Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What's in a name? And other remarkable things that happened today.

So... something big happened today! Did I say "big"? I meant huge, ginormous, momentous, uh hold on while I thesaurus it... grandiose! That's right ladies and gentlemen, today was not an average day for I, your faithful spewer of stuff, has become an aunt for the third time!!

Please welcome Sophia Inez! (Well, that was her name as of 7:00 pm anyway because my brother keeps changing his mind. I hope he doesn't go with his other choice because it was OPHELIA! The hell you say!):

sofia inez

I get the best of both worlds, my sister and brothers keep having babies and I can spoil them and still keep my girlish-stretchmarkless figure!


Okay, I guess something else happened today that I should mention.

Years to come, kids will be reading in their history books about the first Black President and I for one feel a sense of pride that it happened in my lifetime. I've tried to keep my blog free of THE SERIOUS topics. You know, the Jonas Brothers, religion and especially politics but I have to say that I heard his address to the country and it did make me hopeful for our future. Not so much for my sake but for the sake of my nieces and all generations to come.

Our country needs something to aspire to and it's time to kick the old-school assholes out of government and replace them with people who are not living in the last century. I have hit the blogisphere today and have come across sites that are basically saying it will take more than one man to change the world but I think they're missing the point. It's not ONE man that needs to change the world, we need to work to change it together.

I know it may sound naive but I frankly don't give a shit. ... ... And now you know why I don't talk about politics.

Anyway, as I was watching the recording of the Inauguration, I came across a couple of interesting thing. First, what's with the cowboys?


That dude at the bottom right hand corner looks like Aaron Spelling. (He's dead so I'm pretty sure that's not him.)

And then when youngest daughter Obama stood behind the bulletproof glass:

littlegirlobama littlegirlobama2

Okay, I never said I was very mature!

While watching the Inauguration, I was also on the phone with my grandfather (who lives in Mexico) and we were discussing the events of the day (new baby and new president) when he started yelling "Close the door- close the door! It's gonna get out!!"

It seems a goat had gotten loose and decided to make its way to freedom. The freakin thing was terrorizing the store they have in the front part of his house! My grandfather has the greatest laugh I have ever heard and he was doing so when he said "These goats are getting more uppity! It was heading straight for the beer fridge!" then he said "don't worry, that's the one you'll be having for dinner when your mom gets home."

Mmmmm chivita! I know, I know, I'm such a barbarian.

Transcript- Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address

Obama inauguration: Words of history ... crafted by 27-year-old in Starbucks


  1. I think all goats in the world got wind of the magnitude of today and made a break for freedom because they know the next president will be Mexican and when that happens, they're doomed. Mmmm, little chivitas. haha.

    buzz buzz

  2. Was that a picture of the goat behind that bulletproof glass?

    Okay, I never said I was very mature, either.


  3. The best of both worlds indeed ... what a cuty!!!

  4. Sophia Inez is beautiful. Congratulations! Also, please post a picture of the goat....before it becomes dinner.

  5. That is one gorgeous baby!

    I'm so mature that I thought the very same thing you did when the youngest Obama daughter was behind the glass. In fact, I even rewound my DVR a few times to giggle at it. I'm horrible...


  6. Yay! Bee, I finally have a blog! The prob is I don't want to wait til x-mas for the next SS Can Suck It! Your blog was the first blog I followed (yes bee you devirginized me) and I am holding you responsible for whatever happens to me. I love your blog. Thanks for inspiring me (don't blame it on the booze). I'd love any free pointers (if I get desperate I might just pay for them).
    Congrats on your new niece!

  7. Cute baby!

    Love the goat pics .

    I'm sorry did I miss Oprah in the crowd?


  8. First of all:

    God, your family makes pretty babies! If mine weren't already pretty, I'd be chasing one of your brothers around trying to get me one of those pretty babies.

    I don't think Ofelia would have been such a bad name! Of course, if Peter had been a girl, his name would have been Lola, you know like the song Loooola L-o-l-a Lola."

  9. I got a bit hopeful yesterday as well. For me, his race isn't the biggest thing, nor is what kind of dog they get, but the fact that you can tell he truly believe in American and in making it better.
    And I agree with you, we do have to do it all together.
    I've already started.
    I have decided that someday, in the near future, I will start to recycle.
    You're Welcome My Fellow Americans!

