Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Bizarre/Weird WTF-was-I-thinking? Picture day"

My sister and I were shopping one evening and she needed to make a quick stop at Walgreen's. Since it was 10,000° below zero (Neptune is getting a tad jealous that we're taking its "Planet Instant Nippie Freeze" title)), I decided to stay in the car and wait. Her comment before going in was "I'm sure you'll be okay because the car parked

next to us seems to be owned by a Christian." her theory was based on the Jesus fish and the bumper sticker reading "I found Jesus, have you?"

My response was "I'm sure I'll be safe IN SPITE of it!"

I kid, I kid.

So she went inside and then I noticed this spectacular sticker on the driver's side door:

carweirdpic carweirdpic2 carweirdpic3

Now, we can all agree that I'm 100% badass, right? What would you say if I told you a cold shiver went up (and down) my spine?

jesus is cool but...

I was all "Nancy, get the hell back over here because I DO NOT want to see what kind of demento is driving that car!"

She came back and then said "Stop exaggerating! It can't be that—OH SHIT!!"

And then she blew 3 red lights just to get far away as fast as possible. (Just kidding coppers. No traffic laws were broken in the real life events that transpired.)

Anyway, that was mine.

Some peeps sent me their pictures so here they are:

Here's Speedcat Hollydale's Golf Boots:

speedy Golf Boots
I laughed until my cheeks hurt!

Then we have NCS' @ Mas Cowbell submission with her Mexican Loteria. We were trying to figure out what kind of message this image was trying to convey because if you look at it, the colors are similar to the virgin of Guadalupe which is kind of disturbing… or is just me that's disturbing?

ncspic vg

Ummmm here is one from Unfortunate Names but I have censored a portion of this because well, you do not need to see where his finger is!

unfortunate names

The rest of the people playing are (some of these might be up later in the day since I do believe peoples have lives):

Suzy @ Hollywood: Where Hot Comes to Die

jean knee @ put some polka dots on it

Magpie @ Mine by Magpie

Tricia @ Papercages

Queen Goob @ This is my life... so be it

Nooter @ Nooter the dog

(Brother) Dan @ Dan, the People's Blogger If he doesn't have one up, please mock him. He deserves it!

Tracy @ Rambling thoughts of the never ending mind

Dizzy Mom @ The Dizzy Life of Me

Chat Blanc @ Wit's Bitch

Unfinished Rambler @ Unfinished Rambler

Jaffer @ Mania Ravings shows us the Marlboro Man

Practically Joe @ Practically Wisdom (go with caution)

And if I missed your name, please please let me know because I'm trying to put this together while Andy, the dogs and the fish are having a sparring match! I think Andy is losing. ;o)


  1. Ummm...okaaayy...I am a Christian and I would NEVER put a picture like that on my car! Too creepy!

  2. You were smart to get away from the driver of that car. You were in danger of being evangelized.

  3. omg- scaaaaaaa-reeeee. i'm not sure i did mine right- hahahah! did i put a whole new twist on what we were doin'? hahahha!

    i vote for a tattoo tour next!

  4. yeah, some people take "worship" a little too far.
    Like that stalker dude that loves you from the chicken shack, yeah... i bet THAT GUY is a type-2-diabetic from the sugars of satan.

  5. yowza! you found some weirdness fo sho!! my post is up, although I don't think it's up to my usual weirdo potential. I'll have to keep working on that. :)

  6. I put some up but I didn't really understand what you were going for.

  7. It is funny and sometimes a little scary to see the whacked-out cars with religious decor and I love it when a car with the "What would Jesus do" bumper sticker runs red lights and flips people off. Um.......probably not that folks!

  8. I'll put one up here later today. I didn't even know you were doing this. No fair. ;) Oh, well, I guess I can get in on the fun now.

  9. It's probably disturbing that I see something entirely different when I look at the picture of the virgin of Guadalupe...

  10. I am ELEVENTH!!!!

    Oh and I did my post for you Bee!

  11. I'm naming this the:

  12. I can't see the picture! Uh-oh--does that mean something?

    I finally got my post up. It's lame, just as I promised.

    I'm going to check out the others.

    Thanks Bee.

  13. This is what I get for going to El Paso, I totally missed out on something here.

    My bumper sticker says, "don't laugh, it's paid for."

  14. Okay, I completely missed your announcement of it. My bad. That's what I get for following 150 blogs and not keeping up with y'all.

    Here is my contribution in all its manboobage glory.

  15. I don't know what to think about some folk's taste in bumper stickers.

    My favorite one right now is the car I've seen around town with a TON of religious stickers on it, and then Pantera, Korn, NIN, Jackmove, and DIO band stickers all over those.

    Oh, and the "Horn broken, look for finger" sign in the back window too.

    Instead of a walking controversy, it's a drivable one!

    I'll see if I can dig up a finny pic or two. I don't have many here on the 'ol WORK (wink wink) computer..

  16. They're all great. Except possibly for the last one. Your photo of the car would have been all the better if it had had a huge dent in it. Pride comes before a crash, and all that.

    I'm glad I didn't attempt to compete, I wouldn't have even qualified.

  17. was that you parked next to me in the walgreens parking lot???
    i kid i kid
    thats one creepy magnet/pic/banner!

  18. Christians like that are a notch down from the muslims that say "anyone who believes muslims are a violent religion needs to be put to death!".

    A notch down from that is an accident waiting to happen.


  19. Your pics bring "WTF" to a whole new level. Just remember Bee, we'll be safe from "them" one day. And we can still make fun of them as we burn in hell. Oh no, you don't think "they" will be down there too? I can't handle eternity with them. I'd go insane for sure.

  20. Ok I didn't know you were hosting this before. But I made this some time ago.

    Remember the Marlboro Man ?

  21. How dare you accuse me of having a life?

  22. When my brother and I were younger, we'd lick our palms and then slap each other in the forehead as hard as possible and scream, "Baptized!"

    Maybe my brother was driving that car.

  23. Schmendel:
    BWAHAHAHAHAHA! That was freakin hilarious!

    We used to do that too!

  24. Those are the colors of the Mexican flag to. I forgot that picture thing was today!

  25. I see Dan finally got around to letting us know he's old and forgetful. But I did as you asked and ragged him about not posting - hope that helped!

    FYI - those crime scene photos are fun with siblings, too.

  26. Okay, that's a creepy picture. No question.

  27. Some people take up two spaces to keep cars from parking too close to them ... seems like this person had their own way.

    I posted a pic for you ... http://practicallywisdom.blogspot.com/2008/10/bees-musings-photo-post.html

  28. Gosh ... that golf fella has some really nice BOOTS.

    Where do you get them???

  29. I like the golf picture with the boots.

  30. Oh, and that virgin of Guadalupe-picture looks like a flaming vagina. Somewhat like that flaming eye in Lord of the Rings.


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