Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Bee n' Andy: Married and sometimes, still in love..."- Avalanche






I am including my "storyboard" so you can see what Andy has to deal with. He asked me if I wanted the comic strip to be based in the future this week and when I innocently asked him why: "I thought that's what the spaceships were for!"


I frankly don't know what he's talking about.


I've gotten emails and comments regarding the picture thing which is cool! Sorry I haven't responded but my mom has been a handful. I thought I had my pantry pretty stocked but then she asked for beans and I haven't bought any since the kitchen fire disaster so... yeah.


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  1. Another reason why we should all move the he'll away from here.

  2. I've been trying to think about the significance of the letters on the number plate. But I couldn't come up with anything, other than "Run Level Zero", which is apparently an electgro-industrial pop band. (run level 0 is a computing term).

    Also "Right Lower Zone", that's an area of the chest. Where your head comes to when you stand next to Andy, maybe?

  3. LMAO!!!!

    That happens to us too! Every time Big Tex "cleans" my car...

    Let's move to Texas! Think about it, no snow or pot holes... Actually our pot holes in IL are more like moon craters!

  4. That's something that really pisses me off... People who don't clean off the tops of their cars...

  5. I let the auto car wash do all the work

    I'm with Brian.. I can't figure out the plate either

  6. I don't think Andy did your vision full justice.

    Hope your mom's well!

  7. oh the plate is bee rules ha ha ha i have an iq of like, 4, and im smarter than you ! ha ha ha

  8. I've never cleaned snow off a car.

    that I can remember anyway.

  9.'re supposed to clean the snow off the top? Uh oh. We've only had to deal with this when we've gone skiing. To the folks behind us silly flatlanders, uh....sorry. ;-)

    BTW, Texas has some hellacious pot holes and we get ice. Not fun.

  10. I'm really lovin' the comics.
    I tried drawing comics once ... they looked a lot like your storyboards only not as good.

  11. that looks like something from one of my family trips to the store.

  12. I'm with Dan. I think we should turn Arizona into a blogger commune.

  13. The comics are a nice touch.

    I try and brush the snow of the roof, but the wife is the one in a hurry and tells me to ignore it.

    I can only hope our van's roof can maintain the heavy show.

  14. When is Andy gonna realize you are always right? He must be in denial...who's idea was it for the licence plate anyways? As far as the snow part...wouldn't know a thing about it :(

  15. The comic are fantastic!! I am so glad I have a garage .....

    So did you get my picture attachment???

  16. Your car drawings do look a little like the cars of the future as driven by one George Jetson; however, even though that program was set in the mysterious future, I do not consider their mode of transportation to have been space ships or flying saucers, but definitely cars, aka - "flying cars," which, so I've been told, we all will be driving (not flying) one day.

    I don't really know where I'm going with this comment, because suddenly I'm sounding like my sci-fi husband. In the end, let me just say this was a truly funny comic!

  17. *shakes head* they never listen do they???

    I could TOTALLY see this happening to myself and the boyo. If I had quarter for every time he didn't listen to me only to have what I said would happen happen... Well, I'd be one rich little...OOOOO!!! Shiny!

  18. This one is my favoritest one yet.

    Good one Andy!

  19. Did you ever see Ace Ventura, Pet Detective? He had to drive that like b/c of a severely cracked windshield. But he wasn't living in a cold climate full of snow!

  20. I don't care what Andy says, I like your spaceships!

    I wonder if I've ever snowed somebody behind me?
    I mean, I drive an ass-kicking mini van. I don't have time to clean off the roof!
    I'm too stoked to drive my van while talking on the cellphone, putting on my make-up, and passing out snacks and juice boxes to the monkeys.
    Yeah! Life rocks for super moms.

  21. I loved that!!! It was perfect, I think most can relate! Hope all is well with u, I have missed u guys!!!

  22. awesome- i need to start a comic strip- EXCELLENT!!!!

  23. When will that man just listen to you? I can't reach the rof of my big gas guzzling truck, so it is a good thing I live in NJ where it doesn't really snow and when it does the state pretty much shuts down?

  24. He is SOOOOO awesome!!! Need more talking on the phone while on the potty stories and we need more guild stories - I think a lot of us can relate. LOL

    YEAH ANDY!!!

  25. spaceships? bah! as if it snows in space? come on Andy, seriously! ;)

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  27. What a great post. Did you guys stick your tongues out when you had your head out?

  28. ooh, what comment got deleted? inquiring minds want to ME!


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