Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Bee n' Andy: Married and sometimes, still in love..."- Save the Electrician first!






You guys may have recognized this story from when I posted it under the disguise of "How to start a kitchen fire in 5 easy steps.". You know, when Andy tried to let me burn while he headed for safety? I mean, it wasn't enough that I had just saved him from Tazzer the Carnivorous or that I was trying to cook him dinner!


No, that picture on the "5 easy steps" post is not my kitchen. I was more worried about saving my house than taking a picture of the fire that was about to consume my cabinets.


Yes, this cartoon Bee got a haircut.


When I asked him why he drew my boobies!! me so dangerously close to the stove, he said that is how close they are in real life. So, me being me, I went and stood by the stove and yes indeedy, my bazoombas were in fact in mortal danger that day. AND I NEVER EVEN REALIZED IT! You'd figure he would have wanted to save those at least.



  1. I think you and Andy should get some rest. You both look a little drawn.

  2. My recipe for beans is a lot simpler. And safer. Simply open a tin and heat in a saucepan.

    I've never set my kitchen on fire.

  3. Andy drew that?
    Oh, I just totally had this vision of opening up my Sunday morning paper, flipping through to the comics and seeing on the front a strip entitled:
    Bee n' Andy: Married and sometimes, still in love"

    That would make my every Sunday morning a happy one!

    I do have a few critiques before he hits the big times.
    He needs to give you a makeover.
    I'm thinking your haircut with red streaks in it (these are the colored comics) and jazz up your glasses and clothes.
    We need it to be "Sexy Bee n' Andy"

  4. P.S. Bee, let me tell you something that is your fault!

    When I saw that picture of the kitchen fire, I had no questions that you had taken it.
    In my head, I saw you running by, pulling your phone out of your pocket, and snapping pics while you ran.

    This is your fault because it is you who said:
    Tracy, I take my phone with me EVERYWHERE! Yes, even in the bathroom.

    I am now ruined.

  5. Oh, my. I'm so glad I don't have boobies that hang around close to the stove top.

    Nice drawings!

    I think I'll leave out the details of my latest kitchen issue to save me from total embarrassment.

    Please don't make grunting noises while using your phone in the toilet. ;-)

  6. I was promised a sumbrero...

    I love these cartoons though. They should be published in a paper. You should seriously look into doing so.


  7. Bee, you continue to surprise. I don't think I had any idea Andy was such an artist. Very nicely drawn. No, really.

  8. thank gawd the boobs were saved! I'm pretty sure Andy would have at least regretted losing those! ;)

  9. HumorSmith:
    You do have a million of 'em!

    I can't make beans from a tin. My mom once tried to pass tin beans as homemade beans and lets just say we both cried. ;op

    No critiquing my mans comic. ;o)

    No, we discussed my look and while my hair might change and my glasses don't look like that in real life, I like the everyday normalness of my look. I cress up fro work but around the house, it's sweats and a sweater.

    Ha ha! My mother-in-law thought it was a picture of my kitchen and I had to laugh. I'm a committed blogger but that would be taking things too far.

    Ha ha! No grunting I promise.

    We forgot about the sombrero.
    Regarding the paper, we'll see. :o)
    Andy is not one for too much pressure. As long as he's doing it for fun and erm other things he's cool.

    Thanks! That's what I'm about the constant assault on your perceptions. ;o)

    Le boobies are safe but I'm thinking of getting a stepping stool ala Little People Big World.

  10. Tracy, I mean "dress up for work".

  11. Good drawings! And yes, how good that your boobies were not immolated. As to kitchen fires, strewth, we've all started them. (I mean accidentally!)

  12. this is now my favorite comic strip.

    wow, your boobies were right there. Mine are never in jeopardy plus I only melt plastic containers and such on the stove--no real fires --yet.

