Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My computer did a flipdeedo and then we Dosey-doed. Also, join my new picture thing.

So… you know how I've been saying that my work computer is all virused up and I blame the terrorists? Well, I was taking a nice long drink of my coffee and listening to one of Milton's endless stories about her socks (AGAIN!) when my screen went black and then came back up… something was different but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.


It looked a little off center I guess but since I always have my head tilted to the right, it didn't really hit me that it had rotated!

I quickly grabbed my cell phone to take a picture of this bizarre phenomenon and then brought everybody in the office to marvel at the cool things my computer can do when nobody is even touching the keyboard. Ooh! Ahh!

Then, after the novelty and the hahas wore off, I was left extremely pissed off because I didn't know how to fix it! I clumsily restarted the damn thing and it came back on still looking ass-sideways. So I called the tech guy aka Tin-Man and he scratched his head and said "what a pickle you've gotten yourself into!" and I had to remind him that I do not get myself into pickles... they kind of just land on me with no warning.

After he hemmed and hawed he left saying he had no clue and had to go help out with a surgery. Chump! I'm more important than some guy whose leg is hanging on only by one nerve!

Nobody knew what to do until I used my picture viewing savy and tried "ctr alt up-arrow". I don't know what the technical term is but I'm calling it the "Alice in Wonderland Special".

Fuckin terrorist and their powers over my computer!

Also, Andy has a man cold (poor little bunny!) which translated means he has been at (--please picture William Shatner saying this) the. brink. of. death. every second of every day since Saturday.

He thinks that his little bitty sniffles excuse him from being quiet while I'm doing silly things like SLEEPING. He must let the world know how much it hurts him to cough because if he suffers we. must. suffer!

In other world news, we should welcome Dizzy Mom from The Dizzy Life of Me to the blogworld. She started her blog just this weekend. In her honor, I would like to host a "Bizarre/Weird WTF-was-I-thinking?  Picture day".

What is that? You may ask. Well, my nosey friend, we bloggers will sometimes come across something we think is the monkey's bananas that might make a great post so we take a picture. Then time passes and you either forget about it or decide it's lame so it remains sitting in the dark recesses of your computer never to see the light of day.

For example, I took this picture and thought I was going to do a WHOLE post about how we're all going to hell but then Christmas passed so now it's too late.


It has to be a picture you or your husband/wife/mom/dad/girlfriend/boyfriend/dog took since we don't want to just regurgitate the same old-same old pictures we all get via chain letter emails.

You know which ones I'm talking about, right?? The ones that have been circulating since 1892?

Anyway, email me if you'd like to participate with a link to your blogs so I may post your links here. The year you took the picture doesn't matter.

The letting me know deadline is Sunday and I'm thinking we can post our pictures on Tuesday January 27th. Remember, blogger gives you an option to POST DATE to whatever date your heart desires. This means you can do the picture post ahead of time and then just put it to post on the 27th.

Come on! Please? Don't leave me hangin'! (Brian) I think it'll be fun and hopefully generate some traffic to your blogs from people wanting to see what sick demented things you guys took a picture of but decided against posting.

Don't give me any excuses as to why you can't play because I will take your excuses, throw them on the floor and then stomp on them with my size sevens! Okay, I won't stomp 'em. I'll just be sitting in a corner feeling sad and singing Air Supply.



  1. Only one comment???!!! What is this world coming to?? Well I guess that makes it two.

  2. A man cold is much more serious than a woman cold. Because men are stronger and more powerful, it takes a super germ to take down a man.
    The cold he has would possibly kill a fragile being like a woman, so be careful.

  3. Well, all I know is a man cold's nothing to sneeze at.

  4. I'm firster than you, no matter what.

  5. That computer is clearly in league with the terrorists. They're trying to send America sideways!

    (falls to floor laughing. Tumbleweed goes past)

  6. apparently i'm late...


    and um... HAHAHAHAHA...
    yeah, WinXP pro and the display settings are awesome.

    I love IT.

  7. Damn... that's a lot of photos I have to look through... and post date...

  8. Ugh, the man cold. I hate them!
    Of course, since we had all of those kids here for the "First Ever Sleepover Extravaganza" this past Saturday, we have a cold running through the house now. Frippin infectious spores that other people call their children!
    So, it started with the girls and then hit me and the weemonkey. I've been walking around, stuffed up, sounding like I'm talking in a can (to myself), sneezing, the whole nine yards. But did anyone ask if I was ok?
    Now, the hubs is getting a stuffy nose, and I swear to all that's holy, you would think his nose were about to fall off! Wimper Wimper, can you fix me a Sprite with three ice cubes, waa waa waa.
    Little does he know, he got his Sprite with FOUR icecubes because I am a rebel like that (and also, as you know, do not like odd numbers).