  10. Oh and my Great Aunt's name was Inez. I've always loved that name!

    And now I am ELEVENTH too!

  11. And now I'm 12th because I'm a number freak.

  12. it's like one of those fun house mirrors... haha ...either that or she could be confused for a Tyra Banks mini-me

  13. congrats on the neice.. and kiss my ass for your stretchmarkless girlish figure.

    I keep away form the politics thing too. There is enough of it everywhere else.. I don't see the point... But I like what you did!

  14. didnt know margaret knew your grandfather..

  15. Do you ever wonder if your nieces and nephews will grow up to start calling you "Crazy Aunt Bee" or something along those lines?

    I know I've already got the tagline as being "Grumpy Uncle Jorm", so it's all good!

    The only real problem that I've got with an inaugurable address is that each and every newcomer spouts out so much drivel that NEVER happens.

    I'd say that for each and every point he made, one will happen. The rest? Meh. Not so much.

    Change will be defined as the small things that kept the nation above water during the economic crisis, or the ability to withdraw troops while still keeping our country safe and strong.. Something along those lines. Mark my words! It'll happen!

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to this presidency, and I'm hoping that he'll be able to use the office to make the changes necessary to fix what's wrong with our nation.

    I don't see it happening, but I can hope!

    Now look.. I went and made a LONG comment! See where politics takes you Bee??

  16. I like Sophia & Ophelia. They're both cute!

  17. They didn't call the new baby Obama, like every other poor kid in the whole world yesterday?! ;)

  18. Thanks for making me laugh.

    Hello Sofia.

    And I'd be laughing if I'd seen the daughter's forehead grow like that. Good for you for noticing!

  19. Welcome to the world Sophia Inez! :)

    So do beer drinking goats make for better eatin'?

  20. awwww- welcome, sophia!!! being an auntie is the bees knees (if ya don't mind me borrowing your knees) congrats!!!!

  21. Hilarious post! And I would have laughed hysterically at the glass picture too.

    I wish I got goats in my house after my beer. I really need some good blog material...

  22. CONGRATULATIONS! Well done Aunt Bee on the new arrival.

    As to the inauguration, I read the speech and thanks for the link to it. I've no idea what'll come, but these are interesting days.

    Sad to see a child behind bulletproof glass. But the goat story rocks, frankly. Good call!

  23. I heard the inaugural speech live and it was very impressive.
    I know I know politics as usual but at least someone is saying let's pull together and do some hard work.

    I still don't recycle

  24. LOL ... OMG your granddad sounds hysterical! Those damn, beer-drinking goats. LOL

    And congrats on your niece ... she is gorgeous!

  25. First of all, I'm all for Shakespeare, and I love the CHARACTER of Ophelia in Hamlet... hell! I even love the Indigo Girls' (this does NOT make me a lesbian) Album entitled Swamp Ophelia... HOWEVER!
    ...however, this is TOTALLY LOST on children! When I was a wee girl (who no longer wee-d in her pants - I was a big girl of 6 or so!) there was a girl in my younger brother's class whose name was Ofelia (is the spelling with an F a Mexican thing??? seriously!) and EVERYONE called her Oafie. OAFIE! Oafie. *shakes head * Too me, it sounded like they were saying she was an oaf (which by definition is a clumsy stupid person... and her snaggle teef didn't help...and yes I said teef!)
    You cannot let this happen to her!

    there was something else... *mutters* Oh Yes!

    I totally snorted with laughter (yes... snorted) when I saw the pic of Obama's youngest through the bulletproof glass. Oy! Who thought that was a good shot???

  26. OH! and... unlike KB, I'd like you to post a picture of the goat AFTER it becomes dinner.

    You know, like in those cooking blogs... and put some parsley by it so that it looks better! Parsley makes everything look better! It's a garnish.

    I shall take a picture of myself with parsley later JUST to prove it to you.

  27. I'm such a good picture taker. Was it me or was Tracy just hitting on me.

  28. 1- Congrats! That baby is so beautiful! Oh and that name...makes me wish I could have a baby so I could steal the name.

    2-How longs was I gone from Bee's Musings? Why am I so far behind :(

    3-I was working out when I say the little Obama girl behind the glass and all. I looked around to see if anyone was seeing what I was seeing and so we could laugh together: NO ONE Bee. No one there seemed to care and alas, I was lonely in my laughiness.

    4-That speech writer: HOT.


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