Friday, July 20, 2007

Metal in Humans

Real Quickie Vent.

I was wondering if anyone can tell me how much Iron is in our bodies…?
I think people in my office must have more than their fair share of Iron in their bodies.
Iron is a metal right?
Magnets attract metal… or is it the other way around metal attracts magnets?
So if Iron is a metal and my coworkers have more than their fair share in their bodies…
There must be a Ginourmous magnet under my desk!
Why do I think that?
Well because… if I’ve only been here for a year and a half and the rest of the gang’s tenure is between 4 and 20 years, the magnet theory could be the only logical explanations as to why they keep coming to me for answers and guidance on something they’ve been doing since before I ever heard of this place!
Since I can’t remove the iron/metal from their bodies (without going to jail and I’m trying to avoid that at all costs)… does anybody know how to demagnetize a magnet?
I would remove it but it must be invisible because when I was under my desk (hiding) looking for my pen, I didn’t see it!

Back to work...


  1. I was curious as well so I looked it up

    Apparently you have to hit them with a hammer. That sounds like a great time.

  2. I'd rather use the hammer on the people! :o)

  3. Nothing to do with magnets - some people are just more approachable. I'd suggest the following:

    Tell your colleagues about how an immigrant tramp tried to get money from you with some stupid story about how he fled from his family's farm after they'd all died from bird flu.

    Then develop a persistant cough...

  4. lol... this post gave me a MUCH needed laugh tonight!!

  5. I had something quirky to add but Brians O Vretanos idea is perfect!! LOL!!

  6. brian: I would have never thought of this! :o) I'm trying it Monday, I'm serious...

    pokey puppy: I'm glad my misery amuses you... just kidding! Sometimes all you can do is laugh.

    somegirl: I still want to hear/read it! :o)


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