Wednesday, July 18, 2007

So Many People To Insult, So Little Time!

People use them to practice their writing skills, to communicate with friends and family around the world (or you know, around the Chicagoland area) and others to serve as an outlet for their everyday frustrations. I would have to say I'm all of the above, for me, there's no better way to have all the people you know have an up to the day account of your life, however boring it is.
When I was a younger Bee, my dream was to be a writer. I was gonna write the number one selling fiction book ever! Then I was gonna buy oodles of candy and never have a bed time! But I'll quote Sister Hazel "Life got in the way" so plan "B".

My plan "B" dream was to work in the billing department of a medical provider's office. Yup! That's what my little girl plan "B" dream was and I lived happily ever after... What...? You don't believe me...? Well you're right, it wasn't my dream but it's what I ended up doing. That's okay cuz it's me and about... oh I don't know, like a million other people... right?

So... yeah my point is my job is a job so I'd like to make the best of it. This is where this blog comes in. Since I started this blog I've felt a tad more mentally stable. I've had an outlet for my rage because as a normal everyday functioning woman, I have a SELF AUDITING CENSOR BUTTON (lets call it SACB) in my head. When stuff that pisses me off happens, I deal with it in a calm, professional, mature adult, well educated (got the picture yet) manner. I stand my ground but diplomatically diffuse volatile situations. Since this blog, believe it or not, I've had less headaches because when something happens, I try to find the humor in the situation so that I can laugh at myself as I post the latest adventures at Arkham Asylum.

The way that I express myself in this blog... well let's just say few people have seen that side of me in person. Off the top of my head I would have to say, some random friends I don't keep in touch with anymore, my sister and my brothers probably and I thought my husband. I tend to do allot of mutterswearing. You know what that is right? It's when you're having an argument with someone and they're, lets say in another room, you mutter every swear word you can think of under your breath so they can't hear you but it somehow makes you feel better. The profanity I've used in this blog is nothing in comparison to my mutterswearing.

Now for my problem. How can I put this... I've been told that the way I express myself in this blog is not me. That I should tone down the swearing. I've told these people to just stay away from my blog then. If it grates on your nerves don't read it. It's a free country and I'm sure there are other more interesting things on the internet that you can focus your attention on. Like Porn go look up some porn. Or maybe shoot some fake people or I dunno conquer a world, whatever man do whatever.

Bottom line moral of the story. If you can't support someone's mode of expression then... FUCK OFF!
Yeah, I swore howdya like that? Believe me when I say this was the tamest statement I could make. The other ones involved keyboards up... well let's leave it at that and call it a night.

RE: The pic, what do you expect it was with my cellphone camera at midnight...


  1. I can relate to this. Let's here it for blog freedom! Life is too short.

  2. How could anybody say you aren't being yourself in your blog? These are your thoughts. Isn't better that you're swearing here than out loud...let's face it, if it was out loud then you'd probably make another adult cry. Nobody wants that.

  3. duckman:
    Freedom is right! And as long as I'm not phsyically harming anyone...

    gypsy queen: yeah, can you imagine if the full force of well... ME, was unleashed upon humanity? Everyone would be a blubbering mess!

    Thanks for the support!

  4. Let your potty fingers type what ever they damn well please!!! For the love of Pete!!! I got a similar reaction for soemthing I wrote a while back....Grrrrrr. Carry on, woman, carry on...



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