Monday, July 23, 2007

Ignorant Women and the people who will smack them!

Those of you who know me, know I don’t have any kids. Those of you who don’t, have learned something new about me and can now be a step closer to the game I’m trying to get Mattel to buy which is called “Bee’s Trivia”. So far, no bites, they just keep asking, “Who the hell is Bee and why would anyone want to play that trivia game?” To them I say ‘lots of people about like 3 or so anyway and it’s not that they would want to play I would make them play!’ Why is it that I always stray from the subject and ramble on?

Any-who… I was talking about an article I read regarding woman without kids and their Biological clocks when the DUMBASS that takes X-Rays AKA Scarecrow says to me.
‘You know, I firmly believe that if a woman doesn’t have kids, she is only half a woman because she has never experienced the joy of giving birth and the deep love you have for another person.’
Who can point out how many things are wrong with this “opinion”? I know its her opinion and she can have as many as she wants so this is where the IGNORANT comes in!
First off, I am not half a woman (although sometimes I wish I was. Then I might be able to fit into some of my old clothes that I haven’t thrown away “just in case”…) I am a whole woman that can kick your ass in ways you’ve only seen in movies!
Second, the “joy” of giving birth?! Ummm… I hear the screams of woman giving birth and it does not sound joyful! Did you mean the intimacy of having your child nurture inside you? Okay then! Be more specific when speaking to me you ignorant sour puss!
Third, just because I’m not a mother does not mean I don’t have a deep love for another human being! I would DIE for anyone in my family! Especially for Niece Natalia & Husband Andy! I will never know what it feels like to go through the sorrow of seeing your child suffer but I do suffer deeply when someone I love is hurt or sad or angry. I also experience the joy of my family being happy.
Last of all who the hell is she?
This is how our conversation went, which I was surprised she didn’t cower away to a corner and cry bringing my tally of Grown Woman Reduced to Tears to 6.
Me: ‘HOW DARE YOU BELITTLE MY EXISTENCE?’ she stood their and looked confused.
Her: ‘I didn’t mean you…’
Me: ‘Then who did you mean?’
Her: ‘I just meant, you know woman who… you know…’
Me: ‘No, explain’
Her: ‘Well just woman who decide not to have kids…’
Me: ‘My husband and I decided not to have kids so I guess you were speaking of me.’
Her: ‘No, no…’ waving her hands
Me: ‘Okay enough stuttering! You have the right to your opinion but to make ignorant statements like those when you might hurt someone’s feelings, not mine because I have a lower opinion of you than I will ever show you, my point is I have the common sense to keeps these thoughts to myself!’ (Well so much for keeping them to myself… she just really pissed me off)
Her: ‘Sorry, I didn’t mean it the way it sounded.’
Me: ‘Then before you speak to me, write down what you want to say and read it back to yourself OUT LOUD. If it’s something you think might offend me, be prepared for the consequences. This is a free country but if you know you might offend someone, bring your boxing gloves!’
She walked out and has not been into the business office since! Hip hip Hooray! One down 4 more to go!

My fault. My fault for thinking I could have an intelligent conversation with anybody in this office. I wasn’t speaking to her though, I was speaking to Dorothy and she just busted into the conversation like she usually does.

The decision to not have kids wasn’t easy but it’s what’s best for US.
Will we regret it when we’re old? Maybe… but if we live to be old, then we’re ahead of the game.
To quote Madonna or was it Eva Peron:
"Don't cry for me Argentina..."


  1. !!!! I was eating when I read that so instead of screaming outright I had my eyebrows up in the WTF?!?!? position. I can't believe she could say something like that without even realizing how offensive that was. Not having children is a very tough decision to make. To call women that cannot have babies "half women" is one of the most ignorant statements I have heard. What about men that don't have children? Are they "half men" because they can't experience being a father? What a dummy. I hope she doesn't pass those ignorant thoughts onto her children.

  2. OMG!! I think you did very well because I would have kicked her arse!!! I would have body slammed her to the floor. I have kids, but still..never in a million years would I consider someone who choose not to have kids 1/2 a woman!!


  3. OMG!! You go girl! I would have done the same thing and I have kids. For someone to say things like that just generalizing is just wrong! Having kids does not make you a whole woman...I completely understand where you are coming's a personal choice...she was SO out of line!


    Omg.. lets all get together and go beat her up!! You kicked ass saying what you did.. good for you!

  5. Don't be too harsh on her. Women's brains shrink during pregnancy. Apparently they grow back again, but presumably the bit that they get back is brand new, so must reduce their average mental age(?)

    This child-rearing "urge" (is that the word?) seems to cause problems all round, but without it only masochists would have babies - imagine a world full of them...

  6. Thanks Ladies! :o)
    Can you believe I felt a little bad because of what I said to her? I guess I feel guilty when I’m matching wits with the witless.
    I must be mellowing in my old age…

    Brian: Tsk Tsk... (me looking at you sternly), Dude, you crack me up!

  7. gasp, gasp...GASP!!!
    Let the verbal tongue lashing commence!! OMG! What a giant stupid, self righteous you think it's all the radiation?!

    And I think that writing one's thoughts before speaking is a GREAT idea...there are far too many stupid, careless people walking around thinking they can say whatever pops into their peanut heads without the proper "Common Sense Filtration System"

    I would sooooo buy your board game!! [“Move 3 no! We get attacked by flies...” ]

  8. somegirl: LOL...radiation!
    I love your "attacked by flies" step!


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