Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Boss's Day! Whenever that may be...

Yeah, I'm thrilled to be fuckin' workin' here! [BIG FAKE SMILE]



  1. FIRST!!!!!!!!

    Boss's Day? Are you serious? These card companies must think people are stupid. What's next? Card Day?

    I never know what to write in cards, whereas you seem to have apt and witty aphorisms for every occasion.

    It's a pity that you couldn't have written your resignation on it, though ;-)

  2. You know, I actually got a job offer to write greeting cards. For each acceptable one, they're gonna pay me some pretty hefty bucks! Maybe I should slip in a few suggestions for *new* card types... ya know, like "How about a Tic-Tac?" or maybe even "Your Managerial Skills are Akin to Riding Shotgun with a Kamikaze Pilot."

    Heh. You think it might work??

  3. First off, what the hell is Boss's Day? Second off, who the hell would wish someone a happy Boss's Day. Thirdly, What the hell is Boss's Day? Did I ask that already? Wow, when someone notices that their boss maybe be headed to a nervous break down and make have to crack some skulls open, they send the "Happy Boss's Day" card. I bet you are ready to crack some heads open huh bee, haha.

    buzz buzz

  4. who drew the short straw and had to give it to him with a straight face?

  5. I think the card should have read something like this:

    You know you're a success because of all the hard work that everyone else does.

    Take this day to do what you normally do, and sit there and take the credit for all their hard work!

    Happy Boss's Day!

  6. I'm my own boss, and I think I deserve something very expensive :>)

  7. Yeah, I don't quite get the whole Happy Boss day, either.

  8. Happy Boss' Day?

    Whatever happened to Happy Put Your Feet On The Desk And Do Fuck All But Eat Cake Day?

  9. They make more money than us and they want us to celebrate that? I don't think so. Is there a card that reads, "Happy Boss's Day! I bet you thank the heavens for the peter principle."

  10. Your writing looks like shit! Did you have an 8 year old sign it?

  11. When the card signing started, I'd have faked a bathroom emergency and dashed off! Believe me. I've totally done it.

  12. What a crock. EVERY day is boss's day, what do they need a freakin' card for? When is janitors' day anyway?

    And where's MY card? :P

  13. The only time my boss is going to be happy is when she receives my resignation letter.

  14. Imagine the comments I would have written on that card. One of the many reasons I choose not to actually go in and work...

  15. ...and you signed it!!?!?!?!?!

  16. Boss's Day??

    Wonder why Trish didn't get me a card??

  17. Couple of things. Did I notice that you haven't twittered in 8 days? Did you break your fingers on that cum bucket thing? That would be ironic because that is the very last thing you twittered about.

    If your name is Bianca for realsies then I am in love. Awesome name. It's so...mysterious.

    If you made it up in the card as a joke, well, that might even be awesomer.

    You should keep a handy-dandy note card in your purse filled with random things you could write on card signings. If I can't find mine, I usually write, "Suck it!" and sign it from the office jerk.

  18. Brian:
    I am serious as a heat attack. And Brian? APHORISMS?? ::shakes head::

    Ha ha! Those are the cards I'd buy!

    I sure am! :o)

    jean knee:
    They put it in his dic--tation area. ;o)

    Yeah, he is the boss/owner no one to answer too. Everyday is his happy boss's day!

    Happy Boss's Day Bill!

    Without bosses, we would never know what bile tastes like.

    I declare you my new boss! :o)

    The jerk owns the company so he never ever has to do anything again! Oh yeah uh he's the surgeon but other than that...

    ::sigh:: Well, that right there is drunk writing but thanks for askin'.

    Yeah. I have bathroom emergencies all the time but I use them to carve my initials in the bathroom wall. :o)

    Ha ha!
    you certainly deserve a card!

    I can't wait to be able to hand mine over. Stupid economy!

    Well, pass down some of the riches!

    Yeah, sometimes I have to put on the hypocrite suit and play the game. :o(

    yeah! Good luck with that!

  19. Jen:
    Yup! that is my for reals name.
    And regarding the twitter... um, woopsie! ;o)

  20. And stupid holidays like this are one of the main reasons that my man Papi never, ever, ever, ever carries cash with him to work. Oh well theres that and the fact that we don't have any money for hom to carry.

    The other office people hit him up for a 20 dollar donation to go in to buy the boss something for Boss Day. Crap. With 15 people in the office, that's gonna be some gift! Papi declined. Funny thing is, he'd rather feed his 6 kids than give some extravagant gift to an already wealthy man.

    I know. I married such a selfish man!

  21. I gagged when I saw a gargantuan cake at the Sam's Club Bakery that said HAPPY BOSS DAY!


    Unless there's a big honkin picture of super villain Boss Hogg from Dukes Of Hazzard on it, I don't want it.

    I would seriously celebrate a Boss Hogg Day. Yes, I would.


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