Monday, July 30, 2007

By Jove, We’ve Created a Monster!

This picture taken on our way home from lincoln Park Zoo

So… do you guys know of any people in your lives that when they get a little bit of power they turn into THE BIGGEST JACKASSES EVER!?

Let me take a deep breath before I continue…

Okay, feeling a little better.

So let’s talk about Cowardly Lion. The reason I christened her CL was because she tends to hide in the shadows if there is any sign of turmoil. She will never give her opinion on anything and rather than defend herself she’ll just throw her hands up in the air and say “okay!” as she's walking away (totally opposite of me, right?).

Any-who, when Glynda was distributing PD’s work, she gave CL 1 thing and I got about 99 things, all CL has to do, is go thru the medical requests and send them to whoever is asking for them. That’s it! That’s all she has to do. So why is it that this no brainer thing is such a problem? See insanity below:

CL: ‘I just went thru so and so’s chart and it doesn’t have a date on when the last records went out.’

Awesome Chick (me): ‘Okay but did you send the current ones?’ [trying not to make it obvious how little I care]

CL: ‘Yes. Should I bring this to PD’s attention so she’s aware she made a mistake?’

Me: ‘No’ [she just wants to rub it in and by rights, that’s a pleasure that belongs to me… yuahahaha! evil cackling]

I was in the middle of trying to figure out how she, CL, managed to bill the wrong insurance company (can you see the irony?). This is why I was keeping my answers to a minimum.

CL: ‘Maybe if she knows, she won’t do it again.’

Me: [still trying to diffuse the situation and not sound too judgmental when pointing out the obvious and at the same time pushing my SELF AUDITING CENSOR BUTTON] ‘Since she is no longer handling this job, there’s no point in telling her now.’

CL: ‘I need to tell her! She needs to know she can’t be doing stuff like that!

[All of a sudden this bee-yotch is yelling at me! Ummm… did you just meet!?]

Me: [not my best moment] ‘CL, all you have to do is send the medical records! That’s all! If the job is too hard for you, we can have Dorothy do it.’

Yeah… that did...

She threw her hands up in the air, growled “okay” and stomped out of the room.


I’ve decided that when I force an audience with Oz, I’m gonna ask him to make me supervisor of the Business Office because it seems that that’s what I’m doing anyway. I mean, when Glynda the Office Manager/Supervisor walks in and says “This insurance stuff confuses me!” you know you’ve got problems!

On another note.

I was driving in to work, giving myself my usual warning pep talk, you know the one that goes ‘If you punch somebody at work and lose your job, what will happen to Tazz, Mocha, Chili Palmer, Krusty the Second and Milhouse? They’ll be homeless!’ when I heard on the radio that the new season for “Dr. 90210” starts today. I don’t watch this show (daily) but in the commercial there was a woman talking about the surgeries she wants. One of them was a “Brazilian Butt Augmentation” HUH?? What the hell is that!?
This made me laugh therefore putting me in a good mood as I walked into the office. This lasted until I had above conversation with CL.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go ask CL why she billed the wrong insurance company on a patient. I tried to figure it on my own but as an example to you, it's like if she would have said that blue was a number instead of a color.

I'll break her of this new found courage she's got going, cross your fingers that she cries!

Just kidding... (picture me shaking my head, mouthing the words 'no I'm not')


  1. BBA - Okay, I looked it up on google, and it's one of these things where your wealth in millions has to exceed your IQ before you'd even consider it...

    Fat is removed from "selected areas of the body" (your brain? your wallet?) and injected into your posterior. This involves (and I quote) "hundreds of injections".

    All of which is supposedly intended to make that part of your anatomy appear "lifted and perky", making the woman "more attractive and sensuous".

    If you're very rich (actually the website says very thin) then you can have silicon implants as well.

    "By Jove, We've Created a Monster!" would seem to be an appropriate description of most cosmetic surgery...

  2. Oh, I almost forgot - you can have this done, and be back to work in only two weeks ........ providing your job doesn't involve sitting down (you can't sit down for three weeks).

    I haven't laughed so much for a long time - I hope I didn't wake the neighbours. This had me howling... What will they think of next???

  3. I'm glad you cleared it up and you're right that is hilariuos!

    Is it me or are actors/actresses begining to resemble something from a Sci-Fi experiment because of all the crap they do to themselves!?

  4. Hahaha, I heard the same clip on the radio last night while I was eating my dinner from McDonald's. I assumed the BBA had something to do with hair know like a Brazilian wax? I was way off!!!

  5. I wonder if J Lo knows about this BBA thing? She might be interested.

  6. gypsy queen: did it make you spit out your Mickey Dee's?

    duckman: between you and me I think she already ummm... had this procedure done.

  7. Wow. Your blog is super-fun. How do you get so many readers? Of course, I have just started, so I shouldn't be hard on myself, but you are the only that has commented on my blog outside of friends of my own.

    I also like the formatting on yours - especially the initial photo on the title bar. That was how I wanted mine to look, but it ended up taking a disgustingly small amount of space. How do I get it to be a LOT bigger?

  8. berta:
    I bully them into coming to read my blog. :o)
    I stalk them until they become my blog-friends! :o)


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