Monday, January 12, 2009

Is it too early for a "behind the scenes" or "the making of…" ??

I wanted to share with you guys what Andy has to put up with when we're thinking about what we'll post on Sunday Comics "Bee n' Andy: Married and sometimes, still in love...".

Usually, he asks "What do you want me to draw?" I respond with something vague like "well you remember that one thing that happened that one day when you pissed me off??" Andy looks at me in confusion "Member? That we laughed about?" still no comprehension on his face "::sigh:: when the beans made fire and I yelled for help and you went to open the backdoor?" then he understands and his next question is "Okay, what do you want on each panel?" then I'll stand up and do charades while I'm talking.

"Okay, in the first one you should show me at the stove [I mimic me at the stove sautéing something] but in the background I'll make a bubble showing I hear you and Tazz arguing [I cup my hand to my ear while I'm still mimicking sautéing] then the second panel shows me saving you from Tazz [I mimic pulling at something which I guess could be Tazz] then the third panel shows the fire and you see me going like this [me making 'Oh Shit' face] and we see you walking into the kitchen and then the last panel shows you leaving with the dogs but I don't know how to imply you are running away to safety. You know?" then I did an interpretive dance to People are Strange from the awesome Doors, sat down and I was all sweaty and my beloved husband asks "can you sketch it out for me?" and then of course I think to myself "if I could sketch it out, I'd be doing the whole thing buddy!" but I do sketch it and this is what I come up with:


So he looks at me and laughs but doesn't say anything else until he is going to actually draw it.


"Bee, what is this squiggly line right here?"


"That's you babe"


"Can you show me what about this squiggle would indicate it's me?"

Gah! I have to do everything around here!

Anyway, as I told Tracy, I didn't want him to draw me as a fantasy Bee, you know, all tall and voluptuous.


censored for your protection.

I wanted him to keep it more real. Besides, if he would have drawn me like that, I'd constantly be asking him if he was fantasizing about Cartoon Bee and I'd be jealous of myself and wanting to kick my own ass. I don't need that type of stress.

I hear where Tracy is coming from though because who wants to see a frumpy housewife in a blog? You'd much rather see a sex kitten all naked with hair all scattered about her.


And if that is how you picture me, I am not one to argue since that's how I feel in my head. But I haven't looked like that in oh I don't know 5 years? If you are now thinking about the fact that that's within the timeframe of mine and Andy's marriage and are now making a connection on who is responsible for the downfall of my figure, you would be correct! The nachos have nothing to do with it! It's all Andy!

I know the hair will change in the cartoon and once I get my new contacts, I'll probably not be wearing my glasses much so that will be different too. The cartoon us will have changes in clothing since he usually draws us with whatever we're wearing at the moment. What I'm trying to say is we will probably evolve more as we continue with the Sunday Comics. Andy has refused the idea of a boobchin so stop asking (you men know who you are!)! I will however try to talk him into a sombrero but I really don't look good in hats. And now you have more information than you ever needed.

In other news, I am now on THE FACEBOOK. Well, I had an account from a long time ago but I didn't do anything with it because it seemed complicated... until today. Brother Sergio talked me into logging on and looking at his pictures.

So, if any of you who are on THE FACEBOOK too and want to be my friend, go here-> Bees Musings and do the voodoo that you do so well but don't ask me for how tos because I have no clue... yet. Facebook better watch its cookies once I know my way around it!

Anyway for my blog, here is the linkadink... I think? Bee's Musings @ Facebook.

This concludes another uninteresting insight into my psyche.



  1. "The beans made fire"

    This post was full of win, but that sentence alone won me a million times over.

    SO yeah, you had me at "beans".

  2. I'm off to add you to my friends list.

  3. dang Bee, Lean draws better than that. I can't draw either.

    I'm on facebook but I don't know how to do anything with it, I can't even log on unless someone writes on my wall and I follow the link

  4. This post proves that art is a process!

    I'm on The Facebook, but I'm on there as my secret, real-life, non-bloggy talking self. I'd gladly be your friend if you can promise to adhere to my strict set of rules (which aren't really strict, come to think of it....)


