sneak into a medical building and unlock a storage space with my pinkie nails. Yes I know the writing on the bracelet is in “”MEXICAN”” and I don't know if those dried flowers inside are indigenous to Mexico because honestly, I’m pretty sure there are more than one of us who roam the earth.

Let me tell you something, and by ‘you’ I don’t mean YOU, unless you’re pissing me off too, it’s not ME it’s YOU. Can you please shut the fuck up and/or kiss my ass? Thanks.

Phew! That felt great! I’m still trying to figure out the right combination of meds that will keep my head from exploding but this rant did wonders!

Oh and P.S.
Don’t feel bad for Andy because he has a crazy wife. I tell him everyday how lucky he is not to have a high maintenance wife. He is 98% free to do whatever he wants whenever he wants without having to ask my permission. Ever.

The other 2% he spends by taking me to a movie every once in a while.*

How's that for passive aggressive?


  1. This is my kind of passive aggressive, lady! Sadly, though, I don't get to see that many movies.

  2. Ranting is fun. It always makes me feel better, even if other people stare at me like I sprouted a second head.

  3. Amen! Good grief, if I was psychic I'd play the damn lottery and WIN for a change.

    Maybe they're just too afraid to tell you because they know once they say why out loud even they will have to acknowledge how stupid it is.

  4. Such wives should be careful what they wish for, because I bet they wouldn't really want a mind-reading husband who knew their every thought...

  5. Works for me although I tend to "pout" for awhile sometimes. ;-)

  6. It's good to get things off your chest Bee. Oh and by the way, does the bracelet found in storage belong to you? Don't make me have to pout at you.

  7. you speak "Mexican"?


    How do you say "f*uck off idiots? in "Mexican"?

  8. Actually I think Andy is very fortunate to not have someone that plays head games. We guys are not good at head games. Guys fight it out and go away friends. That's how relationships should be. Tell all of them that are making you mad just how you feel Bee!! Even in Mexican if you want, but I only speak Puerto Rican.

  9. I have found that I have to tell Peter everything, else he won't know why I am mad at him.

  10. think i will just sit in a corner and whimper softly to myself...

  11. There's more than one Mexican on the earth? Shit.

  12. I can teach you Puerto Rican if you want. I also speak Guatemalen, Honduran and Costarican...oh and Panamen.

  13. I've been meaning to tell you how angry I am with you. But if you don't know why, I'm not going to tell you, but I will tell everyone else and bitch about you behind your back.

    LOL @ the words on the bracelet being written in "Mexican."

  14. I once had a colleague tell me "Wow, you speak English so well".

    as if!

  15. Sorry, Bee, "Miramonte" is really Angel Darling. I was messin' around with the account info. oops!
    Don't mean to confuse ya' there! :0)

  16. It feels good to get it ALL out sometimes!!! :)

  17. Yeah, I've never understood why people wont just say what's on their mind.

    I mean, if they are going out of their way to let you know they are mad at you, the LEAST they can do is TELL YOU WHY!


    PS: BTW, I like your brand of 'crazy'


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