Friday, January 23, 2009

It started as a happy post but somewhere down the line it turned somber.

My mom arrives today after a long long long long absence.

When I talked to her yesterday, she gave me a list of DEMANDS things she wanted prepared for her when she got home. She said she would be tired so cooking was out of the question and I was all "but maaaaaaaa!!" what could I do? She just had surgery and her traveling started at 5:30 am with transfers and layovers all over the world. I can't believe that in this day and age we can't have a plane fly directly from Chicago to the airport near my grandparents' house!

Anyway, her flight arrives at 6:40 pm and she said she wanted a Portillo's cheeseburger for dinner, the temperature in the upstairs to be at 68°, she didn't want any visitors until Saturday and could I please put a Vanilla Coke in the freezer about 10 minutes before she got home?

Sure sure. All these things and more I would do for her. Andy and I even stayed up late last night to clean my house so we wouldn't get yelled at for the mess we lived in since she left in early November.

It's funny because Andy and I were giddy with delight and practically dancing while we did our chores as if we were auditioning for the next animated Disney movie entitled "Cinderella escaped but cleaning is FUN!". (well, I was grouchy and yelly because I hate cleaning but under the bitchy exterior I was giddy). The goat meat she brings every time she comes home will have to wait until tomorrow but tonight, tonight I shall have nice dreams since my world will be back to normal!

By the way, I now this post is cheesfest galore but I just can never stop talking about how much my mother means to me. She sometimes wants to go back to work but I couldn't even imagine some asshole being mean to my mother. Even if it was her boss.

I remember when she still worked in a factory and they treated her no better than a piece of shit stuck on a shoe. I'm glad we can provide for her and not have her out in the work world where people think less of her. She's had enough of that in her lifetime.

No need to comment, this was just for me.



  1. Yay!!!

    My mommy is home!!!

    Oh yeah and I'm first!

  2. I love how you love your mom. Hope she got there safely and is resting up nicely now after her cheeseburger and Vanilla Coke!

  3. Glad mom's back. Glad you have such a great relationship with her. I only hope I can have the same when my devil spawn grows up.

  4. welcome back mama!

    so happy for you that she's home. enjoy!! :)

  5. Your mom looks beeeautiful! Were their birds and small rodents helping you clean? I keep leaving fabric lying around the house in the hopes that mice will sew me a magnificent dress. So far, all I've done is tripped over all the silk fabric.

  6. she's home!!!!! My mouth is water...

    never mind

  7. I'm going to comment anyway: nice post, Bee, about your mother. It almost brought a tear to my eye, which I usually don't find on your blog. ;) Thanks a lot.

  8. I'm glad your mom is coming back! I can't tell you how much sleep I lost worrying about you burning the house down!

    And I'm 11th!!!

  9. And is that "Little Bee" in that picture? She's so cute!

  10. I've had my mom close by almost all my life. Sometimes the closeness can be a bit much but I can't imagine her being fall away.

    Nice post!

  11. MMMM Portillos Cheeseburgers are so good. I always hit that place up for Italian Beef and their fries too whenever I fly back to Chicago and sometimes directly from the airport. Wish they had one in NY.
    Good post!

  12. hey baby, come over later for some smooth seventies tunes. And absolutely bring your mom ;)

  13. Lemonade against perversionJanuary 24, 2009 at 10:02 PM

  14. One thing I know for sure is that Bee loves her mami.
    Good for you.
    I juts love it when you mom comes and you are all excited about it. Queso or no queso, I think that's awesome.

  15. Although I'd like to be one of the first to visit on Saturday ... I can't make it 'til Monday.
    I hope there's leftover goat.

  16. That was really CUTE! Really, really cute!

  17. MAMI - MAMI - MAMI!!!!

    Isn't it awesome to not only love your mom that much but get along with her,too?

    Well, most of the time.....LOL

  18. HEY! I just're Mexican, aren't you?


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