Friday, October 31, 2008

R. Kelly was trapped in the closet, I was trapped in the bathroom but I still might make a song out of it.

OH! I forgot to mention I was trapped in my bathroom on Saturday!

I went to take a shower while Andy went to the grocery store. I was happily singing Right Said Fred's "I'm too sexy", I'm sure everybody sings that while coming out of the shower, and when I went to open the door… STUCK!!

I thought I had heard Andy come home so I started wailing knocking on the door and yelling "Andy help!" but nothing. I called his cell and found out he was barely on his way home.

For some reason, he found me being at the brink of death, funny.

I wouldn't say I'm claustrophobic but something about not being able to exit a small space was making me nutty! I yanked at the doorknob but managed to hurt my rusty old shoulder instead of managing to open the door.

Luckily, my mom called to ask me something about cherries and I was able to let her know I needed assistance ASAP!

She came downstairs calling my name because apparently, my incoherent mumbling, wasn't clear as to what it was I needed help with. I had to make myself be heard over the damn barking dogs. My voice was now hoarse and desperate but she was able to save my life in between bouts of laughter.

I thought all moms were supposed to love their children?

Where's my love mom??

Has that ever happened to any of you?

Don't forget to vote for my hairdo, it ends tonight at 11:59pm. Also, I will be choosing the winner of the
Pay It Froward thingie on Saturday night to be posted Sunday.



  1. FIRST!!!!!!!!

    Thankfully, it's never happened to me. Because I live alone, and don't take my phone into the shower with me, I wouldn't have much of a chance - they'd probably only break the door down when the smell of my rotting corpse got too bad...

    What a cheery thought first thing in the morning. Thankyou for that ;-)

  2. I can't believe I'm still the only person who's voted for you to get haircut #3. Some people just aren't cruel enough...

  3. ahem. I just voted #3 too, but unlike some, I'm not cruel, just practical. It won't require any care-time Bee, and you can spend the extra time blogging. And no I've never panicked while locked in a small space. You should have taken some of your shoes in with you for comfort. :>)

  4. Never been stuck in a bathroom, but as I child I have horrible memories of being stuck in an elevator. Not fun!

  5. I have to say that this has never happened to me (yet!)

    I'm sure that at some point I"m going to drive my wife to the point of nailing the bathroom door shut on me, but so far, so good!

    Great post Bee!

  6. you could make a fantastical song out of it...

    stuck in the bathroom, with no one to save me... eee... eee

    stuck in the bathroom, at least i can pee... eee... eee

    stuck in the bathroom, stuck in the BAAAAATHROOM!

  7. Nope, never been stuck in the bathroom. You had your cellphone?

    now that's weird

  8. I voted...

    I cracked up at R Kellys trapped in the closet mini music movie

    BUT not at you being trapped in the bathroom...well okay so I sorta laughed ok ok ok I was LMFAO! there Happy?

    Happy Halloween!

  9. I locked myself out of my car this morning at the gas station.
    I was locked in a bathroom once in girl scouts/browines, the girls i was walking with decided to lock me in (why the hook was on the outside of the port-a-pottie thing is beyond me) Well someone finally came and rescued me...i dont know how long i was locked in there but it was long enough to scar me for life.

    good thing you had your phone.

  10. I have never, ever been trapping in a bathroom. I have, however, been locked in a bedroom, a kitchen, a garage, and somebody else's sauna. And an elevator.

  11. it's like your mom gave you life TWICE! ;)

  12. Nope, it never happened to me. I'm okay with it only happening to you though.

  13. Oh, honey, nope nothing like that's happened to me before, but I found your experience hilarious. If that happened to me, I'd truly be stuck. My family would stand outside the door and laugh at me.

    I say go with #4, btw.

  14. While I was on that scooter for THREE months, unable to walk, my friend Jill let herself in with the key I had given her and when she left she locked a lock I never used and It GOT JAMMED.

    The next day I tried to open the door to let the air in and I coudn't. I so totally freaked out. I was convinced a fire and an earthquake was going to happen. It took 2 guys to get it open.

  15. R Kelly needs to be trapped in jail....peeing on someone is kind of rude.

  16. Bee,
    I actually did get locked in a bathroom once. I was in a department store called Hills and I was like six and freaked out.
    And I'm like you. I'm not claustrophobic so much as I don't want to be locked in. That's why I would not make a very good prisoner in solitary confinement.
    I do feel the need to ask you though, did you take your cellphone into the bathroom with you? Is that what that picture is at the top of your post? Do you always take your phone into the bathroom with you? If so, why?
    And I just wanted to point something out, not that I'm bitter or anything, but I've been posting almost everyday for the last week and a half (which is exhausting me) and I don't feel like I'm getting the attention that I deserve from you. I mean, even if you were locked in the bathroom all day, if you had your phone, you still could have commented on my blog. Like I said, I'm not bitter, I'm just saying is all.

  17. Oh and one more thing, I've been voting for the haircut thing and I was very upset to see that number 2 is in the lead.
    Bee, listen to me. Are you listening?
    I am one of those people who go in with pictures like that and say "Give me this exact haircut" and they do and I'm happy THAT DAY. But then when I go to fix it myself and I realise how much work it is to get it to look that way it's torture. You don't want that Bee! Trust me!
    I know it looks all pretty in the picture but she has a stylist and hairpeople who go with her everywhere who fix her hair for her. She probably couldn't even make it look like that again Bee! I'm very worried for you!

  18. So sorry about your bathroom trauma, Bee. Hope you're recovering nicely. My bathroom is so small if I ever got locked in it I'd suffocate.
    I AM claustrophobic. I don't even like to shut my car doors.
    Oh and I'd go with #4. (hairstyle that is)

  19. If you were my wife and I found you trapped in the shower... Well, I would just laugh and laugh and laugh. But not everybody is an asshole like me.

  20. LOL Bee -- I would so be just like your Mom. I would save you, but I'd be laughing my arse off the whole time. Hehehe poor baby! Seriously, I do feel for ya. :D

  21. I would laugh,but I can relate a little too much :S. As soon as they said I could take a bath after my knee surgery, I climbed right in. Then realized I couldn't get back out. And while my wonderful man did an excellent job of pulling me out, I still swear I heard muffled chuckles!

  22. Bee, sometimes I get lost in the house at night when I get up to go pee and that totally freaks me out. A nightlight might be good I guess?


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