  5. Nice stick figure sketch! Ummm. I think? Those were stick figures right?

  6. The pain of the creative process! That's all well and good, but how many hours do you spend reclining on a sofa going, "Oh, the fates conspire against me etc" in truly creative fashion?

    We should be told.

  7. The cartoon panels look like something I'd draw and I earn my living as an artist of sorts.

  8. Are you sure that isn't a diagram of Australian Rules football?

  9. Bee, I know exactly why Andy couldn't interpret your drawings...

    You used pencil.

    In order to understand that drawing, crayons would have been much more appropriate..

    That way, he could have done the "dad" thing, then smile, nod, and say "ahh!"

    You just need to learn.. It'll come with time...

  10. the evolution of a good comic...

    it's like running by cave drawings, really, really fast.

  11. what we're all not sex kittens with messied up hair like the pussy cat dolls behind our moniters?
    I just joined FB I got a lot to learn BUT it doesnt make me wanna have seizure like twitter does....

  12. I thought beans made gas? I think that's why men like them.

    One of these Facebook may see mine; like I need something else to suck up my time!

  13. Facebook is wild ... I gave up on sending snowballs and saving the rainforest!

    Some really great art goin` on here :-)

    Your far right sidebar is set up for a new monitor, and is dropped to the bottom of your blog on my machine. Comments were just right to see you had an Ecard!!

    Woot woot

  14. Those cartoon panels will be worth millions someday. When that happens, please adopt me.

    Oh and Bee, that naughty bee was quite hot and makes me all bothered and sticky.

  15. Wow! Never did I think the whole cartoon thing was so intricate, so profound, so complicated! I just don't know how you two do it! Is this a full-time job for you both? Can't wait until next week's episode!

  16. You're already my friend on Facebook and I feel super duper special.

    Just so you know, my artistic skills are much worse than yours. Yes, that bad.

  17. pretty sure Petra is lying

    just saying

  18. Just call it Bee and Andy. You have a better chance of syndication and it's a takeoff on Amos 'n Andy only not so black.

    In screenlays you should be able to tell a story with pictures so if you have to explain the whole in love or not, you're not letting the audience guess where the marriage is on that partcularly day. (I wrote a cartoon book so I've had to hear all this shit from higher ups)

  19. Hey, I like those wonderful stick figures. Down with censorship, however (re the striped girl pic)!

    I noticed you were on FB when you tracked me down like a sniffing hound this morning. So much for anonymity with the humor blogging community (actually, feel free to mark the network as written by M.Daniels).

  20. NCS:
    Yeah, they give the credit to the cavemen but we know better!


    I saw you waving at me!

    jean knee:
    Did I tell you about my middle finger drawing? It's excellent!

    I respect your anonymity. ;o)

    Just sayin':
    They are the bestest stick figures ever drawn!!

    I don't so much recline as sit cross-legged wondering where my tea is.

    You an dme should start a new comic, the "guess what this stick figure is doing".

    Maybe! Am I winning?

    Well of course I used pencil! I'm not a professional ya' know!

    You made me fucking snort with laughter!

    hi Bee! Get to work!!

    Let me know when you find your way around to me.

    They do and so are very combustible.

    It is wild! I click, click and then can't find my way back.

    Keep it int your pants. sheesh!

    It would take less time if I stopped dancing.

    You were my first! ;o)

    jean knee:
    did I tell you about my middle finger drawing yet? wanna see it?

    Wow! Never thought about syndication! I think Andy just busted out in hives. ;o)

    Father Muskrat:
    You popped up as my friends in common for somebody. I can de-friend you if you want... :op

  21. Welcome to the facebook game. Perhaps I will add you later and then creep all of your photos. Date?

  22. I just had to point out your "Member?" comment.
    The boyo and I do this all the time.
    " 'Member? You 'member! That time..."

  23. Damn it! Remove those black bars. I want to see your stinger.


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