Thursday, October 9, 2008

Humor Bloggers Humor Carnival: Growing up 80s in California was radical, man! Totally tubular!

Growing up 80s

I like to refer to the 80s as my carefree years.
When 1980 hit, I was 7 or 8, depending on the month I guess. No, the majority of 1980, I was 7 and when November came, I turned 8 so I was only 8 for a month and a half... I think?
WTF! I didn't sign up for this to do math!

Anyway, I left the 80s at the age of 17 (I'm PRETTY sure that's right). During that decade, I was a regular kid (although with the responsibilities of being in charge of 4 younger siblings) lets do a flashback and follow Little Bee through that decade.

Don't remember much other than my little sister Nancy was born and she pooed ALL THE TIME!

Uh, little brother Rick was born so we now had two 2 poop machines in the house.

I started junior high and learned to scale 10 ft fences before the warning bell rang.

Graduated junior high, started high school and learned to scale 12 ft fences. (was also constantly in trouble for things I will not admit to even now, one million years later!)

High School, started my senior year even though I kept getting suspended for lewd behavior.

So there you have it, my 80s in a nutshell.

Before I go, I'd like to say that for me, the 80s were all about the music, the hair and the clothes.

Some neon long blouses with leggings dancing to the Go-Go's. Some big word shirts dancing to Wham, Frankie goes to Hollywood and Duran Duran. Crazy lace skirts and off the shoulder shirts dancing to Cyndi Lauper, Pat Benetar and Madonna.

Damn! I did a lot of dancing! No wonder I was so skinny! [doing the "wake me up before you go-go" dance RIGHT NOW]

My music tastes then evolved to Twisted Sister, Gun's n Roses, AC/DC, Metallica, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Led Zeplin, etc. but I'll always have those carefree, mullet, bright clothes wearing, dancing years.

Roller skates! I was also a great roller skater! Dammit, I could have posted about my awesome flamingo imitaions while skating!
It's too late now to re-do the post...
I do have some naughty growing up 80s stories but those are worth some mula (money) so I'm not sharing unless you can make it worth my while.


  1. young, so carefree, so....completely covered up by the fashions of the day.

    Wham! I remember them. Before George Michael became famous as the bathroom perv. What the hell happened to Andrew Ridgeley?

    You keep rockin' Bee!!

  2. i was ages 1-10 during the 80's... so there wasn't much rockin' for me. I remember Skid Row, and TNKOTB ...haha

    oh and which boy could have the dumbest comb-over, and who could roll their pants the tightest without cutting off circulation to the feet...

  3. Humor:
    Yeah I was so cool in my neon and jelly shoes!

    Um thanks for making me feel OLDER! You and my little sis are the same age. My wrinkle is now mad at you.

  4. Ah, the 80s. I used to call my friends on my princess phone in my bedroom decorated wall to wall with Duran Duran posters to find out if we were all going to wear our neon sweatshirts to school that day. We all had different colors. I had yellow. Neon piss yellow. Glorious. After school, I'd stare at the neighbor boy I had a crush on while "Every Breath You Take" would play on the radio. Stalker much?

    Sigh...glorious, glorious, bad hair days...

  5. FADKOG:
    And you danced!
    We can dance if we want to! We can leave all worries behind! Because if you tatatatat you ain't no friend of mine!

  6. Like TOTALLY!! Now I want to click over to itunes and download all those 80s hits! *sings, I want my M-T-V. . . *

  7. 80s are retro and in now. heh heh bee ur era is now cool!

  8. What about a picture of you dancing on top of a 12 foot fence in roller skates?

    If only they'd had camera phones in the 80s...

  9. haha, I was about 6 when i left the 80s. I dont really remember the 80s. But Im sure those naughty 80 stories are worth hearing. How bout if I give you the biggest cheesiest smile and say pleeeeaaasssseee. haha.

  10. I lived my whole life in the 80's - graduated high school, graduated college, got my first job, got married and had my first kid. Good times.

  11. The 80s musically was a giant turd fest for the large part. I love the image of you scaling 12 foot walls on the way into school only to commit lewd behaviour and then be sent home 47 seconds later.

    Is it just me?

  12. I lurved the 80's. They was so much fun

    I always felt sorry for the grunge generation--so dull: ugly clothes, heroin, the whole thing

  13. Sandy:
    I love my 80s songs on my iPod! It’s what I would listen to when I worked out.

    >:o[ Sangron!

    Ha ha! Yeah, I would have been an internet sensation!

    Sorry dude, I was thinking more along the lines of currency. Money-O ;op

    All that in 10 years? Wow! I did something momentous in each decade. I had to pace myself. ;o)

    (:-O Sacrilege! The 80s were where I got my groove! Prince, Culture Club, A-Ha, Depeche Mode, The Cure… dude!

    I was lucky that my mom worked because I would not have had an excuse for being sent home all the time. My grades were great but I almost didn’t graduate because of my suspensions. I was lucky that the Principal (Mr. Presley) seemed to find me amusing so they started punishing me by giving me in-house suspensions. Those were no fun because it meant going to school and sitting in a room full of misfits. It was not at all like that lame Breakfast Club movie. We were prisoners! ;o)

    jean knee:
    I did the grunge thing too ::blushes:: -minus the heroin.

  14. I was right there with you except I graduated HS in 86. A girl with purple lips and multi-colored hair still gives me shivers.

  15. Ah the 80s. Back when MTV actually played music videos...

  16. Oh I do not want to remember the 80's! I was born in 77, so I have a lot of memories from the mid-80's and on. The fashions....the hair....ugh.

  17. I remember pestering my mum for a "Frankie Says Relax" t-shirt. I remember Frankie Goes To Hollywood got banned by the BBC because they were seen to promote gay sex or something.

    We had no idea what gay sex was, we just wanted the t-shirt.

  18. Yeah Bee!

    You can't forget Poison, or Def Leppard's comeback..

    Then there was Boyz II Men, and Color Me Badd, too!

    Anyway, thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  19. Bee! Wake me up before you go-go!!


    I miss the 80's, I had good drugs and sex back then. Oh wait, that hasn't changed... ;)

  20. I did high school in the 80s too.

    My husband was the king of roller skating. He wound up working and DJ-ing at a roller rink in the 80's. Yeah, good times!

  21. Ok...yeah...I entered that dang contest too. Sucked in...sheesh.

  22. The 80's were Totally Narly Dude! Age 15-24 -- good times!

    And I miss roller skating :(

  23. Frankie say RELAX!

    The 80s were awesome...even if I enjoyed them at a slightly older age than you, young Bee.

    BTW, the musical tastes you listed are STILL mine today. (The "dude" is implied.)

    Rock on.

    :^) Anna

  24. LOL...if we would have known each other i am pretty sure we woulda been friends in the 80's-of course i am 2 yrs older than you sooo I woulda been your cool friend that you looked up too ;-)

    I had a friggin 'WHAM' shirt

  25. I fondly look back at the 80s as a time for Thundercats, Transformers, GI Joe, He-Man, and Inspector Gadget... What great times...

  26. I was a pro skater too. The only sport-type thing I was ever good at. Then some ass-hat had to invent roller blades and make me look like a nerd.

  27. I believe Andrew Ridgley was going to be part of a WHAM! Reunited tour. At least he thought he was going to be part of a tour when George asked him to meet up in the Bijou Restroom.


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