Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I need Beyonce to SHUT THE F*CK UP!

Okay, I know everybody has different tastes in music and who am I to criticize since I still listen to PolyMarch. The difference is that I do so in the privacy of my own home, when nobody else is around... and the blinds are drawn. (and if you clicked and listened to it, you're probably thinking I'm less cool than I was yesterday)(but I'm still cooler than you) (well, maybe not)

Anyway, I can explain away Country music but Beyonce is working my last nerve! I'm twitching and shaking from sheer over-Beyonce-ness. She is on my radio station every hour on the hour, she is on my TV with her cheesy cable commercial and now she is in movie previews.

Look, I know she made it big with that Oh-Oh Oh-Oh booty dance thing but does every. single. song. after that have to be the same? Last year it was that song that declared the guy's belongings were "to the left- to the left- to the left" now it's "if you like it better put a ring on it- if you like it better put a ring on it- if you like it better put a ring on it". I'm sorry but that video is horrible! I thought it was a spoof.

Beyonce, do you know how many words are in the English language? There's about uh... 15,000 x 45,124,478 carry the carrot... well a lot. Granted, I don't know many of those words myself but I'm poor so I can't hire somebody to write stuff for me.

If you have nothing to say, stop repeating yourself because it makes you sound like you either have dementia or a speech impediment- you either have dementia or a speech impediment- you either have dementia or a speech impediment.

See how annoying that is?

Beyonce fans, I don't apologize because it needed to be said.

In other news,I see brother Dan finally put up his picture for "Bizarre/Weird WTF-was-I-thinking? Picture day". I wonder if we were better off, as a society, before he did.

Go check out the rest of the pictures if you haven't already.


Brian, Beyonce is a singer. You may click here for more info. I wouldn't though.


  1. Heh. My wife and I were just talking about that video..

    I honestly think the spoof on YouTube is HILARIOUS, even though I can't stand the song..

    That chubby fella in the unitard trying the moves?

    Words fail to explain it.

    Oh, and you might catch a couple glimpses of junk dangling as well!

    Have fun looking it all up Bee.. I know you will!!

  2. I hate that song ,almost as much as I hate Beyonce.

  3. Maybe you should listen to a different radio station...

  4. I am sick of her too. And what's worse, The Hubs is always going around singing "If you like better put a ring on it".
    That's just not right.

  5. She's really kind of ridiculous. And then I saw this picture of her and Jay Z at some movie and I swear, I thought he was Steve Erkle from that show.
    He's wearing these awful glasses and a scarf.
    I know that the "in thing" is to dress like a "Gentleman" now but I didn't know that it was also cool to dress like a nerd.
    If I were his wife, I would have told him to put those nerd duds "to the left, to the left."

  6. She is damn annoying, no question there! & yes, today - freeeaakkkkyyy!

    BTW, I employ a team of several hundred to write my stuff for me. Mind you, over 250 are there for my personal needs - sandwiches and the like.

  7. Long time reader, first time poster...had to comment because I HATE THAT SONG AND THE VIDEO TOO!!

    And it doesn't matter what station you listen to, it's always on...urgghhh

    The video - AWFUL! I mean, why did Destiny's Child break up if she always has to be flanked by two other girls?

    I agree with you 110% she needs to pay someone to write her better songs.

  8. lol!!! I SOOO agree with EVERYTHING you said!! I used to like her, but now, like you said it is the same shit over & over! And that cable commercial is very annoying!!!

  9. Stopped listening to lyrics in pop music years ago. I just need more variety that grunts, curses, and the handful of common words that comprise most songs these days. Thanks for the Beyonce warning.

  10. And such a natural pose she's in, too. Hey, I look hot like that when I waller on the ground in a gold lamé dress with my legs all whoop-dee-do to the side. I may not be able to get back UP but I look good like that.


  11. Beyonce does not rock. I can't stop staring at that guy smashing his head on the computer desk.

  12. bummer

    I guess I shouldn't invite you to my "Beyonce Is Beautiful" party

    I guess I shouldn't invite you to my "Beyonce Is Beautiful" party

    I guess I shouldn't invite you to my "Beyonce Is Beautiful" party

  13. LMAO!!!
    Turns my team beyonce tee inside out

  14. oh I was SOOOOO done with Beyonce years ago! And you're right... she does the SAME thing... and she's going a little Mariah on us with her... ummm... what are they called??? Well whenever she does back up for someone and she's going up and down the scale, like ya do, she does the same thing! EACH time!

