Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesday is Ass Day!

Andy, I want this print!-->

Have you ever had those days where you know you’re a bad ass chick you know you are but something happens that you just want to throw yourself on the floor and cry from sheer frustration. Now I’m not talking about the kind of tears Milton had cuz I think she cried for nothing.
I walked in this morning to hear shit I did not need.

Glynda: “He said he will not meet for a raise, he’ll give out bonuses when he comes back from vacation.” What this means for me ‘hey! how are ya? Bend over!’ He has not won the war! It was forced on me to do what some of you guys suggested. Take the bonus and ask for the raise later. 3 weeks to the day that I receive my mother frickin bonus I will ask for the raise. Take that OZ, you selfish ass!

Glynda: “Purple Dino-SOUR is coming back she will be working 9:30 to 2:30 Tuesday-Thrusday” What this means for me ‘Hey! How are ya? Bend over!’ I still have to do her work for her when she’s not FRICKIN here!

Cowardly Lion: “Scarecrow called me last night and said she’s concerned about PD coming back because you and Milton have an alliance. She also said PD’s happy that she’s coming back for this amount of time because she doesn’t really need the money this is just spending money’ What this means for me ‘@$%#^@%#$@’ (Andy doesn’t like me swearing on my blog) Well I’m happy her royal ASSNESS has decided to give us the pleasure of her company! As for the alliance between Milton and I… This is not Sur-freakin-vivor Bitches! This is work! You come to work to do a job that you get paid for! If you do it wrong then you’re not gonna have my respect and I will let you know. I do not discriminate, if you’re stupid, I’ll let you know you’re stupid! I won’t stand there and yell “YOU’RE STUPID!” but you will know by my condescending attitude towards you. Be it Milton, Scarecrow, Purple Dino-SOUR, or whoever the hell you are!

I have been handed my ass! It was something else to receive it on a Tuesday usually that’s what I would expect on a Friday.

Oh Dear God, at least you blessed me with a morbid sense of humor!

P.S. Hell no I didn’t cry! I’m still a BAD ASS CHICK!
My goal for the day is to try to stay out of jail. Cuz if I go thru with my current fantasy, all the work BITCHES win! If anybody knows any psychiatrists let me know so that I can give them our number. The dude would make mint from all the bats in this Looney Bin!


  1. Hi, Bee.

    Given this post and the names of your pets, I was thinking that perhaps you might have left a couple of movies off of your favorites list. Specifically: The Wizard of Oz, Get Shorty, Be Cool, Dick, Nixon, and Air Bud.

    I wonder what you name Wednesday.

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  3. The work alliance thing just reminded me of an Office episode I just watched from Season 1. Dwight thought the other employees were making alliances to prevent themselves from getting fired as there were rumors about downsizing. The episodes ends with Dwight hiding in a small cardboard box.

    My suggestion is to

    a) watch the episode, then think of it anytime anybody at work pisses you off. The laughing with likely relax you.

    b) go into the ladies room and piss on everything. Then, for and added zing, steal all of the toilet paper.

  4. Do you mean the Arkham Asylum of Batman mythology?

    When will you be Poison Ivy, due to your sour disposition towards humanity, but undying affection to the world of plants?

    Or would it be Catwoman from what it said on that superhero test you posted?

  5. duckman:
    stay tuned, things here in Arkham can only get worse! :o)
    Thanks for commenting!

  6. Gypsy Queen:
    I remember that episode, Dwight rules!
    I would do "b" but I love my shoes too much, the toilet paper is a thought though... :o)


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