Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Anyone can be replaced by a monkey. Except maybe Yoda.

I looked at my calendar today and realized it was the 20th of July. I mean, I knew it was July TWENTY but it really hit me this morning that more than half of July- half the year - has gone. I feel like checking under the bed to see if I misplaced some days under there. Maybe the dust bunnies are holding them hostage.

While I’m sad to see July making its way out of my life, I’m also excited because my Long Lost Friend and her two kids are coming to visit the city with the best pizza in the world! (Speaking of pizzas!!!! Okay, that picture I posted the other day caused a bit of controversy. No, not really but now I feel the need to explain. That was a traditional Chi-KAW-goh-style deep dish pizza for Pete's sake! It is all kinds of yummy. The top layer is sauce but once you cut into it, it’s all cheese baby! I was angry at you guys for mocking the perfection of that pizza but now I’m just sad because you have not had the mouth watering pleasure of tasting this yumm-o-licious creation.)

Back to my friend's visit.

They arrive late Friday night and I have 4 full days of planned fun. As a matter of fact, I have an itinerary which shows everything I’ve scheduled- sight seeing attractions, meals, snacks, bathroom breaks… the entire 4 days planned out! I’m sure my LLF will think this is odd behavior but I see it more as prepared spontaneity.

Anyway, I have done a lot to prepare for her trip: Mocha haircut CHECK- Tazz haircut CHECK- Andy haircut… (hmmm hopefully I’ll be able to say CHECK by Friday), swept under the fridge, removed dead fish from fish tank (now we have zero fish thank you very much!), dusted Andy’s dolls-I mean Action Figures, de-cluttered my computer cart so there are no visible clues on how my mind works or in legalese/law dog speak “incriminating evidence”.

She will be staying in my mom’s guest room since mine has an Andy, a computer, comic books, some dogs and the ghost of dead fishes (fishi?) but no bed. Besides there is a reason why I call it the dungeon.  ::shiver::

Unfortunately, I still have about a million and one things to do before her arrival. Some touch up painting, back porch relocation, kitchen cabinet reorganization etc. Andy said I’m going overboard since nobody looks in kitchen cabinets but then I told him I’d like to know where my stuff is in case I need to cook a soufflé or lets get real here, make a grilled cheese sandwich.

My house used to be more organized but then I discovered this thing called blogging and pretty much everything else went into the procrastination bin. Now I have to make a conscious effort to schedule time to clean. That means that I have to tell myself not to turn on my computer or check my phone.

outtolunchTo make a long story less interesting, I will be taking a mini vacation from blogland. Hey! I saw that ‘who cares’ shrug! After all the love affection blood/sweat/tears  casual acquaintanceship I’ve given you over the years, your blasé attitude cuts me deep!

To those of you who groaned wondering what you will be doing for the next few days, you don’t have to worry because I will be rewarding you by doing a "Bee’s Musings Marathon of reruns" Yay!!!

I have scheduled some posts to pop up when you least expect them, 2:57 a.m.? Maybe. I’m not saying these are my greatest hits because the majority of the reruns will be about other people. We all know this blog is not about me but those who are lucky enough to share the planet with someone as cool as me.

So carry on with your lives, have some coronas and I’ll be back before you know it. But not anytime soon. Maybe like Thursday of next week which would make it day of the lord uh late July something. Hold on... July 30th yeah that sounds about right.



Oh yeah. I also want to thank Walmart for only charging $4 for my blood pressure meds as opposed to the $35 that Walgreen's charges. Unfortunately it took TWO HOURS to get my prescription filled and they didn't even give me the other pill I needed because my doctor writes the same as a new born would if they gave it access to its poop and let it finger paint on a blanket.

I thought I did great in maintaining my shit while I waited and waited AND WAITED. Sadly, I did feel my blood pressure rising so I think it would have been funny if I would have keeled over in the pharmacy. Well, not funny "hahaha" more like funny "you fucking bastards made my head explode so now you have to clean up the mess that is my goopy brains!" kind of funny.

Also, it's like 2:00ish right now so I may be a little out of my mind with tiredness. I decided to just let myself tire out naturally instead of tossing and turning in the tiny space Andy allows me to sleep in.

YAWWWWN! Alrighty, I'm tired now so I'm turning my blog off--


  1. LOL! And I thought my dad was one sleeve short of a straight jacket. Translation: You're nuts, Girl!

    BTW, that pizza looked good. I prefer more sauce than cheese so I was hopeful that there would be very little cheese on it. Oh well. I guess I've have to come up there and try one.

    Have fun!

  2. Ahhhhh. I don't want to be reminded by anyone that July is almost over. This summer has gone by faster than usual.

  3. well this really blows

    I guess the "nine days of Bee marathon" I had planned on my blog are out

    the dream is gone

  4. SNAKS !!!

    im packin my bags...

  5. I wish it was September already, can't waitfor the Football season to start!

  6. I don't like sauce gooping up anything, not pizza, spaghetti or salad.

    Everyone is making comments all over the place about WHERE DID JULY GO?

  7. There is an award waiting for you over at my blog.

  8. The days have been getting shorter for about a month now, but it's not all doom and gloom. It'll be your birthday before you know it...

  9. Too funny...And I can't believe the year is half over as well. But Fall is my fave time of year so bring it. And I get the daily update from hub on how days left until football season starts.

  10. It's it weird how time flies even faster as you get older? Man, at my grandma's age it must be going by at lightning speed!

    See ya' soon! :-)

  11. I also suddenly realized the year is more than half over just the other day. This was supposed to be our "finish up paying off our debt" year, and it's turned into "how much shit can go wrong AND cost thousands of dollars" year instead.


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