Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

So this is were I stand. Upon doing Purple Dino-SOUR’s work I have come across many many many errors. She also has not been DOING some of the things she’s supposed to. I have let Glynda know and have made a couple of suggestions. Like firing her frosted head but unfortunately it’s all up to the “man behind the curtain”.

Since Glynda knows I’ve been working my butt off (oh how I wish it was a literal statement) and to keep the peace she has let me know she is working on getting me a bonus for all my hard work.

At first I was like Yippee! but then upon tackling the excitement and beating it up a little, I thought back to a fellow blogger’s post who made an excellent point about band-aids.
While a bonus would be a great thing to get, in the long run a raise would be better. Here is my dilemma: do I accept the “bird in the hand”? Or do I buy a whacking stick and go after the “2 in the bush”?

Since I have violent tendency… I’m leaning towards the 2 in the bush but if he doesn’t give me a raise… I’m not gonna lie to you, it’ll make me really angry!

He had already made a decision this year that there would be no raises and since our raise last year consisted of pennies I was like whatever, in a year I’ll ask him for a $3 raise and if he doesn’t give it to me I’ll start looking for another job. The reason I set next year as a time frame is because Husband Andy and I will be a little more financially stable next year in case it takes me a couple of months to find something else.

So peeps, should I accept a bonus with quite dignity or should I choke hold a raise form the Wizard of Oz?????

My more cautious better half will say to stick to the bonus I bet.


  1. The raise is the thing to get IMHO. A bonus I think is something your employer gives you because you have done a good job, & to keep you from asking for a raise as long as possible.

  2. Take the bonus and hit him for the raise next year, this way you get two for one.

    Mom R.

  3. Bee,

    I would take the bonus. If you think about it, how much of a raise will you receive, 3%, 5%? Do the math, will it really make that much of an impact? If you take the bonus, it will at least give you a nice amount you can splurge on shoes, a nice dinner with your husband, new plants... etc.

    Then, if you are serious about finding a new job next year, then I would sit in front of the Wizzard of Oz and ask for a specific amount, 10-15% increase. Indicate you really like what you are doing, but that you feel that need a higher salary. Let them know that you are looking for another job that will pay you more. If your boss feels he needs to keep you, then we will meet your request, if he does not feel he needs to keep you, then you will have to move on to something else.

    Those are my two cents.

  4. I totally agree with "my husband". I was also going to vote for the bonus. That will give you something for sure. Ask for the raise later...

  5. Thanks everyone!
    The raise I'm looking to ask for is actually a $3 raise so that would be more than a 3 or 5% increase. At the moment I have a slight bit more of power because PD is not here.
    But Checo(SprmanTattoo) is right, a bonus to buy new shoes sounds good!

    Esmeralda and Checo sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!...

    Cheese heads! :o)

  6. By the way guys, for those of us that are not familiar with the lingo, 'IMHO' means in my humble opinion or in my honest opinion.
    I had to look it up cuz at first I was like 'what did Andy just say to me???'


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