Friday, January 16, 2009

The economy has hit your favorite blog! No, not that one! THIS ONE! We must take action! Or you know, have some hot chocolate.

So... I was chilling at work thinking about my Friday meeting and flipping off my computer for doing a flippydeedoo (I'll tell you guys about that another day) when I noticed somebody had arrived on my blog via The Fantasy Blog Stock Market. Imagine my surprise when I saw my blog was listed on there and the valuation was B$173,405.74 which is Greek to me because I don't know what that means... yet!


Anyway, it was currently "owned" by some dude named Rene Franco and my initial reaction was khhrmmm 'WHAT THE FUCK???" which I am ashamed to admit to now.

Then Charlie from "Where the Hell Was I" talked me down from my homicidal ledge and told me it was a harmless website. So I went back and did some clicking and investigating and I found out my Stock Blog is on a decline!



What does that mean?? I don't know but it did make me frowny in my happy place. (:'o(

I mean, that looks like a Kamikaze Skater's dream!

Don't worry, I'm sure I'll be okay... maybe

In other news. Andy and I are going to a movie on Sunday. We're having a loving disagreement as to which one we should see. Gran Torino (bleh!) with Clint Eastwood or Paul Blart: Mall Cop (yay! yay!) with Kevin James. Since we can't remember who chose the last movie, we can't come to an agreement sooooo I am taking a poll which I have placed up on top there. Up there. See it? Okay good! Now vote for Paul Blart: Mall Cop! Please?

I'm still on THE FACEBOOK Bees Musings and my blog is Bee's Musings so add me and stuff.


Some of you may have seen this post early because my jackass self hit publish too soon. Ha ha!



  1. My sister said ran Torino is unwatchable it's so bad.

    My blog once said (somewhere) that it was owned by someone in India. I wrote someone and it got changed but WTF?

  2. Is it Gran or Grand? Is this thing on?

  3. How about Hotel for Dogs? Emma wants to see that.

  4. we saw Seven Pounds a couple days ago and I still don't know what I think about it

  5. I say Mall Cop - no doubt.

    But my bass did see Gran Torino and she said it was actually very good - this from a fan of While You Were Sleeping.

    And Suzy? It's Gran like the car.

  6. there is a bloggy stock
    Oh fer sure Mall Cop!!!!

  7. We just saw Gran Torino...and I wouldn't recommend it!!! BLAH!!!

  8. Is Beverley Hills Chihuahua still on? That might be good.

  9. Well, it looks like the worst is over and your value is levelling off. Admittedly somewhere around zero.

    I suppose this isn't a good time to ask you for a loan?

  10. Eleventh.

    I voted for Gran Torino too, because the title sounds better...

  11. I think you should follow the example of the car manufacturers and get the Goverment to bail you out. Obama should be good for a few billion.

  12. Hey, I wonder if my blog is on there?
    I sure hope I'm doing better than you if I am on there.

  13. I have to confess something to you Bee.
    Forgive me be for I have...
    voted against you.
    See, I love badass movies and any movie where Clint Eastwood makes a pretend pistol with his hand and says "Get off my lawn" through gritted teeth has to be badass.

    I'm sorry. :(

  14. I haven't seen either, but Clint Eastwood is majorly cool. C'mon, it's Clint. He rules.


  15. I'll pay you $50 for your blog right now, Bee.

    Of course then I'll pawn it for a new gun but hey, you'll have enough to buy some popcorn and a small coke out of the deal, right?

  16. You'd be surprised Bee.

    Gran Torino really is kind of interesting, and has a couple of surprise twists..

    If you're really into slapstick comedy, I'd suggest tying fish to Andy's ankles, and set him off to feed the lions and bears at your local zoo..

    It's cheaper, and you can video record it to watch a few extra times for free!

  17. Tracy:

    Check the link Bee gave. Yours is worth B$48,669 and two cents.

  18. Suzy:
    I really don't want to see Gran Torino but it's currently winning.

    No. No. :o)

    jean knee:
    Yeah, it looked too serious for me.

    Yeah! Mall Cop!

    Go check your blog out!

    thank you!

    If I go see that, I might just dance around the aisles and nobody needs to see that!

    I'll lend you uh B$10,000 what are friends for??


    AND BRILLIANT! I'll call Obama right now!

    I thought we were buds. (:'o{

    ET TU?

    I'm not selling yet. Martha Stewart gave me so insider info and I suspect I might go back up.

    I hear Clint plays a racist. I'd rather watch Kevin James fart.

    How much was yours?

  19. Don't worry, Bee. I don't put stock into anything that you write... :)

  20. My parents said Grand Torino was really good which. Translation: for the love of JEbus don't go.

  21. Your blog worth is more than what I am offering for my first born so you go girl! Anyone want a kidney? Tough times out there.

  22. i heard Torino was funny (not in a mall cop kinda way) but in a a subtle way.

  23. sorry, my sweet. movies are too effing expensive. there better be a car chase, explosions, epic graphic novel content or somebody getting whacked or we're not going. although we did laugh our arses off at paul blart doing the ol' run into the plate glass door. he rolled himself over. it was hysterical.

  24. Bee! We are buds! I stated my comment out with an apology! Come on!
    I haven't even heard of the other movie! I had to go with whatt was familiar.
    And if it makes you feel any better, your blog is worth way more than mine so what the hell do I know?

  25. P.S. What if I buy you the extra grande nachos with extra cheese?

  26. I vote Kevin James... we ALL need a laugh!

    What is the website you went to see your value?

  27. Oh, I just can't vote for Paul Blart. My finger hovered over the key there...but I just can't vote for it...

  28. Turn you (:'o(
    Into (:o) See? Just like that.

    It's this bad economy Bee, it's hitting us hard everywhere! Blog stocks and blog lines and blog graphs!! Stupid economy.

  29. I voted Mall Cop.
    Gran Torino got bad revs (that's what people in the know say, and oh do I know Bee)

    Bee needs to smile and be happy, specially after finding out that graph with the blog share price history!

  30. Hey! My blog is not listed in the list of the most valuable incoming links. Meh.

    And "Rene Franco performed a hostile takeover at a total cost of B$1,993,092,506.43 using a Illini (artefact)"


  31. You're doing way better than I am. I'm not even listed ;)

  32. What?? ..... the market, where?

    Ok, I checked out the link and am still confused. I better go to bed now!!

  33. your blog is experiencing devaluation?? but, but, I think your blog is PRICELESS!!! Damn this fucked up economy!


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