Sunday, July 19, 2009

General Wonderings + No Comic Sunday.

So, no comic today since Andy was busy doing Andy things. Something about picking up dog poop, mowing lawns and wishing on stars. Instead you guys are stuck with me and my well erm musings.

My mom left for Mexico on Thursday. As usual she left us to fend for ourselves. I guess it's no surprise to anyone that we suck at it. Andy wanted milk but we have no drinkable milk. He noticed that the one in our fridge was a expired but he didn't throw it out. I'm wondering why.

To those of you who doubt my Milton stories and think she may be a figment of my imagination, I have proof of her obsessive compulsiveness. That container on the floor next to the garbage can is a cake container she fished out of the dumpster. The dumpster that is outside of the building. In the parking lot!

cell 7.17.09 041

Milton, saving the Earth one bacteria infested container at a time.


Found this event in the newspaper:

cell 7.17.09 039

Anyone up for a Cornhole tournament?


I saw this truck when we were at the bank. I have no idea why there's a need for that pile of sand(?).  Is it holding the lid of that thingamajig down? Wouldn't it scatter in the wind once the dude went faster than 20 mph? It just looks like a giant took a dump.

cell 7.17.09 043 

Tazz on his way to the groomer. He was high, because he needs to be tranqd so he doesn't make snacks of people's limbs, so he kept shaking his head all psychotic-like. He still hasn't come out of his daze.

cell 7.18.09 004


My sister, Natalia and I went out for a girl's night out of sundaes and bookstores and this was what the sky looked like at 9pm. It looked awesome! And now you're jealous because my sky is cooler than your sky.

cell 7.18.09 008cell 7.18.09 009 

Andy just told me people tell him he looks like Ethan Hawke. I haven't decided how I feel about that.

On the one hand:


On the other hand:

... There was supposed to be a good looking picture of Ethan Hawke here but I couldn't find one...

And now I leave you with a picture of the perfect pizza:

cell 7.17.09 022


  1. If that pizza is an example of how well you're coping without your mum, I'd seriously recommend that you start going out to eat...

  2. A high-res sky picture like that would make a great computer background.

  3. heh heh heh "i am cornholio!"
    heh heh

  4. Not being famliar with the sport, I had to google cornhole. After visiting the official cornhole web site ('m past what and on to WHY?

  5. do people not know what cornholing is? maybe I don't know....what is it Bee?

    Ethan Hawke is pretty cute plus he writes good novels.

    I thought the sky pic was an ultra sound....yikes

  6. Pizza and Corn...two of my favorite foods...separately.

  7. What the fuck happened to that pizza?

  8. I think that truck is carrying around an ant or termite mound. Too weird.

    Why in the world did she get the cake container out of the dumpster?

    Does that pizza have any cheese on it?

  9. Okay. Why did Milton go dumpster diving? And you call that a pizza? It looks like a bread bowl full of ketchup.

  10. Ummm....that pizza does not look like pizza to me.

  11. I shudder to think of that cake container being re-used. I'm all for recycling, but even I have my limits.

  12. HAHAHAHhahahahhahahah

    I am HYSTERICAL laughing at

    Cornhole tournament"


    That is too funny!

  13. Brian:
    High res whatsit what? ;o)
    Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool.

    ha ha! "I need TP for my bumhole!"

    I also don't get that 'sweeping' *sport* they added to the Olympics.

    jean knee:
    Weeeeeeell, here in Chi-townland, Cornholing can have one of 2 meanings.

    A) Introduction to someone's cornhole


    2) Throwing corn in a hole?

    Mine too! But I prefer my corn before it's holed.

    It was made delicious.

    Milton is weird. Weird weird WEIRD.

    Deep dish all the way!

    You are missing out on something that came from heaven.

    jean knee:
    Corn in the hole.

    She once took a ziplock bag with a plastic dish thing I had brought and said she would recycle it somehow. That is now were she carries her socks.

    I think we should follow KB's link and see if they have video.

  14. I did not not it referred to throwing corn. hmmmm

  15. Holy smokes what a variety. Snd that looks like a giant's dump, cornholing, and that pizza... Maybe there isn't such a variey after all. :)

  16. Is that the pizza from the place that cooks it in a bowl? Because if it is that is some of the best damn pizza I have ever had.

    And I think the cornhole thing should be held at Wrigley, don't you?


  17. Did you ask what she needs that container for? Is this week her turn for snacks? Hmmmm? Keep an eye on her, she might start bringing snacks in that cake container....


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