    Oh and I'm in on the picture thingy. I know just the one I'm going to put up. And I'm not at all bitter that you're doing it on a Tuesday, which also happens to be Dear Tracy post day. Nope, I'm fine with it.

  9. I don't have any photos

    for reals

  10. That screen looks far more serious than the dreaded Vertical Blinds of Doom my laptop pulled on me a couple months ago! Also, the blood red screen is terrifying!

    Tool Man had a man cold for a month. I'm warning you, it can and does often get worse. He slept on the couch for two months (part of that was an extra month where I was all, "Oh, um, maybe you still have germs. You might want to stay on the couch." I likes me space!)

  11. Heh..

    Man Cold.

    I can't stand being sick.

    I'll cope, and do work.

    But hell if I'll get off my lazy butt to do anything else once I've been at work for 10 hours with a cold!

    And I couldn't care about Crotchety and how much older he is than me. I'm still better than he is, because Greenland isn't looking for me because I'm on their Top 10 Most Wanted list!

    So I'M first no matter what!

  12. Air Supply? Honey that ain't sad, that's suicidal. I currently have three cameras in my purse, I bet I could find a picture I took and never posted.

    No really, three.

  13. Oh, I meant to help you fix your computer.

    I work in an IT department and there are one of two solutions that will take care of your problem:

    1. steel-toed boots
    2. buckshot

  14. Love the photo idea! I may just have to participate.

    As for your computer, I'd be sobbing. Sorry, that's how I solve all my problems.

  15. Jean Knee stole my comment.

    Anyway, what she said.

  16. Dan:
    Uh okay. Great insight there.

    The night was young but thanks for being #2! :o)

    Mhm. Is that way he asked for his blankie? (:op

    Uh huh you men go ahead and stick together.

    DOM, Humorsmith, Dani:
    Ha ha you guys will always be first RIGHT HERE.

    Ha ha! Well, they didn't count on me and my astuteness! "ctr alt up-arrow" will defeat them!

    Did you mean I love "it" or I love I-T?

    You can do it! I have a lot too.

    Coolio! Sorry about the Tuesday thing but I try not to post on Mondays.

    jean knee:
    I believe you cuz you always seem to have colored goop on your face. You don't have any extras of your swimsuit edition?? ;o)

    I love the blood red screen. Keeps me on my toes and everybody else's ;o)

    Man colds are hell for those around them. ::shakes head sadly::

    Greenland? I think youse got the wrong blog.

    Queen Goob:
    I like the way you handle the computer situation! And coolio on the pic thing.

    I was ready to go home cuz no way am I using anybody else's computer.

    And coolio on the pic thing.

    Yeah, I know that would be your answer. Take more pictures, man!

  17. what's wrong with air supply? i like air supply. i think they got a bad rap, man.

    i kid.

    yeah! i'm in!!!

  18. How about just tipping your monitor sideways and super gluing a new stand on it? Yea, pretty weird! ;)

  19. I like it! Will send in a sideways picha fer U.

    I like to sing AND stomp at the same time :-)

  20. I would have just turned the monitor on it's side...problem solved!

  21. I have a man cold as well. Nope, actually it's an Irish cold. Damn you jameson, damn you.

  22. Thanks for the link :)
    Man cold's are the worst. They whine all day with kleenex shoved up their nose hogging the remote. And what do we get in return? Their stupid cold! Bastards!

    I'll have to search for a photo. Not sure what I'll come up with. I might just have to 'borrow' someone's camera card.

  23. okay, I'll do it. I saw a sign at the minitstop this am that I will take a picture of

  24. I would absolutely do this except I don't think I have any pictures I have taken and planned on posting. Does that make me really lame? Probably...among other things, of course.

    And, by the way, I'm a size 7 too! I think we were meant to be best friends.

  25. Girl your 'puter is soooo possessed!

    And definitely count me in on the picture thingy! :) Thanks!

  26. I'm back ! and I'm ringing a bell!
    I didn't have a chance to come back until now, I'm in for picture day.

  27. Sounds fun...I'll see if I have something suitable. Actually, the pics my toddler took sat around a month or so, but I posted them earlier this week. There's gotta be more, however.

  28. CRAP. This is why I hate beign late >:(
    The deadline is tomorrow. Hmm, I don't know I have somehting worthy of Bee's Musing super awesome picture thing.

    Man Colds are very very serious.
    Poor Andy, may the rainbows have mercy in his time of need.


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