    I suggest she take Ms. Stefani (who should NEVER be allowed to name a child!) and go sit in time-out until they a) figure something new out to do or b)wait so long that it's new again.

  15. what about that "if i was a boy" thing she did that makes me want to ram a penny nail into my eye.

  16. omg- i'm so with you. ti-red of her and sparkle arse.

    i love that you had to explain to brian who this was. lucky bastard.

  17. I should probably stand up for her, being from Houston and all, but I've heard that song at least one time too many.

    The SNL spoof that features Justin Timberlake (my secret crush) in that ridiculous outfit totally rocks though!

  18. Jormengrund:
    I'll have to check out the spoof.

    We must sign a petition.

    No. I love my station. I'm hoping they wills soon get enough hate mail where they'll stop playing her dumb songs.

    Ummmm tell your hubs he needs to turn in his *man card*.

    BWAHAHAHAAA on the Jay Z comment!

    I had mine to post at 9:30 this morning and then I saw your post on my Scarlett and was thinking "damn! either great minds think alike or we're both screwy in the head!"
    You pick.

    Well HI KERIN! ;o)
    Yup, that song is all kinds of bad.

    HI COURTNEY!! Nancy told me you'd found each other. Look forward to your visit to the big city! :o)

    Avoid her like if you owed her money.

    You meant LAME dress I think. ;o)

    Contest Chris:
    Nope. She does not.Also, don't look at Jormengrund for too long, you might turn into a pillar of salt. :op

    jean knee:

    That's okay as long as you don't start singing. ;o)

    I've never been a fan but now that she's everywhere it's like a cheese grater to my ears. And she also sucks at acting so go figure.

    I know the song you speak of. Trying to do opera but it sounds more like alleycat.

    So you'll sign the petition? ;o)

    HA aha hahahahaha!!! Yeah, Brian is pretty lucky!

    I must go watch that spoof! Justin is awesome in them and one of my all time faves is where he did "Dick in a box"

  19. sorry I had a typo on my comment before, it should say:

    guess I shouldn't invite you to my "Bouncy Is Beautiful" party

    I guess I shouldn't invite you to my "Bouncy Is Beautiful" party

    I guess I shouldn't invite you to my "Bouncy Is Beautiful" party

  20. I think she's hot. I mean, I liked that Sports Illustrated swimsuit she did a few years ago. You shouldn't be bringing out the haterade on her, you know? ;) That's bunk to do so.

  21. Dude, you didn't listen to it enough cause you got the words wrong!!!

  22. I didn't know she sang. I thought thought she looked sexy and peddled products.

  23. She may be annoying, but she is freakin' hot.

    But then again, all women are annoying. All women repeat themselves with the same inane stories over and over and over again...

    Not you, Bee. You're fine. I mean other (most) women.

  24. I was on the fence about Beyonce most of last year. I even looked past her "acting" in the Austin Powers movie. Than that damn satellite TV ad started showing up all the damn time, and I washed my hands of that woman. I can not tolerate Beyonce. I so much as she her picture, I make a face. Needless to say, I made a face reading this post!

  25. I want to stab myself in the eye every time that Direct TV commercial comes on... seriously now, how many people have actually been attracted to the service by that?!?

  26. Bee - howzabout great minds both screwy in the head?

    Works for me.

  27. And I thought it was totally ridiculous when she came out and said she has her "Sasha Fierce" stage persona. It's just stupid.

    And yeah, she is overrated.

  28. I hate that song because whenever it comes on my wife loves to taunt me with it and its just foolish because I have to remind her that she is not a single lady and i did like it and i did put a ring on it. How do we purge that song?

  29. Collie loves Beyonce...Rusty, well, not so much. She wanted to film me dancing to the ring thing son on youtube, but I refuse. Although, its hysterical that I have no rhythmn and cannot dance...I think she is hot as f*ck, and I would love to look like her, but that's where it ends. There are soooooo many words in the English language :)

  30. lol you hate beyonce because she get more money then u can EVER dream of.. and she is getting so much play because ppl love her. stop being a haten ass bitch.. and enjoy the girl TALENT.


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