Friday, July 3, 2009

So… my hallucinations.


Wednesday night I took the Mirapex for the first time. The instructions were to take one pill 45 minutes to an hour before bed. I took it at 10pm figuring that by the time I went to bed, the devil within would be tamed or at least high.

I started getting groggy at about 10:30 and could barely form a coherent thought much less say anything that didn’t come out all slurred. My head hit the pillow and BAM! I was in the arms of some random hot actor, I’m not really picky nowadays, within seconds.

Fast forward about 4 hours and I wake up to the smell of skunk. Not unusual in our area and since our windows are open, the smell is totally believable. Until Andy wakes up and I say “effin skunk!” and he’s all “what?”

There must be a skunk outside cuz it reeks!

Are you dreaming? It doesn’t smell like skunk!


Yes it does.


No, babe, it doesn't.

Holy Moses!! Am I hallucinating?

I’m serious you guys! I had to get up and walk around until I no longer could smell the ""skunk"". I went back to bed but then I started freaking myself out by wondering if I was hallucinating so I couldn't go back to sleep right away. When I finally did fall asleep, I dreamt I was hallucinating having imaginary arguments with Milton and my brother Dan and in my dream I was telling myself they were not really in front of me! Scary shit right there. I can’t have anything else messing with my mind since I’m already halfway to batville without hallucinogens.

Before you go out and get your own personal stash of Mirapex, I have to warn you that the hangover is a bitch. I woke up with dry mouth and a headache. I also went all of Thursday typing with my eyes closed because I was so drowsy and only opening them to proofread at the end.

When I got home from work Thursday, I swear everything I said to Andy went like this:

"Mofracka dinnnnt e" translation= "Mocha didn't eat"

"Pfsuhgakjkss jknsh akhuhngtyskk lskhuhshgshsh" translation= "Ouch"

I only took it that once and I'm gonna take one again tonight so it'll be interesting to see what the side effects will be this time, if any. We're going to my brother's house for a BBQ on Saturday so my brain needs to be on its A-game. Siblings sense weakness and attack.

Happy Fourth

of July!!!


  1. Um, Bee... I hate to break it you, but I'm on the same thing, and I've had NO problems.

    Maybe your hallucinations are from the PEYOTE and not the Mirapex? LOL

  2. Why can't it give you nice hallucinations?

    I don't think I'd have this problem, since I don't know what a skunk smells like...

    Have a happy Fourth of July.

  3. I hope your hallucinations are not like my crazy dreams I get now and then. Remember the one when I woke up to find someone leaning through my balcony turn to say "don't worry I just got her nose?". Which the of course made me freak and really get up to check on Natalia to make sure she was breathing! Still gives me chills! I think I'd rather smell the skunk!!!!

    Don't worry about the BBQ Bee, I'll lead the pack.... I mean I got your back!

  4. Oops! I guess I should proof read even you in your sleepy state know that...

    It's leaving not leaning.

  5. oh i had the exact same reaction once after eating a piece of jalapeño pepper.

  6. If your reaction is typical, that stuff must have a hefty street price.

  7. YIKES! That's scary, girl. I hate meds with weird side effects. Be careful out there. Maybe Andy switched your meds.....


  8. I don't even like taking Tylenol let alone prescription meds.... now I remember why, thanks for the reminder! ;-)

  9. Larissa:
    That pill is kicking my ass. I feel all fucked up right now and I took it at 11pm last night.

    I would love to be on a happy trip. The picture is awesome. ;o)

    That was some scary shit.

    mmmmm jalapeño!

    Unfortunately I seem to be the one person they warn about the side effects. I'm so lucky!

    HA! I wouldn't put it past him!

    I know. :o(

  10. I think you have that "Beautiful Mind" thing going. Are you sure you're even really married or that you have a job?

  11. i thought I left a comment before but now I'm not sure

  12. YIKES! Mirapex does not sound good! Chances are if I were to take it, I'd have hallucinations as well. As it is I already smell and hear things that aren't there, and that's without any medication or drug whatsoever! Nope, not gonna try Mirapex, no matter what the doc say's next time I see her!


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