  13. Bee, you need to stand on a stool next time you cook.

  14. Can I guest draw one day if Andy can't do it.....I'm so jealous.

  15. These cartoons are great. Your chin boobs or as the drawings indicate your chin Himalayas almost reduced to ant hills by the fiery rage. That would have been a real tragedy. A real tragedy.

  16. I was surprised to see how short you were! Andy is doing a fabulous job drawing this.

  17. Great drawings and story. But for the future of your boobs, may I suggest a microwave oven.

  18. Next time - IF there's a next time - Andy will no doubt have his priorities in order. ALWAYS SAVE THE BOOBS!!

    If he ever wants beans again, he needs to save the boobs!

  19. So Andy is a sissy?! Wow, at least he can draw! :p

  20. The cartoons are GREAT! I feed my boobies all the time. I have yet to have a meal without them begging to eat. I am forever shopping with food all over my front. Oh yeah, I left you an awrd on my blog.

  21. Bee- I wasn't critiqueing his work! I was just making a few suggestions!
    And before I made those suggestions I did say how awesome his comic strip was.
    I was just giving some constructive that's not right...constructive fashion love.
    I feel that I am an expert on this subject afterall. I have watched every America's Next Top Model marathon.

  22. About your boobaloobies being so close to the fire, let me just say one thing, you are so lucky you haven't had children because they would have been way closer to the pan! TRUST ME!

    I wish I had some boobs. I honestly wore a training bra until I was 16 and then I bought a real bra, not because I needed one, but because I was worried that someone would see my "SuperWoman" training bra.
    Then I had kids and I had boobs for a brief moment but, now that I've lost a lot of weight, I'm back to flat chested.
    It's just not fair!!!

  23. Chris:
    That was my first one and hopefully last. I think I lost about 5 years that day. ;o)

    jean knee:
    Count yourself as lucky since I'm obviously in constant danger.

    I dunno, I think Andy really likes to draw them.

    Yeah and I'm sure it would have been ouchy.

    MArvel Goose:
    Yeah, I've been accused of having a Napoleon complex. You, know over compensating my shortness with badassness? And Thanks! :o)

    The microwave almost got toasted that day.

    That's what I'm saying! They're fun for everybody! :o)

    Yeah, my man leaves the dangerous stuff to his badass wife. He knows I love to be in control.

    It's sometimes a chore to be so boobalicious!
    I'll be right over! :o)

    I know it was coming from your heart I'm just not one to take any type of constructive criticism without me asking for it first. That is just how this shawty rolls.

  24. Bee:

    I don't think Andy did your picture much justice..

    I mean, yeah, he did draw your boobs to scale, but where's the Boob chin?

    Devoted readers MUST see it all!

  25. Awesome comic!

    I remember one day I pulled a pan of fries which were alight from my oven chanting 'oh fuck oh fuck' and my boyfriend 'conveniently' only appeared after I doused the fries in backing soda. Coward. :)

  26. Men. Can't live with them; can't hit them in the head and bury the body cuz, you need the man to do the heavy lifting. damn damn damn

  27. If you got an underwire bra and hiked them up, they'd still be in danger cuz you'd have to bend over more to see over them.

  28. Jorm:
    I see you missed last week's edition. No there is no boobchin.

    Men! Can'r count on 'em when you need 'em most but if the have a little case of the sniffles dear lord you're in for it!

    Yep. Need them for the pickle jar too.

    Ha! So true. Maybe I'll start cooking with them taped to my back.

  29. Like I've always said, "Men are retarded."

  30. Your boobs were in danger.
    Your boobs were almost cooked.
    Andy didn't save the boobs.
    Your boobs... your boobs ... your boobs!
    Now ... What did you say about a haircut?

  31. This must have been back when Andy was trying to kill you.

  32. In Andy's defense I want to say that The Guild needs him.
    Sorry Bee.
    Guild trumps Bee.

  33. Maybe he figured your boobs could be replaced??

  34. I said if he CAN'T do it one day.

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